Stir in the pre-made kombucha. Available in: 14oz bottles & kegs "Uniquely Refreshing" Find Now. Inspired by this recipe, I added about 2 pinky fingers’ worth of fresh peeled turmeric and one large peeled knob of […], Your email address will not be published. How to make turmeric kombucha. Just a word of warning to the un-initiated with turmeric – wear gloves when dicing the fresh root. Can’t find it anywhere else of course. ; Ferment: Place in a dark, room temperature area for 3 to 10 days, until it reaches the carbonation level you like. You can strain out the turmeric and ginger bits when you pour by using a. Download Your FREE 7-day Instant Pot Meal Plan! I see fresh turmeric root on Azure Standard’s produce page all the time and for less than $10/pound. Taste and transfer to the fridge when you like the taste. Place jars in the fridge when you want to stop ferment. Kindle - $2.99 You have just found what you have been looking for, this is a recipe for the most awesome tasting Lemongrass Turmeric Ginger Kombucha Recipe in the world. Drop in the tea and allow it to steep until the water has cooled. Stumbled upon your blog while looking recipes.Turmeric is a great addition to Kombucha.The only thing is: it is not well assimilated by the body. Fine Grater ; Second Fermentation: This is when you carbonate the kombucha by adding flavor and sugars then bottling it.Orange juice will be the main source of sugar in this batch, with ginger … Filed Under: Food Recipes Tagged With: burping your kombucha, fermenting, Ginger Lemon Turmeric Kombucha Recipe, second ferment. You could use honey or maple syrup if you would prefer. Either way works if you’re concerned at all about not reaping turmeric’s benefits! Since you are using a citrus fruit you need to give the kombucha something to feast on in order to create carbonation. Of course, fresh ginger root is easily found at supermarkets, health food stores, basically anywhere that sells a variety of produce will usually have fresh ginger root. To combat this and make these amazing benefits available to us, turmeric should be combined with black pepper. I’ve been brewing batches of kombucha for years now, and I’ve spent many many of those batches in a quest to find my perfect recipe for ginger kombucha. 1 gallon of first fermet kombucha, Supplies It can be flavored or drunk as-is. This is known as a “second ferment” and will help produce fizzy bubbles that we love in our kombucha! the kombucha something to feast on in order to create carbonation. I buy the fresh ginger and turmeric roots from my local MOM’s and juice them. This anti-inflammatory and gut-healing Ginger and Turmeric Kombucha is an easy second ferment that adds probiotics and pain-relieving benefits to your diet! First, use a funnel to transfer finished kombucha to swing-top bottles, leaving about 3 inches of headspace in each bottle. Reply. GLORIA L TAYLOR says: February 17, 2019 at 5:07 am I’ve been making a simple syrup with fresh ginger and turmeric root. I know of a grocery that carries fresh turmeric in my area, but because I have a lot of it on hand I used dried, as well as dried ginger. Copyright © 2020, freshly chopped turmeric root per bottle or jar, Cramp-Busting, Headache-Healing PMS Smoothie, Pineapple-Carrot-Turmeric Spritzer {aka the BEST period drink EVER! I like the results produced after 2 days, personally. Republished December 11, 2018. To flavor with ginger and turmeric, add 1 tablespoon of each, finely chopped, to each bottle of finished kombucha. I’m thinking of giving this a try with my next batch. I add about two ounces of the ginger turmeric mix to a 16oz bottle, do a 3 day second ferment and it is delicious. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I’m not sure that it would dissolve, and I do think that dried turmeric tastes differently than fresh. This Lemon Ginger Kombucha recipe is a classic citrusy flavor, perfect for your homemade kombucha! Easily my favorite, of all the kombucha recipes I have tried. Thank you and welcome! Taste with a straw occasionally between day 2 and 7. What a lovely recipe! Kindle $2.99, Paperback - $5.99 Pour the fermented kombucha (straining, if desired) into bottles using the small funnel, along with any juice, herbs, or fruit you may want to use as flavoring. I also used a Gala apple, because that was what I had. Ginger is also a nourishing digestive aid and helps support immune function. We’ve been making and drinking kombucha for years! If you’re new to kombucha or want to improve your booch-making skills, download this FREE Ultimate Kombucha Guide! I don’t think dried turmeric would yield the same results. Believe it or not, Amazon even has fresh, organic turmeric! Author. Furthermore, my son and I both think the flavor of this anti-inflammatory kombucha is identical to GT’s Gingerade kombucha from the store! 1 Lemongrass Stalk; 1-Inch Piece of Ginger; 1- Inch Piece of Turmeric; Kombucha; Directions-Bottling. If you’re new to fermenting or keeping Mother cultures, kombucha is a GREAT place to begin! Thank you for the info! Awesome! formulator. Ginger and turmeric both have amazing anti-inflammatory properties, and they taste great together. Go figure! I have never made or heard of Kombucha before and I would like to try it. I prefer a “cleaner”, sediment free booch. Formulator. Yet, nowadays, even regular supermarkets are beginning to stock fresh turmeric! I even got over one of the worst periods ever by concocting a drink with turmeric! Ginger Turmeric. I used a fine grater. 1-2 inch piece of fresh, organic turmeric root. There are exceptions to the citrus rule, see my Ginger Lemon Turmeric Kombucha Recipe, Second Ferment.


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