In addition to engineering, their specialties include environmental consulting, construction, and IT services. So whether you are a mechanical engineer participating in a student design competition, or an electrical engineer competing in an sustainable energy challenge, we’ve got some fun names … We’ve compiled a list of some unique names to get your wheels spinning and light bulbs shining. Find the perfect funny name for your group. For even more specific group names, you can check out our list of biology team names, group names for four friends, and funny group chat names. Check out our complete list of group names. Browse through team names to find funny group names and cool group names. The best ones are acronyms that can be used throughout the company and the customer base. Are you looking for the best group name? Engineering is the discipline and profession that applies scientific theories, mathematical methods, and empirical evidence to design, create, and analyze technological solutions cognizant of safety, human factors, physical laws, regulations, practicality, and cost. Akron Engineering Consultant's Group Ltd. Al-Terra Engineering (Red Deer) Ltd. Al-Terra Engineering Ltd. Almor Testing Services Ltd. Aplin Martin. An engineering society is a professional organization for engineers of various disciplines. Many award professional designations, such as European Engineer, professional engineer, chartered engineer, incorporated engineer or similar. Need a funny or clever team name for your electrical or mechanical engineering competition or team event? My former team was NOC (Network Operations Center)… Of course that is common these days. Some are umbrella type organizations which accept many different disciplines, while others are discipline-specific. Best Construction Company Names List. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window) Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) … Here is the list of best construction company names to help you get more ideas for your own name: Acciona; AE Smith; Aker Solutions; Al Ghurair Group; AF Group; ALCAN Inc. Alfred McAlpine; Amec Foster Wheeler; American Industries; Amey Enterprise; Construction Company Names in USA Arrow Engineering Inc. Associated Engineering. That was 20 years ago and it was rad at the time. GHD Group GHD is an award-winning firm that ranks among the best engineering companies in Canada; Source: GHD The biggest engineering firms in Canada tend to specialize in a variety of areas, and the GHD Group is no different. Barr Engineering & Environmental Science Canada Ltd. Binnie Consulting Ltd. BPTEC Engineering Ltd. CIMA Canada Inc. (CIMA+) Clifton Associates Ltd.


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