8 - Need for help? “I thought it would be funny to create IKEA instructions for the Human Centipede—I liked it so much that I applied the style to other horror films,” revealed the artist to Bored Panda. This has huge advantages. warnings, instructions, tips) or when to use various types of highlighting (e.g., bold or italics type). And because most IKEA’s products are not that complex, they don’t need any safety information or a chapter explaining how to use the product. They give all the non-techies the idea that there is always a smart, friendly MacGyver around, who they can ask for help by giving him a call. Topic based communication in technical manuals uses a modular approach for content creation. There are often “sequencing” words to show the steps in the process. When assembling a piece of IKEA furniture, there is just one single design outcome. One example of a topic-based approach would be the way the following task is described: Use a screw driver to attach all 14 screws (article number 118331). I am not saying that you should only design modular products, but because of modularity many IKEA instructions can stay concise. IKEAPEDIA is a free service provided by an IKEA fan to IKEA fans by IKEADDICT. When you sell your product worldwide, the least you should do is translate your instructions into the language of your target country, so your audience can read them. ), the tone of voice, the system of measurement, how do different types of information look like (e.g. I can hear you asking, “Do they use text at all?” Yes, they do! Need a manual for your IKEA JERKER Desk? Simple designs mean simple instructions. Choose a step-by-step approach rather than putting too much information into one illustration. by IKEA Fans, for IKEA Fans! Take IKEA’s IVAR cabinet for instance. This is because IKEA’s products are mostly flat packed products. If you don’t have them, maybe because you simply imported the product, you can easily have them created using freelancers on platforms like Upwork. Make sure that the user can have no doubt about the way towards it. Let’s have a look at IKEA’s products that require electrical installation. 10. Create easy-to-understand instructions without giving the user the idea that he or she is stupid. The idea of selling flat pack and self-assembly furniture came to IKEA by accident in 1953. Especially when using the same views all the time, this means that (parts of) illustrations can be reused throughout the manual, or even throughout manuals about other products. Where installation steps can only be explained fully with illustrations, explaining the use of a more complex product may still need some textual support. Simple instructions to replace a light bulb. Some MacGyvers might not even need the instructions at all in order to do the job, but there are also other users that are a bit less confident. For this assignment we were given a set of instructions from furniture sold by Ikea and tasked to add written instructions to them. Whatever software you use, make sure to export your drawings as vector images. After spending all that time on a great product, you also want to give your customer a good experience when consulting the user instructions. That’s because they are mostly modular low-risk products designed for mass production (more about this at 11 and 12). Although IKEA manuals very much look like a comic book, telling a story with a user manual should be completely avoided. The customer can stay oriented more easily as he or she moves back and forth between the booklet and the parts [source]. With this approach, all content is structured around topics. They manage cultural differences. Many IKEA products are built according to a modular approach. This is not achieved by illustrating the drawings based on photos or free drawing techniques. IKEAPEDIA is a free service provided by an IKEA fan to IKEA fans by IKEADDICT. Again, a good manual starts with a smart product design. I think Solidworks Composer is by far the best tool to use to achieve the desired level of branding in your company's instructions. So, if your ultimate goal is to provide your product with an IKEA-ish manual, rather than anything else, what you need ideally is a flat pack product that needs to be installed. 9 - Modularity @IKEA. IKEA’s illustrations are mostly created with the original 3D technical drawings. To help create a 3D model, make sure you send your freelancer very clear photos of all the details and moving parts that are needed to explain the use of your product in the user manual. The opposite of topic-based authoring is narrative content, written in the same type of linear structure as written books. So, do you think you can design the best instructions ever now? The more your product is engineered for mass production, the more comprehensive your user manual can become. This make sense since they are sold in many different countries with different languages. In Illustrator, you can also add numbers, callouts and other stuff, if you did not do this already in your 3D tool. Do this yourself, but also set up user feedback. You would like to have an easy to understand manual....just like the IKEAmanuals. You have spent months, or even years, on the development of your super user-friendly product. When teaching English, the goal of a teacher is to use as much of the target language as possible.. One of the most frequent ways that language is used is in the daily routines; these are referred to as classroom language. Design a product for mass production. 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