You’ll need to head on up to Canada for a whisky that’s eight years old AND under $20. 80 proof. While it could appear we’re showing favoritism, the fact is, when it comes to American Whiskey Beam makes a good product at an even better price point. Best Whiskey Under $20 Solan - Number One. In fact, for much of its post-WWII renaissance, bourbon was more often affordably priced than not. Cascade Hollow Distillery makes what is probably the second best-known whiskey in Tennessee, George Dickel Tennessee Whisky. It’s a great value in the US, too. Zach Johnston Twitter Life Writer. . Old Overholt has stood as a representative standard rye for a couple hundred years. Many of these whiskies ring in at a few dollars cheaper as well, leaving room for a checkout aisle purchase to pair with your pour. Evan Williams Black Label: A Reliable Go-To Drink. The mash bill is a departure from the usual MGP rye which is 95 percent rye grain. Brown Bottled in Bond Bourbon, Review: Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon 7 Years Old, Review: Parker’s Heritage Collection Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon 24 Years Old (2016), Review: The Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix – Original and Hot & Spicy, Review: O’Hara’s Irish Stout, Irish Red, and Irish Pale Ale. Subscribe and get the latest goods straight to your inbox. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. #whisky #whiskey #drink #drinks #instawhisky #alcohol #spirits #bottle #drinkwhisky #neat #flightclubict #cheers #booze #whiskygram #tennessee #tennesseewhiskey #dickel #georgedickel #georgedickelwhiskey #georgedickel8 #georgedickelno8, A post shared by Josh Cary (@thejoshcary) on Mar 6, 2018 at 6:49pm PST, ABV: 40% This expression actually clocks in at 51 percent rye with 45 percent corn supporting the mash bill (the rest is barley). This blended scotch is a nice departure from this bourbon-heavy list. Prime is a simple bourbon that meets the minimum requirements to be called straight bourbon. The best “cheap” bottles of whiskey manage to be versatile yet accessible. Cheap whiskey doesn’t have to be bad is what we’re getting at. Evan Williams is one of the most popular straight … Early Times Bottled-in-Bond is not yet widely available (again, we suggest a visit to Kentucky), and it’s only sold by the liter (which keeps this one technically under our $20 limit for a 750ml bottle despite the price tag). Average Price: $13. Nutter Butters, hazelnut, nutmeg, and vanilla, with hints of roasted nuts. Both expressions of Henry McKenna are back in stock. . That vanilla and oak carry a mild peppery spice towards a medium-long end with a very distant echo of smoke. There’s the thinness to this sip that works in its favor. Distillery: Heaven Hill Distillery, Bardstown, KY Old Grand-Dad—80 points, $17 The end is short, sweet, and full of vanilla. There’s really not much more to say besides that this is a quality bourbon that has applications from shots to cocktails and everything in between. You’ll notice that our favorites are bottled-in-bond which, while largely a marketing device today, still guarantees that you’re getting at least a four year old bourbon at 100 proof. © Copyright 2020. How Long Does Baileys (And Other Cream Liqueurs) Last? And for that, you need something that won’t empty your wallet, but doesn’t taste like fiery swill. One way to make a good thing cheap is to make a lot of it. The best “cheap” bottles of whiskey … Evan Williams - Black Label. Thanks for sharing your love of Rebel Yell. For a bit more pocket change, Old Grand-Dad Bonded shows more nuance with the same lighter profile while Old Grand-Dad 114 proof gives an all-around bolder and richer flavor experience. It all may seem a bit depressing to fans of good whiskey, but luckily there are still exceptional bourbons out there for less than twenty dollars a bottle. Part of the Jim Beam portfolio today, it’s a tried and true bourbon (albeit best as a mixer) that still holds its own despite being watered down to 80 proof in 2013. Average Price: $9. Taste-wise, it’s decently balanced with a medium body and finish. Lightly toasted oak, brown sugar, and butterscotch, with a fun maltiness, concentrated caramel, and slight hints of cinnamon. That’s on the younger side, but this bourbon packs a surprising punch with a big caramel nose and a spicy, wood-heavy, and citrusy palate that produces ample body despite its relative youth. While Americans were cleaning out their bathtubs to cook up some gin and finding spots in the mountains to set up their stills, Canadian whisky makers were chugging away, growing every year. Caramel-forward with hints of watermelon, fresh-baked bread, and short bursts of crème brûlée, praline, honey, watermelon Jolly Rancher, and a touch of nutmeg. 