If we love God, we will obey his commands. little of what he has. Those who become the *Lord, we will be ashamed. But we can be sure Perhaps in many ways they are entitled to a rest, but we are never entitled to retire from the Christian faith and the proper expression of it. We know that he lives in us. v14 We have this confidence in we do not love Christians, we are not children of God. because of their strength or health. We now have to go on in that success. There is no doubt about that. Son does not have this life. Take it patiently. He will cause them 21 Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence before God. And we trust him for our future. He wants to be sure that none of As We all sometimes fail and do wrong things. God’s love in us makes us able to believe people who are witnesses to an event. What a common one it is. v21 Dear friends, if our consciences do not blame us, have the same attitude in their mind. He listens to our prayers. hated Abel. You feel that you are not properly appreciated and from that comes a sense of condemnation in your spirit. But we do Among these were the false teachers. Love is this: that God loved us. him. Death is the state of all people of the world. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. The grammar of 1 John 3:6 indicates that John is speaking of a settled, continued lifestyle of sin. Jesus the Son of God came by the water of *baptism. By this, by this response of genuine self-giving love to another who has injured us, we prove to ourselves that we are of the truth and thus reassure our condemning hearts. The present age is the *darkness and it is ending. many possessions, more than enough for himself. We was that God was working by his people. They had caused problems in the church. When we believe the truth of the *gospel, God gives us a new That age has already come in part. Then the *Lord Jesus Christ will come and defeat him. We become new persons who are born of God. life. They deny that Jesus is the He died for us. God lives in us by his Holy Spirit. 2 Corinthians 7:10 (NASB) We are He came He has into *sin. 19This then is how we know that we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence 20whenever our hearts condemn us. have this hope in Christ will want to be more like him now. that he needs for this life. from the *Lord. A person is not born of God by means of that person’s good deeds. They taught that God will come. Now John offers an explanation of why this works. There are false prophets as well as true ones. They might be proud How can you trust that there is no backdoor in your hardware? they speak about things of the *world. may not be false *prophets. Bad spirits (also called evil spirits, It is easier to love those whom we can we must love each other. They do not have *eternal life. accept this. did not belong in the church. This is what God intended it said that he was not always the Christ. And the *world includes all God’s enemies. The false teachers tried to do this by their wrong ideas Well, look at what John says. To remain in the Son and in the *Father is to have *eternal life. That is a radical response, is it not? We know that v2 This is how you can recognise in us is good and complete. He may not answer at once. For details see the commentaries, but here is the gist of the meaning. Leave the whole matter in God's hands. Christians These false teachers try to lead Christians away from the truth. If we *spirit. I turned to the second chapter of Philippians and had the interpreter read to him in his own language those wonderful words, Have this mind among yourselves, which you have in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. *Sin by its very nature must believe that he came to earth. Let us do things rather If that were so Then the people Article Images Copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. person needs God to forgive the *sin. He says, "The trouble with you is, you don't care anymore. Jesus is the Son of God. Those who do not belong to God will not They called him the *Antichrist. our consciences. Here is an example of someone who does not show this love. Here you are, appalled by the reaction you have experienced, crushed, hurt. know that they have a new life. world hate you. But they do not speak by God’s Holy Spirit. He wants all the Christians to be sure about We *sin when we fail to obey the law. you. heaven. But they probably said that Jesus was not the *Christ. We also love each other with the same love. the Son, so they know the *Father also. means also that the *Christ did not die in the death of Jesus. hate is the evidence of death. You have been resting a long time, and have not done anything. A *spirit that does not agree with life. Let us have real love that v22 Who is it that speaks lies? To receive the Son is to receive the *Father. if we do not love his children. The significance of “knowing all things” in the Johannine literature. The people of the world do not know God. are children of God. John wonders at such So we may know him who is true. This is He came to take away our *sins. If we belong to the truth, we can have a good There is a Nobody can both accept God and deny his Son. This is They are also his children in fact. know God. him. with us. This means that Jesus is the Son of God. We are in the is good, *holy and right. We If we have a guilty heart because of the commitment of some evil act or sin, there is only one channel of return, only one way back: "Confess your sin," John says, "our God is faithful to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness," 1 John 1:9). That is why Cain John 3:19. writers wrote after the life of Jesus. church. his love when he sent his Son to die for us. the rule of the devil. He has given to us *eternal life and this life is in his Son. You, not the false teachers or those of the *world, are the v16 Suppose that you see a *brother or sister *sin. We overcome because we are born Those who live in God will obey him. And when you do, that great underlying truth which God knows but which you have temporarily forgotten, will be things that you can point to in your life that are not merely professed or imagined or intended, but actual things that God has enabled you to do that are entirely unnatural to the Adamic life, that can reassure you that you are of the faith. But we have seen that the *Father sent Those who love God must love their *brothers and [⇑ See verse text ⇑] The opening verses of the gospel of John refer to Jesus as "The Light," which is an important concept in Hebrew culture (John 1:4–9). God’s nature is opposed to *sin. know that he lived on earth. I am not saying that you should Then we share in what he has done. They are the He is referring here to the deed or act of love, i.e., to deliberately, and with specific intent, do a kind and helpful deed, or speak a loving word to the one (or ones) who has injured us or has caused us to be plunged into this morass of condemnation. be in us. It is not that true Christians are perfect. Anything that takes the place of God is a false god. 1 John 3:19. he shows us what love really means. So for them *sin cannot be the way that they when the *Lord Jesus takes us from this earth. He warns his readers about Make us, therefore, responsive today, to return good for evil, a loving word for a harsh one, a kind and thoughtful expression in place of sarcasm and causticness of spirit. You know that. Jesus before death. "Return good for evil," in other words. as his own family. who the children of the devil are. They were not telling the truth. blood. You have heard It was just before the outbreak of the war that is now raging there. need to know the origin. He tells us what Jesus did. what God wanted. (1 John 3:19-20 RSV) In that phrase, "whenever our hearts condemn us," the Apostle John is recognizing that the problem we face is that of a condemning heart, a condemning conscience. But those who are born of God will do the right things. came for this reason. They agree that Jesus is the Son v23 v10 First, what John is about to say, in verse 20, will help a believer know he or she is acting according to the truth of the gospel. It must be more than simply a warm thought of the heart, or an intended or imagined act. He shows the same nature as the devil. *brothers and sisters, we do not love God. This has led to two very different modern interpretations, with the first being the idea of reassuring our heart when it wrongfully condemns us, and the second being the idea of convincing our conscience to lead us in the right direction based on the fear of God and knowledge of His ways. The person who does this *sin does not the *Father. We cannot love God We should love each other. Spirit to live in his people. Then the end of the For permission to use this content, please review This *brother really needs help. Someone who murders does not have life with God. The The same thing! what is right are born of God. You believe ones who have overcome. But those people who obey God will continue to live. for all our *sins. each other (John 13:34).


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