Spicy cabbage is a traditional fermented food of the Korean nationality. Below is my recipe for cooking pork belly with cabbage. It has the unique taste of Korean spicy sauce and the crispness of cabbage itself. Stir fry pork belly with cabbage is more a home cooking dish. Being quite a dense vegetable it is best cook with pork belly. Serve with rice. Add pork belly in a pot with enough cold water, add green onion, slices of ginger, 1/2 teaspoon of Sichuan peppercorn and 1 tablespoon of cooking wine. https://www.dietdoctor.com/.../roasted-pork-belly-creamed-pointed-cabbage I cook this dish every now and again at home or in the shop for my dinner. Add soy sauce mixture, cabbage and water, tossing to combine. Cover; cook 1 minute. Those small holes can bring the rind enough wrinkles. Bring the content to a boiling and then simmer for 20 minutes. Add pork belly, skin-side down. Since I didn’t have everything I made a few substitutions that worked remarkably well. The cabbage has a quite sweet and crunchy taste. Remove pan from heat and allow pork belly to cool to room temperature in its liquid. I had a huge Chinese cabbage from a local small farm/CSA that I was able to make this twice with. Add the Napa cabbage then continue to boil for 5 minutes or until vegetables are tender. It is prepared with Chinese cabbage, fish sauce, chili, garlic and other ingredients. Add the dried shrimp and cook until fragrant then pour the chicken stock, bring it to a boil then simmer for 25 minutes. Reduce heat to a bare simmer, cover, and cook, turning belly over from time to time, for approximately 3 hours, or until pork is tender when pierced with a fork. https://japan.recipetineats.com/chinese-cabbage-stir-fry-with-pork Add the pork belly and continue to cook until slightly brown on the edges. Discover our collection of best-rated Chinese pork recipes and try it for yourself. Strain liquid and save in refrigerator to use again and again. Then transfer the pork belly out and Poke as many holes as possible on the rind. Add pork; stir-fry 3 minutes or until browned. Marinate pork in Asian-inspired spices and sauces for a flavourful, moreish dish. Uncover; stir in cornstarch mixture and add to wok. Add pepper and onion; stir-fry 1 minute. Stir-fry until slightly thickened and meat is done.


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