some neighbors to help you dump it quickly. Inspect the boards to make sure they’re dry. Both should be galvanized. Put scraps in the trash instead. Installing these anchors will keep the stairs steady and safe. How long will it take? They’ll review your plan, help size beams and joists, check the railing and generally be a good source of technical information. 5B and 5C also show two kinds of bolts —— smooth-head carriage bolts and hexagonal-head machine bolts. The extra effort usually isn’t worth the trouble. Predrill the screw holes and use longer bolts if necessary. On occasion you may need to bolt the ledger to a concrete foundation (Fig. Unfortunately, though, repainting a deck is difficult once the first coat peels, because you have to scrape and sand the wood to prepare for a new coat. All other material should be at least 2x2 or stronger. long to completely penetrate the rim joist. They’ll hold decay at bay until water slowly leaches these chemicals out of the wood. Gather your decking boards and start laying them (temporarily) in the middle of the deck. The staff at your local home supply store can share recommendations to help you stay within your allotted budget. When shopping for deck material, ask your local lumber dealer about this type of treated wood. above the ground to drain off water. A named steel cap (A) is strongest. You can use them to join the joists to the ledger. You’ll find three types of wood readily available to do the job: The “heartwood” of redwood and cedar is the deeper-colored core of a tree as compared to the cream-colored outer wood called “sapwood.”. Review your plan and draw up a material list. Let your imagination run. Cap the ends of the joists with a band joist (Fig. ball (soon to be 4-in. Copyright © 2020 Trex Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Fungus spreads in the form of thousands of microscopic spores that float through the air. A well-built deck: an attractive, permanent addition to your home. You can even chat with neighbors who have built similar structures and … Use 10d galvanized casing nails on the edges of the 2x4 and 2-in. If you’re planning to cap your posts, be sure to allow extra room for the caps. Once your posts are straight and your landing framing has been installed, attach your decking to the joists. For more detailed information, we recommend consulting the installation guides provided by the manufacturer of your decking materials. Pressure-treated wood lasts longer — almost indefinitely, no matter what species of wood is used. Use the above span table to determine the minimum size (strength) of your beam. Chock magazines and books for ideas. C, simply because they make the deck feel a bit stiffer underfoot and fit better atop 4x4 posts. Cut posts using your ledger as a height reference. No. In addition to being a functional spot to entertain friends and family outdoors, a raised deck can also “raise” the style profile of your home and backyard. make the finished deck 1/2 in. At some home supply stores, staff will even design an elevated deck for you if you buy your supplies from them. Again, always confirm your joist size with your building inspector. Adding posts shortens the spans, and as you can see in the table, sharply reduces the beam size needed. By clicking GO!, you acknowledge that you have read Trex's, Brown, lit, composite stairs with white railing, Budget - Determines Deck Size and Materials, Selecting The Best Composite Decking Color For Your Home. 3). Use 3/8-in. Carriage bolts look neater when the head must be visible, but at times they slip while tightening, so you can’t draw them up firmly. Your attachment should also meet code requirements for bolt-through details into a solid part of the house. The longevity of pressure-treated wood plus its lower cost (20 to 50 percent less than cedar or redwood, depending on your region) make it an excellent choice for most deck projects You can even bury properly treated posts without worrying about them disintegrating. An above-ground deck works especially well for those living in elevated homes that are closer to sea level or in a flood zone, as well as for homes that have a backyard with a steep incline. If you space joists 16 in. 0n custom projects even the professionals do this. Don’t skimp in your rail design. lower than the door’s sill, so you won’t have an awkward step as you go out the door. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to make them smaller without sacrificing the overall strength of your deck. Then when the sun bakes them dry, the wood shrinks. Allow the concrete to set. In general, your deck will feel firmer if you space your posts no more than 6 in. Lay the first row perpendicular to the joists at the ledger beam (or along the side of the house) and install them with deck screws.


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