The range 30-130 dBA is the standard usable range and an average quiet room will be about 30 dBA.- Although all devices are pre-calibrated, custom calibration is suggested for serious purposes requiring higher precision and accuracy. You can cancel your subscription or free trial in the iTunes settings at least 24-hours before the end of the free trial period. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. Temperature measurement function and temperature unit selection celsius/fahrenheit red backlight alarm and audible alarm function. RESOURCING Decibel Very Good ConditionCan ship internationally via the Global Shipping Programme from Delivered anywhere in UK, Uni-t decibel meter ut353bt bluetooth mini digital. With the Pulsar Nova range you can buy a meter with 1:1 octave band filters (Models 45 and 46 have it as standard), or you can choose to upgrade to this option at a later date. Class 1 or 2 integrating Noise Level Meter with 1:1 Octave Band Filters. Decibel X: dB, dBA Noise Meter. Specifications:see included photo of relevant page from user manual. If you lose it or it gets damaged you can purchase a replacement. You need to have a periodic calibrator (factory calibration) at least every two years, however Pulsar recommend you return your instrument annually to us for recalibration and in return we will extend your product warranty up to 7 years. ).- Support both Portrait and Landscape layouts- Beautiful, intuitive and carefully crafted UI design- Optimized for iOS 11OTHER GREAT FEATURES:- Standard time weightings (Response Time): SLOW (500 milliseconds) and FAST (200 milliseconds)- Trimming calibration from -15 dB to 15 dB- Standard measurement range from 30 dBA up to 130 dBA- HISTO graph for plotted history of the recorded values- Real time scale level chart- Display Current, Average/Leq, and Max values with both nice and clear digital and analog layouts- Quick reference text to help you compare with real-life examples- "Keep Device Stay Awake" option for long duration recording- Reset and clear current recording at any time- Tap on Max value to reset at any time- Pause/Resume the tool at any timeNOTES:- Please do not expect a quiet room reading will be 0 dBA. It turns your iOS device into a professional sound level meter, precisely measures the sound pressure level (SPL) all around you. We supply a wide range of sound measurement devices from low-cost digital noise meters suitable for quick noise measurements, through to Class 1 and Class 2 decibel meters, which are ideal for legally compliant occupational noise measurements and more detailed noise frequency analysis as well as environmental noise monitoring. Be sure to add me to your favourites list! * Privacy Policy:* EULA:, Thanks for using Decibel X! All instruments leave Pulsar Instruments professionally calibrated and are supplied with a valid calibration certificate to international standards. Our noise meters are supplied with windshields as standard. Yes. We will send you an email notification, Details: contact, mini, digital, sound, level, decibel, meter, uni-t, welcome, home|, EGL hand held hoover - as new - purchased as a wed, Details: payment, digital, sound, level, decibel, noise, meter, measure, pressure, monitor, Details: vlike, digital, audio, decibel, meter, sound, level, included, db-dbgood, little, Details: vintage, portable, decibel, meter, royal, mail, class, Details: sound, digital, level, decibel, meter, pressure, tester, noise, universal, supplies, Details: payment, digital, sound, level, meter, noise, decibel, pressure, tester, measure, Casella Cel-632a Occupational Sound Level, Details: meter, sound, level, casella, cel-a, decibel, capella, model, bundle, includes, Details: reading, digital, sound, level, decibel, noise, meter, measure, pressure, monitor.


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