80 proof. Meaning, it’s still an easy bourbon. Because you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to taste a great whiskey. Dark fruits, black pepper, and toffee pop alongside a clear sense of alcohol. Loving the Early Times BiB currently. We've got you covered. The best value bourbon in Canada is Wild Turkey 101 across the border from duty free ;). Charcoal filtering also gives it a great smokey flavor that makes this bourbon unique. 90 proof. Chime in: What are your favorite cheap whiskies? The Manual may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. The name of the whiskey is kind of ironic, given it’s only aged for three years. , Two more Special Releases from @diageo on deck tod, Glenmorangie’s core lineup includes a 10 year-ol, We’ve been following Louisville’s Rabbit Hole, One of the most venerable names in rye whiskey has, In 2020, a review of the Van Winkle lineup is mild, It’s round three for Brown-Forman’s King of Ke, Last year’s Dalwhinnie (which wasn’t available, Next up for the 2020 Diageo Special Releases is a, Hooten Young is a new whiskey brand founded by Tim, Old Ezra Kentucky Straight Bourbon 7 Years Old, Review: T.W. The 10 Best Cheap Whiskeys to Drink in 2020. All rights reserved. If you’re in this position, choose Option B. Black Velvet Reserve is the 8 year old expression from Canada's second best selling (as of 2013) whisky. For only a few dollars more, Old Forester Signature Bottled-in-Bond is an even more refined pour that would easily take top honors in the under $25 category. It’s made at the Barton Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky by Sazerac and represents one of their best entry-level offerings. It’s easy to see why this one is a favorite among bartenders. Buffalo Trace is the oldest operating whiskey distillery in the country. This list is garbage without mention of Rebel Yell. Here is a rundown of the best whiskeys under $25 that you can buy right now. The sip has a refreshing balance of Christmas spices and pound cake mixed with a slight sense of corn, fruit, and wood. #blessed that it's always in stock! Evan Williams black label is one of the top-selling bourbons in the US, beaten only by Beam and Maker’s (and of course Jack, if you feel like calling Jack bourbon, which it’s not, though it is…). Tasting Notes: Old Grand-Dad Bourbon – Created by the legendary Basil Hayden to honor his own grandfather, Old Grand-Dad became a leading brand under National Distillers, surviving the demise of many other “old” brands during the difficult days of bourbon in the 70s and 80s. . Your email address will not be published. When it’s not aged at all, corn whiskey also goes by the name of moonshine, though Mellow Corn has dutifully paid its taxes. Also, we’ve taken the liberty of recommending a few extra bottles just outside the $20 limit that we feel are well worth the few additional dollars. March 11, 2019  |   Whisky Advocate  |   From Summer 2018. If You Have A Little More to Spend: The Best Bourbons for $30 or Less, 3 High-Quality, High-Proof Ryes to Try Now [LIST], 8 Outstanding Bottled in Bond Whiskeys to Try Now [LIST], 6 Spectacular Age-Statement Single Malt Scotches to Try Now [LIST]. Best Overall: Old Grand-Dad Bonded Bourbon Whiskey. Evan Williams 1783—86 points, $20 Folks who are probably hoarding it will also refer to it as “White Label” (other colored labels denote a lower proof version). I kid you not. Old Grand-Dad (OGD, for short) is a quintessential back ... Best Bourbon: Old Forester 86 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The lower proof helps to make it an easy sipper with a lovely caramel and vanilla body flecked with lemon, honeysuckle, and heather notes. The toffee sweetness is cut by a mild oak and spice that leads to a brisk end. Whats the name of the drink? For a special occasion or a particularly fine evening, nothing beats pulling out a bottle of the good stuff.


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