The 83-year-old was reportedly ambushed in his car with his wife as they prepared to drive from their villa in Diani, a coastal resort near Mombasa on the Indian Ocean. The following year he … D’Arkor | Dalmores | Damaev | Davydov | De Lucia | De Muro | Del Monaco | Dermota | Di Stefano | Domingo| Douglas | Dvorsky, F Di Stefano was born in Catania, Sicily, and studied singing in Milan with Luigi Montesanto. The end result, unfortunately, was that the public got to hear what pitiable wrecks these two great singers had made of their voices. Martinelli | McCormack | McCracken | Melchior | Menzinsky | Merli | Merrit | Milona | Mojica | Muratore, P Labinsky | Lafitte | Lanza | Lauri-Volpi | Lázaro | Lemeshev | Lugo, M Tagliavini | Tamagno | Tauber | Thill | Thomas | Tucker, V Palet | Paoli | Pattiera | Patzak | Pavarotti | Peerce | Pertile | Piccaver, R After his performance in Manon a month later, Musical America wrote that Di Stefano "had the rich velvety sound we have seldom heard since the days of Gigli". However, di Stefano returned to the stage to sing minor roles on occasion, the last recorded instance being in Rome in 1992. Di Stefano suffered severe injuries during a robbery at his villa in Kenya in 2004 and spent the final three years of his life incapacitated in a Milanese hospital. Giuseppe di Stefano began to study voice as he trained for the priesthood in a Jesuit seminary in Milan; his teachers included Luigi Montesanto and Mariano Stabile. In the late ’50s, di Stefano began to take on heavy roles, such as Calaf in Turandot, wreaking havoc on his clear and light tenor voice. Raimondi | Ralf | Raynor | Reti | Rogatchewsky | Roswaenge | Rousselière | Ruffo, S By the early ’60s, di Stefano was unable to sing a true pianissimo, resorting instead to shouting, aspirating, and breaking registers. In 1973-1974, di Stefano and Callas embarked on an ill-advised world concert tour. Highlighted comments from the commenters below: -From Manoli S. What a pair they were, and when they with Gobbi they were an iconic trio. Word spread like wildfire throughout Italy about di Stefano’s talent, and he made his La Scala debut less than a year later, repeating his role as des Grieux. For many opera lovers, the name of Giuseppe di Stefano is inextricably linked with that of legendary soprano Maria Callas. Afterward he appeared frequently alongside Callas on-stage and in recordings, the most celebrated of the latter being a 1953 EMI of Tosca, regarded by many in the operatic fold as the finest recorded Tosca in existence. Kiepura | Klementyev | Knote | Kollo| Kónya|   Kozlovsky| Kraus | Kullman, L Born: 24 July 1921 One of the leading operatic tenors of the 20th century, di Stefano is most remembered for his collaborations with La Divina, Maria Callas. Ferrari-Fontana | Figner | Fleta | Franz | Friant, K Bassi | Battistini | Bergonzi | Bjorling | Bonci | Borgatti | Borgioli | Burian |  Burrows, C Deciding he’d had enough of service under Mussolini, di Stefano deserted to neutral Switzerland in 1943. Giuseppe Di Stefano (24 Temmuz 1921 – 3 Mart 2008) 1940’ların başından 1990’ların ortasına kadar söyleyen profesyonel opera sanatçısı İtalyan tenor. A Some of these early di Stefano recordings are yet regarded as the finest in this genre. Diani is about 270 miles south-east of Nairobi, close to the Tanzanian border, and popular with expatriates because of its picturesque fishing villages, luxury hotels and coral reef. As in the case of Callas, problems with di Stefano’s voice began to surface early on. He made his La Scala debut in 1947 in Massenet's Manon. Random Topics News, Crime, Videos, Music, Pictures, Games...Whatever Di Stefano was born in Catania, Sicily, and studied singing in Milan with Luigi Montesanto. Died: March 03, 2008 He died of complications from his injuries in … While the efforts of his later singing have injured the reputation of di Stefano in some quarters, there’s no denying that he was one of the finest tenor voices to emerge in the wake of World War II. He enjoyed a brilliant career stretching from the late 1940s