Call us at (888) 532-5433 to make changes to your life insurance policy.. • Involve in making certificates of Pre commissioning, Commissioning activity and get signature by third party inspector, PMC, client representative. Permanent Address: PO & Village: Debagram, District: Nadia, PIN Code: 741137, West Bengal. Mechanical supervisor (Rotary equipment Commissioning & Reliability) (May 2011 –July 2012) • Ability to understand P&IDs, Isometric. • Execute and supervise activity like air blowing, chemical cleaning, Lube oil flushing. • Review of method statement. SADARA CHEMICAL COMPANY, JUBAIL, KSA • Co-ordinate with client and various departments. • Overseeing construction, inspection, field engineering, erection, precommissioning, commissioning and start-up phase. • Overseeing construction, inspection, field engineering, erection, precommissioning, commissioning and start-up phase. (M)+966578109435 Contact your nearest John Lewis & Partners shop Personal injury claims If you have suffered any kind of accident resulting in injury in the course of business with us, … Worry less about packages being stolen. • Ability to work on own initiative. • Coordinate with MCG to update equipment Matrix and related documents. Access GE's regional and business websites here. • Involved in condition monitoring activity of various rotating equipment. Airport: Kolkata Netaji S C Bose International Airport/CCU 74 km. • Pre-Commissioning and start-up requirements of rotating equipments, P&ID, support checking. So you are moving abroad? Mechanical Supervisor (Oct, 2015 to till Date) Expat Network Ltd. A Company Registered in England & Wales. Then, call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000 . Track: Double Electric-Line. ________________________________________ Languages Known: English, Bengali & Hindi • Carry out mechanical completion line walks of mechanical and process equipment and compile punch lists in accordance with project specification. SHYAM SUNDAR ADHIKARY [email protected] [email protected] (M)+966578109435 (R)+918100973816 . Reports on misuse of public research funds and misconduct related to research activities can also be filed from the page that opens when you click the above button. • Mechanical and chemical cleaning, carry out mechanical isolations, depressurizing and cleaning of equipment required for maintenance and de-isolating ensuring all work permits have been cleared before handing over to production. • Permit to work, basic fire fighting skills and knowledge of PPEs (Personnel Protective Equipments). • Knowledge on tilting pad thrust bearing and journal bearing. • Work on GE centrifugal compressor, SIAD reciprocating compressor, SIEMENS steam turbine generator, ATLAS COPCO blower, NUOVO PIGNONE pump, GE turbo expander. • Nearly 10 Years Exp in Maintenance, Pre commissioning and commissioning activity. : F6927890. • Experience in mechanical, rotary equipments (Compressor, pumps, blower, centrifuge) Erection, Commissioning, Inspection & maintenance. Not sure you’re asking the right question? No.08240556, Mechanical Commissioning,maintenance,inspection - Now Available, Mechanical Commissioning,maintenance,inspection. • Witness & inspection Motor solo run, mechanical run test and maintenance activity. TECNIMONT • Being conversant and fully trained with site PTW procedures. • Witness of rotating equipment final alignment, mechanical completion, Lube oil flushing, air blowing of inter connected pipeline of compressors. Contact us If you smell natural gas, see downed power lines, or suspect another emergency situation, leave the area immediately and call 9-1-1. With FedEx Delivery Manager®, you can request to redirect packages to a secure location. 2 Platforms. • Ability to work in a multi discipline group • Implement HSE procedure at site. Mechanical Supervisor/Technician CAREER OBJECTIVE: I am seeking an immediate position involving Mechanical maintenance Completion, Commissioning & inspection activity. Type of Station: Regular. Passport No. Crude oil Refinery project, Bhatinda, Punjab, India Mechanical Supervisor/Technician Zone: ER/Eastern Railway Zone. Mechanical Service Engineer (April 2010 – May, 2011) GASCO Habshan-5 Project, Abu Dhabi, UAE Bharat petroleum Corporation Ltd (through SIPL) Mumbai, India Our eStore is not available at this time. • GE Thermo dyne Compressor Bundle removing from the casing, bundle replacements, bearing inspection, bearing replacement, rotor centering, assemble and box up as well as Dry gas seal replacement. • Supervise various pumps, compressor-turbine, ID, FD fan alignment, Motor solo run, water load trial checking of pumps. HIGHLIGHTS OF SKILLS: • Nearly 10 Years Exp in Maintenance, Pre commissioning … • Experience in Mechanical run test, performance test. EDUCATION 4 