Still, you only have to look at all that news from China to see how quickly quantum science is developing. “With the launch of, the White House has created an online home for the National Quantum Coordination Office and a new digital hub for the growing quantum community to connect with wide-ranging activities underway across the Federal Government,” U.S. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios noted. As the press release accompanying the website’s launch notes, “[i]t will serve as a one-stop-shop for key strategic documents and reports, agency programs, and NQCO initiatives.”. But this is not merely a patents-and-papers game. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Communications technologies are, of course, a small part of quantum tech. In the long run, the regulation of Ant Group will contribute to a more stable – and thus more favorable – business environment in China. Will a Biden administration renew attention on Southeast Asia? Many worry that China’s quantum push could translate to a geopolitical edge for the country. The NQCO was established after the National Quantum Initiative Act became law in December 2018. A 2019 National Academy of Sciences Report on the subject notes that such a machine is still quite some way in the future. According to CEO Kong Weicheng, Wuyuan, a superconducting quantum computer independently researched and developed by his company, will offer free quantum computing services to customers worldwide via cloud access. This website uses cookies. “China is heavily investing in quantum computing and that there is a risk that the USA and Europe are left behind,” says Hensinger. So far, the National Quantum Initiative involves 16 different federal agencies and offices, including all the national security ones. The country exceeded 500,000 cases right as international researchers were moving closer to an effective vaccine. Just $5 a month. It is ... (CQC, Peng Cheng Laboratory). In August 2016, China sent the world’s first quantum satellite into space from a launchpad in the Gobi Desert. It is jointly hosted by Shenzhen Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering (SIQSE, Southern University of Science and Technology) and Center for Quantum Computing (CQC, Peng Cheng Laboratory). It is, therefore, of little surprise that the National Quantum Initiative involves the intelligence community (IC) including the National Security Agency, as well as the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency – the IC’s high-tech R&D shop. Origin Quantum, a quantum computing company in Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui province, launched a cloud superconducting quantum computing platform on Sept. 12. Wuyuan is China's first superconducting quantum computer that can steadily operate beyond a lab setting, and it also takes the lead in practical engineering. QIP 2020 was held from January 6 to 10, 2020 at Shenzhen, China, with tutorials taking place on January 4 and 5. China's Lead in Quantum Computing Is Worrying: Meckler (Radio) November 18, 2020 — 6:44 PM UTC . And this is not entirely unfounded. While the U.S. has evinced interest in selling armed and unarmed drones to India, a variety of reasons is preventing the country from going ahead with the purchases. Content in partnership with Science and Technology Daily, Origin Quantum launches superconducting quantum computing cloud platform. The quest for a functional, commercially useful, fault-tolerant quantum computer (beyond proof-of-principle demonstrations such as Google’s Sycamore) has, and continues to be, a holy grail of QIS. It is the twenty-third international conference on theoretical aspects of quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum information in a series that started in Aarhus in 1998 and was last held in 2019 in Boulder, USA.


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