until the early 1970s. Di Stefano, famous for his duets with Maria Callas, was a role model for tenors such as Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo. Their strikes in the capital prompted it to be renamed Nairobbery. Di Stefano was in his car with his wife, about to drive from their Diani villa, abut 270 miles from Nairobi, to a coastal resort when the attackers struck, and brutally beat him. He died on March 3, 2008 … Di Stefano suffered severe injuries during a robbery at his villa in Kenya in 2004 and spent the final three years of his life incapacitated in a Milanese hospital. The attackers were thought to be a gang of robbers who ransacked the house after the assault and escaped with some household possessions, it added. Though di Stefano was interned as a refugee, he made his way singing on Swiss radio broadcasts, succeeding in building a small following. He made his New York debut at the Metropolitan Opera in February 1948 as the Duke of Mantua in Verdi's Rigoletto after singing the role in Riccione with Hjördis Schymberg in August of the previous year. Valente | Valetti | Vanzo | Vezzani | Vickers | Vignas | Villabella | Vinogradov | Völker. Nonetheless, he maintained a full schedule of engagements throughout the ’60s and into the ’70s. Clearly there was some compatibility between Callas and di Stefano; both emphasizing emotional, powerful singing colored with sensual warmth. Di Stefano’s reputation was further assisted with a series of recordings undertaken at this time in which he sang Neapolitan and other kinds of light Italian songs. He died of complications from his injuries in March of 2008. Di Stefano first appeared with Callas in a production of La Traviata given at São Paulo on September 9, 1951. Affre | Alva | Anders | Andzhaparidze | Anselmi | Ansseau | Aragall | Araiza | Atlantov, B He went on to perform regular… With Callas, di Stefano recorded a total of ten complete operas. He made his La Scala debut in 1947 in Massenet's Manon. Italian tenor. Di Stefano also partnered Leontyne Price in a celebrated Tosca led by Herbert von Karajan for London/Decca in 1961. The retired opera singer suffered severe head injuries and has been in intensive care in a Mombasa hospital for five days where he "hovers between life and death", the Italian news agency Ansa reported. At war’s end, he returned to Italy and began his singing career in earnest, debuting as Chevalier des Grieux in Massenet’s Manon at a performance held in Reggio Emilia on April 20, 1946. Giuseppe Di Stefano was born on July 24, 1921 in Catania, Sicily, Italy. He was considered one of the best singers in the world in the 1950s and 1960s. This disastrous tour spelled a sad end to both their professional careers. However violent crime is an increasing problem in Kenya. At his spiritual home, La Scala, Milan, he … Mobilized into the Fascist army at the age of 19, di Stefano helped make ends meet by singing popular music under the pseudonym of “Nino Florio”. The Metropolitan Opera of New York soon became interested, and di Stefano made his bow at the Met in Rigoletto on February 25, 1948. Scaramberg | Schiavazzi | Schiotz | Schipa | Schmidt | Schock | Schreiner | Senius | Shicoff | Simoneau | Slezak | Smirnov | Sobinov | Spiess | Svanholm, T He was married to Monika Curth and Maria Di Stefano (Girolami). The following year he sang in Rigoletto at the Metropolitan Opera, vaulting him into an international career during which he won a gold Orfeo, an Italian musical award similar to America's Oscar. He began his career as a lyric tenor, notable in roles such as Nemorino in Donizetti's L'Elisir d'Amore and Alfredo in Verdi's La Traviata. Gangs armed with assault rifles have stormed houses and compounds in tourist resorts. Campagnola | Canonici | Carreras | Caruso | Chaliapin | Chamlee | Clément | Constantino | Corelli | Cortis | Crimi | Crooks, D Alex Rono, a senior police official in Coast Province, confirmed there had been an attack last week but declined to give further details.


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