Platforms. • Involve in vendor management. • Vendor management. • GE compressor bundle & dry gas mechanical seal replacement. • Supervise level checking, final alignment checking, electric motors solo run and start up of the equipment. • Overall maintenance of Decanter-centrifuge. Application Software Familiar in AutoCAD, Validity from 2015-2020, Certification in Piping Engineering and Design from Maharashtra Institute of technology in 2009, Operating Systems: Well versed in MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), internet Station Address: Dhatrigram Railway Station, Dhatrigram , Pin 713405, Dist - Purba Bardhaman West Bengal. E-mail, chat, or call our customer support team • Carrying out witness and assurance of certification activity in various phases from construction to completion and commissioning. 0 Terminating Trains. • Supervise various pumps, compressor Fin Fan alignment, Motor solo run, water load trial, process load trial. Find a store near you or order online and pick up in store. Shah Gas Development Project (SOUR GAS), Abu Dhabi, UAE Zone: ER/Eastern Railway Zone. Contact. • Execute & Supervise Rotary equipments (Centrifuge, pumps (Vertical & Horizontal) and blowers, compressors) Installation, Pre commissioning, commissioning & maintenance activity. 0 Originating Trains. Read more • Witness of Static Equipments final inspection, box up, Torquing, drying, purging, leak test, preservation, loading of catalysts and chemicals. 3 years Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with Distinction (77.4 %) in 2005 Microsoft office access, CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), ICAPS, ________________________________________ Our guides provide guidance on the issues you will need to address as you plan your move. ADNOC-ABUDHABI NATIONAL OIL COMPANY-AL HOSN GAS • Oil flushing of Lube oil system in compressor (Elliott Ebara corporation ltd).Blower (Kobe steel Ltd) Make the transition work better with our free-to-download, full-colour guides. 0 Originating Trains. All Rights Reserved. ________________________________________ Get Right to a Rep. Tools that make calling customer service easy. Mechanical Technician (Sep, 2005 – Feb 2009) Electric Fireplaces & Heaters (Manufactured and Distributed under Brand License by Twin-Star International, Inc.) Contact Twin-Star . Log in to find contact information specific to your area and plan. • Ensured that equipments were properly installed and maintain normal vibration, temp, and noise at operating condition. • Execute Pre-Commissioning, commissioning &start up of rotating equipments. Airport: Kolkata Netaji S C Bose International Airport/CCU 9 km. Head to the Help Center for a comprehensive collection of topics and links. • Certify the effective execution of activities by signing off relevant quality control forms and commissioning certificates. Where research meets reality to propel GE and the world forward. Join our mailing list to get access to all the latest information on Expat Jobs, Money, Tax, Insurance, Property, News & More... Expat Network: 25 Years of Excellence Serving the Expatriate Community. We have updated our list of supported web browsers. • Maintenance of multistage vertical pumps (kirloskar), horizontal pumps Mather & Platt, Sulzer, flow serve, Lawrence, KEPL. • Knowledge on Completion management system, ITR, check sheet requirement. Service: Phone Number: DHS HelpLine 1-800-692-7462 (1-800-451-5886 TDD for individuals with hearing impairments) Autism Services: 1-866-539-7689 (Acid gas removal unit and SRU unit) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE • Involved in condition monitoring activity of various rotating equipment. • Installation & maintenance of various equipments (SNS-single nozzle sweepers, centrifuge, centrifugal & screw pump, blower) Elevation: 8m. HIGHLIGHTS OF SKILLS: • Erection, Commission & Servicing of the equipment called “Solid Bowl Centrifuges” • Supervise a team of foreman & technicians. PERSONAL DOSIER, Date of birth: 3rd January 1981 Railway Zone: ER/Eastern. Get more information by going to • Ensure safety on site with project procedures, so pre commissioning and commissioning activities are safe and liaise with company HSE on site. • Work within the statutory Health and Safety Procedures and the Permit-to-Work system. Balmer Lawrie & Co Ltd Your resource for FedEx service information and shipping basics. • Supervise a team of Mechanical Technician to carry out commissioning activities. Registered Members Are Already Signed Up. © 2014 - 2020. McNally Humboldt Wedag Minerals India Ltd, Mumbai, India • Involved in preventive and breakdown maintenance and overhauling of rotating equipment such pumps, gear box, blower, and centrifuge.


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