i had to do this a few weeks ago for ap chem. Learn More{{/message}}, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}It appears your submission was successful. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. I thought you needed sulfuric acid too to make TATP, the acid is just a catalyst, only small amounts are required. Ok, I made the last thing up on the spot but wouldn’t be surprised if TATP reacted with some coloring agents. (To concentrate, it is vacuum distilled.) And I reckon it’s likely to be both safer and more effective in terms of yield than conventional distillation. we had to do something like find the difference in the density of water and sugar and then do some other calculations to get the right answer by comparing the masses and densities. in a word: don’t, I thought ruskis sank the Kursk coz they refused assistance from available help. This is the modern method of making Hydrogen peroxide in large quantities. David Matthew Mooney has updated components for the project titled A P100 Mask Intercom. If you don’t, well, maybe a bit less so. It rapidly decomposes at its boiling point. Concentrated hydrogen peroxide, or "high-test peroxide", is a reactive oxygen species and has been used as a propellant in rocketry. Know what you are doing before doing stupid stuff. light blue. 2 terms for the same value? Can I dilute 50 % down to 3% and use for general household cleaning, Damn i just wanna clean some old yellow star wars figures. I would like to ask. Being antiseptic, it is used to clean wounds, ears, teeth etc. How the hell is a terrorist going to successfully make a sufficient amount of nitrogen-tri-iodide in-situ (moving it is pretty much impossible) to do any real damage? I don’t recall the exact percentages to volume strength conversions however even 20 Vol. Because every paper is already right while this pesky Wikipedia can’t be trusted upon, even if they (as they nowadays work hard on) make citations. The received precipitate is filtered and separated. They claimed it to be barely used. By releasing carbon dioxide, barium carbonate precipitate is obtained which is separated. as bleaching. The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). And H2O2 is obtained. I have people who use food grade 30% H2O2 (one minute cure ) for their cancer and it seems to be working however in UK they no longer allow 30% conc.They only allow 12%. It’s a mix of the nature of plastics decaying when exposed to light and heat and chemical fire retardants used in older plastics. I mean I ask you, you can go to any corner shop and buy a “phone charger” pack with 18650s but they have been replaced with gelpacks now because of IATA restrictions. Barium Sulfate settles to the bottom and Hydrogen Peroxide is drained off. Thenard found that if 17 parts of H 2 O 2 are decomposed, … But seriously anybody making such a dangerous mixture should be considered insane. It's effective, cheap and super easy to make. that’s what sank the Kursk submarine, it’s a highly unstable stuff and will burn your house down or just explode in your face UV degrades the compound, leaving a bromide yellow. How to make Hydrogen peroxide? Can any one please help. Pretty please. This statement is incorrect “Because hydrogen peroxide boils at 150°C, they’re simply boiling off the water and increasing the concentration of peroxide”, H2O2 does decomposes into water and oxygen slowly a room temperature if you try to distill it, by boiling it you increase the rate of decomposition. The same goes for 30% HCl (euro 8,8/l), sulphur (euro 5,51/800g) and many other fun chemicals. Ask Hackaday: What Tools Do You Really Need For A Life On The Road? Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound with the formula H 2O 2. The industrial manufacture of H2O2 can be achieved by steam distillation at a low pressure of Perdisulphuric Acid. and some o2. 20% solutions of H2O2 are also called Perhydrol. For example mixing bleach, drano, and water creates a visible gas that almost instantly gives you an intense headache, stay exposed long enough and the headache goes away while euphoria sets in, even longer and your either in a coma or dead. 12% is 12g in 100ml, If all that mattered was amount of H2O2 consumed then; The Cost Of Moving Atoms In Space; Unpacking The Dubious Claims Of A $10 Quintillion Space Asteroid, The Shipping Industry’s Transition To Atomic Power And Faster Deliveries, “Enhance” Is Now A Thing, But Don’t Believe What You See. Its vapor density is 17 so its weight is 34. What percentage did germans used in the h2o2 subs…also how did they work..i understand it was enought to burn underwater and provide water In a new method to produce hydrogen peroxide portably, an electrolyzer (left) splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. 1 gallon of 30% (which is about the smallest you can get) ~= $45. Friend of mine had a chemical explosion in high school chemistry. In the laboratory, it is made by the action of dilute H2SO4 on sodium peroxide. Thus its formula is H2O2. It warms my heart that he propagated his error and used an actual paper for his density-concentration curve instead of just using wikipedia. Can someone please tell me how I can make 30% from 12%. Because hydrogen peroxide boils at 150°C, they’re simply boiling off the water and increasing the concentration of peroxide. Anything higher … 10 years and 3 eye transplants later finally had a successful transplant and regained vision in second eye. I think they expect dry cleaners to buy it. Hydrogen peroxide – the same stuff you can pick up from a drug store or beauty supply store – is one of those very interesting chemicals that belongs on every maker’s cabinet. H2O2 is obtained by distillation of Ammonium persulfate with dilute sulfuric acid at low pressure. 30/12 = 2.5 – This is your dilution factor, I.E. Surface is not the only thing that gets affected by smoke. Worst part about TATP is that it sublimates – leave some in a jar and it will sublimate and recrystalize in the threads. Just leave the pump running. Its chemistry is dominated by the nature of its unstable peroxide bond. That’s giberish. About 30% solution of H2O2 is obtained by this method. Add 1 cup (240 milliliters) of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Just something to be aware of. Depends on how it’s frozen. MaBe42 liked uECG - a very small wearable ECG. H2O2 where V1= initial volume | Definition, Properties, What is toluene used for? It is used in bleaching hair, wool, etc. So if you want a gallon of 30% your choice is clear. David Matthew Mooney has updated the log for A P100 Mask Intercom. It’s not smoke. Of 30%. where V2= initial volume. http://register.consilium.europa.eu/pdf/en/12/pe00/pe00048.en12.pdf. Why do you need the desiccant, if you are drawing a vacuum on the container? “Wear yer apron and ya might not have to get nekkid during a spill” [sic] I was wondering if activator was ok (for cupric acid for instance), isn’t there other chemicals in there too? Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. it is much less than that. You don’t need 30% peroxide to make an explosive, 3% is more than enough. i think you can do the same thing with soda leave a bottle of soda in the freezer too long and you get ice and slush and remove the ice slush and you should be left with the soda syrup. Help me with this, Its simply add cold water according to the below the equation: (M1*V1)/M2=V2)


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