For example, the noun phrases that they head can serve as the subject of a collective predicate, even when they are inflected for. Note : ‘Peoples’ is used when we talk of the people of different countries. Choose each way that the noun "patience" can be categorized. Most English compound nouns that consist of more than two words can be constructed recursively by combining two words at a time. In a sentence, noun can play the role of subject, direct object, indirect object, subject complement, object complement, appositive, or adjective. Whereas, something that describes the adjective is called an adverb. Majority is in favour of this proposal. … (C) With compound nouns apostrophe with ‘s’ should be added only with the last word. Cultural and social life in India are changing. (Correct), (xiii). (d). (Correct). A series of matches are being played. (Use ‘is’ in place of ‘are’) (b). ‘Offspring, deer, fish, sheep‘ are expressed as singular or plural only by the use of verb. 54% average accuracy. (Use ‘are’ in place of ‘is’), (iii). (say ‘this news is’), (iv). Apposition means a placing near just ‘as captain’ is placed after ‘Raman’. Noun after preposition is repeated in singular form. The adjective is an …. He gave me an information. The correct expression ‘whose else’ should be used in place of the wrong expression ‘who else’s’. For example, (i). Combining science and fiction, and then combining the resulting compound with writer, for example, can construct the compound science fiction writer. (b) The nouns ‘committee, jury, house, ministry, family, mob, crowd, audience, police, team, number, board, staff, public’ are used with singular verbs when they are used as a body or group and not as members. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (Correct). For example. The committee are divided and there is bitterness among the members. (Who, Whom, Whose, Which, That) What is a …, Causative Verbs! Would love your thoughts, please comment. While this distinction is sometimes exclusive, some nouns have multiple senses, including both concrete and abstract ones; consider, for example, the noun “art”, which usually refers to a concept but which can refer to a specific artwork in certain contexts. Who else’s book is this?     ‘Scissors, spectacles, shears, scales’. It is a kind of descriptive expression not joined by any conjunction. The committee is unanimous on this issue. This is not my book. (Correct), (x). (Correct), (xi). A/ The summons has been served on him. Example : Ram, Happiness, Chain, etc. Many nouns have both countable and uncountable uses; for example, beer is countable in “He ordered a coffee.“, but uncountable in “Would you like some coffee?”. (F). The audience were forbidden to occupy chairs. (Use ‘has’ in place of ‘have’), (ii). (Correct). Underline the odd noun in the groups given below. Indefinite article is not used before them. Steven, Africa, London, Monday. Required fields are marked *. Young persons dislike the advices of the elderly people. Cattles are grazing in the field. Examples are happiness, circulation and serenity. Learn the difference between plural and singular nouns; and different ways to form Irregular Plural Nouns in English. Filed in CBSE English Worksheets for Grade 5. (B) Two nouns in the possessive case denote plural form. (i). Three Musketeer, Gulliver’s Travel, Arabian Nights, War and Piece, Tales from Shakespeare, (E) Descriptive names of the countries. Common Noun: A common noun is the name of a class of persons, things or animals. For example. This will give you the confidence in using them as well as furthering your understanding of English grammar. When apostrophe with ‘s’ is used with one noun. (vi). ‘Else’ combined with indefinite pronouns (somebody, any body, nobody etc) is expressed in possessive case as somebody else’s in place of somebody’s else. Such nouns along with their plural forms are given below. Understanding the different types of nouns and what they are used for will allow you to put them into your sentences correctly. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Concrete Nouns. Your email address will not be published. (E). (b). (Correct), (xii). The peoples of all the countries should work for peace.


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