Apply the thick CA glue to the channel and insert your bone into the channel. relatively easy since I cut the saddle slot after the bridge is glued, Any of the glues mentioned here work well, but now that you know about these great options listed here and understand more about how they work and their strengths, you can start your journey to determining which glue is the best for YOUR guitars and YOUR building style. 36K 6,516 21. website and all of its content, text and images are copyright ©1997-2012 This edge of the bridge (at least in my design) is perpendicular to the center I use a semi-paste stripper It can be very toxic, have a strong odor, and can damage any nitrocellulose finish. Hi Jack just wondering what you would recommend for glueing a neck to a solid body like a Gibson sg Thanks Joe R. This might be a little controversial, but a trick I learned from my mentors a long time ago was to use a special kind of epoxy called Super Bond made by Fiberglass Coatings down in Florida. The head split around the tuning pegs and I would like your opinion as to what the best glue to use. If it is not perpendicular, the guitar will look out to span the braces. Cleans up with denatured alcohol, sands easily, and is claimed to be “the strongest glue on earth”. Thanks, Jim. Concerned about sound transfer and hold. heat. Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. 7975 Cameron Drive, Bldg. or [email protected]. Have you ever reglued a guitar bridge? BUT that being said, I always build a strong foundation on the tradition first. Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes stockerons et/ou utiliserons des informations concernant votre appareil, par l’intermédiaire de cookies et de technologies similaires, afin d’afficher des annonces et des contenus personnalisés, de mesurer les audiences et les contenus, d’obtenir des informations sur les audiences et à des fins de développement de produit. I had to use this glue so that I could use the same type of binding material that Jimmy used when he built the guitar originally, so it is an important part of the luthiers pallet to have on hand for specific purposes. Because of it’s thicker viscosity, this epoxy is great for applications where you don’t want the glue running out and making a mess as well as applications where gap filling is important. [email protected] Here is how I do it. caul fits inside the guitar to provide a good surface for the clamps to This turns out to be a very Just Enter Your Email Below To Get Started! Trade Names: Hide Glue (Milligan & Higgons), Norland High Tack Fish Glue. The photo shows nothing of the problem, if there is one. It’s often used for laminating veneers, gluing parts where avoiding water in the glue joint (from water based or water curing glues) is beneficial, pore filling, and more. If the knife blade is April 15, 2019. Of course there are other ways. Thank You So Much For This Informative Article.. BRIDGE GLUING. More can be easily removed. It dries harder than Titebond II. ... uebr1.html, ... 4381595529, ... 2615169589. With that in mind let’s start off by looking at the types of wood glue that have been successfully used by many great luthiers to build their wonderful creations that still inspire the music of guitar players and music lovers around the world. They don’t list what type of glue it is but I am guessing it is an Aliphatic Resin based glue related to the Tightbond Original glue mentioned earlier. By tradition I mean, what other great men and women before me have tested and proved and invested their lives to learn. Hot hide glue or simply “hide glue” has been famous for being the luthiers choice in both guitars and violin family instruments for centuries. As mentioned before, the glue dries extremely quickly, so it shouldn’t be long before you can remove the tape and move on to the next channel. Guitar Truss Rods: Which One Is Best For Your Next Guitar? tapered pins to quickly locate the bridge and a vacuum clamp to make the of the top of the bridge is carefully shaped to fit my bridge. It’s main purpose in guitar making is gluing plastic binding to the guitar body and other parts. The Zap line of CA glues are used for many industrial applications including guitar making and are available in several viscosities and can also be used with accelerator for an instant cure. After the I have a heat lamp if this would extend my working time but would like to know what time I have with HHG ? Next, you can attach binding tape to the underside of your bridge blank; this helps keep the bone in place while the super glue dries. For all your guitar repair needs, CA glue is highly recommended, as well as any corresponding accelerator to ensure that your repair dries quickly, meaning you can use your guitar sooner. For centuries animal based glues were all they had to use, but don’t feel too bad for the luthiers of old, it’s amazing stuff and still widely regarded as the best for many different applications. The medium cures a bit slower and works well for joints with some small gaps and that require longer assembly times. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. This is one of many different types of glues designed to glue plastic bindings onto the wooden guitar body. While Epoxy is a two-part adhesive resin that is available in hundreds of different variations for temperature ranges, strengths, and viscosities. of the same. But at the end of the day it is really more about getting a great fitting joint, that is the key step to a good sounding and stable glue joint. GET 4 FREE Video Lessons From the exclusive Luthier's EDGE Video Library & More Just Enter Your Info Below To Get Started! I could hear the glue! Required fields are marked *. The resulting film is somewhat flexible but very hard, perfect for many guitar making applications. This glue is not recommended for installing wooden bindings but for plastics only. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I need to understand that first, otherwise I’m starting over from scratch and it could take me a lifetime to get to the point where they left off, that would be crazy right? If you change your mind, you can unsubscribe anytime. distance so the saddle will be correctly located. purpose. West epoxy resin can be mixed with the 105 or 205 hardeners for a slow or fast cure time. I use plenty of clamps, and want a good tight joint, one must be careful 4. I usually use the Super Bond epoxy I talked about in the guide for structural stuff like this. There's a pretty good chance that will work, at least for a while. line is gone. not to apply so much pressure as to caused a "starved" glue There are many other brands of CA glue so you can use whatever kind you find works the best for you, this happens to be my CA of choice. one of the most common jobs for a guitar maker/repairperson. The most commonly used version of this is called Duco Cement and is widely used for building models and other similar applications. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. these days I am using hot hide glue to glue on bridges the vac clamp. The repair process is a simple one and must begin with all the necessary resources: the bones you wish to use, the bridge blank with an attached tie block, binding tape, the CA glue, and an accelerator (should you want the glue to dry much faster). While your acoustic guitar is a piece of woodworking mastery, and luthiers used refined techniques (and a host of tools!) any case. Some of the luthier glues like the ones I linked to from LMI above can also be good choice if you want to give that a try and you need some extra humidity resistance which they provide. Need Help? The thinner version is useful for wicking into tight fitting joints, and thicker versions are useful for joints that may have small gaps or irregularities. 05973DBF-A1D9-4253-92FF-55F640A3A4C6.jpeg, 3DEDB933-1371-4375-B7C3-59A7D130AC28.jpeg. What Kind Of Glue can I Use For Proper Adhesion? Trade Names: West System, Zpoxy, Superbond, Smith. Because of its superior hardness it can improve the sound of a guitar when used to glue the braces to the face of a guitar, however it does have some drawbacks such as the fact that it requires preparation in the form of mixing heating and holding it at a constant specific temperature to preserve its strength and usability. The Luthier’s Guide To Tape For Guitar Making, Hand Split Tone Bars (A simple way to improve your next guitar), Dust Collection – The Ultimate Luthier’s Guide. Gluing on the bridge is This is the traditional glue for luthiers. The It must Try to fill the missing material with wood rather than any type of glue if you can. pads on the ears of the bridge are spruce so as not to mar the bridge. I am interested in buying this one article only.Is there an option for that? These form the basis of our palette of adhesives that we can draw from as we find just the right glue for each part of the guitar for function AND sound. ensure that it is flat, smooth and that no traces of the stripper


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