What are the critical success factors for this product to succeed? As Navroze Godrej, director of special projects, recalls, “We imagined we would be making a shrunken down version of a refrigerator. As Sunderraman talked to the vice chancellor about obtaining application forms for his youngest son, the university official pointed out that Sunderraman could get the forms at any post office. But there are certain challenges which Godrej needs to keep in mind that may arise while it considers expanding its operations abroad. Adi Godrej, Chairman of the Godrej Group, an Indian business conglomerate, speaks during a session... [+] at the World Economic Forum on East Asia in Jakarta, Indonesia, Tuesday, April 21, 2015. Solutions to case study GODREJ CHOTUKOOL: A COOLING SOLUTION FOR MASS MARKETS ANSWER 1.For Chotukool to succeed following factors should be there: (i) Product utility: Channelizing on the ability of product to satisfy the demand of different users like roadside kiosks, wayside grocery stores and flower vendors will help for the success of product in long … It was in the discussions at the fair that the team discovered both how best to communicate with this customer segment (which message, which channels). So the team evolved a solution more akin to a cooler: The ChotuKool (which means “little cool” in Hindi) opens at the top, preventing cold air loss, and cools with solid-state thermoelectric technology rather than the familiar compressor. Co. Ltd.-one of the companies owned by Godrej Group, a large Indian conglomerate-was preparing to launch an innovative low-cost refrigerator. As Navroze Godrej recalls, “With all this information we realized our original hypothesis was quite wrong. “It will certainly help us in overtaking competition,” says Sunderraman. As the team members traveled all over India, they were shocked by how wrong their initial guess had been. ChotuKool falls in to the business of refrigeration, to understand the business better let us understand the overall refrigeration business But before that lets looks at the consumer durable market, the consumer durable market consists of products from watches to fans. The team experimented with several approaches, talking to as many people and experts as possible to find ways to solve the problem. Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing  is a 115-year-old company that sells consumer goods in India, most notably household appliances. You may opt-out by. As the brand name suggests, ChotuKool is a small cooling device that works almost like a refrigerator The product has been recently developed by Godrej & Boyce Ltd ChotuKool is currently being sold in villages of Maharashtra and Goa in India with some success The company plans to make it available in other states before the festive season of 2011 As Navroze Godrej recalled, it was a “long and fascinating journey. What are the critical success factors for this product to succeed.? ANS : Chotukool was a small refrigerator which was made for the rural India. Unfortunately, such an assumption often kills innovations. Rural Marketing  Godrej Chotukool is a product made for the rural areas of India. Godrej ChotuKool: A Cooling Solution for Mass Markets Q.1. FOR OFFICE USE ONLY SCRIPT NO LATE DAYS Foreign Market Entry Strategy Project Godrej Group: ChotuKool By: Abenet Tamrat, Rion Clarke-Fortune and Yue Xu MODULE TITLE: Foreign Market Entry Strategy MODULE LEADER: John Barton [Author name] [Email address] Abstract [Draw your reader in with an engaging abstract. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. At this moment the team realized that it could effectively turn postal officers into the sales channel and leverage the post office to create an entirely new distribution chain. Chotukool: Keeping things cool with frugal innovation.


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