That’s it. This thread is locked. =TODAY()>DATE(2017,9,25) 2. Click in the heading of the DaysToExpiry column, to select all the table rows. Apr 6, 2014 #1 Multiple lines) of data coming from multiple worksheets. The table rows with upcoming expiry dates are highlighted with the colour that you selected. Check out Mastering VBA for Office 2013 today! Some files on the excel are valid for a short period of time or needed to destroy. You could click that to send an email about the expiring subscription, if someone else is supposed to renew it. While you can't make anyone enable macros you can certainly encourage them to do it. Month(Now), Day(Now), VBA code to create message box pop up for expiry dates in multiple sheets, Ideas on how to track inventory expiration dates. ribbon interface (Excel 2007 or later)? I could make a conditional formatting rule that is based on the Expiry Date column, but I find it easier to check regular numbers, instead of dates. This means that January 1, 2050 is the serial number 54,789. If you don't want to open the Expiry Dates workbook every day, you could link those summary cells to another workbook – one that you DO open every day. One solution is to use something like the following as an Auto_Open macro: If the date on the system running the program is greater than the date specified in the exdate variable, the user will see a message box indicating that their trial period has expired. Choose Use a formula to determine which cells to format as Rule Type. If it is, then the macro closes the workbook with a “trial expired” message. i need the X axis to place the data pt at the correct value, but excel places this in a … 2018-07-16 ... one way to bypass the expiration date is to change the system date to older date and run the excel file again. In fact, many people have written entire application programs using VBA with Excel as the framework. have a look here Based on the result in the DaysToExpiry column, we can highlight the expiry dates which are 30 days (or less) from today. Before starting, we should mention that VBA-based solutions are never foolproof. Th macro calculates the dynamic expiration date by summing up the current date and the constant specifies number of days until expiration (NUM_DAYS_UNTIL_EXPIRATION). My sample file also has a Summary sheet -- it shows the total count of expiry dates, and the number that are expiring soon. And you need to Workbook_Open event to fire your actual macro when the workbook opens. Select this cell, click Home – Conditional Formatting – New Rule. I am trying to set up an data base that notifies me when insurances are expiring, I have tried to use your information and resources to create mine-I cannot make the summary page work -that would show instant totals of expired policies; as apparently I do not know enough, and the directions seem to skip all the tiny necessary steps....can I see a more in-depth resource on this? I even tried it on a new Excel worksheet with very small amount of data but still same. There are two approaches to set an Excel expiration date. Images larger than 600px wide or 1000px tall will Application.DisplayAlerts = False For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. one way to bypass the expiration date is to change the system date to older date and run the excel file again. With more than 50 non-fiction books and numerous magazine articles to his credit, Allen Wyatt is an internationally recognized author. Totally frustrated and wanting to learn! 1. When the user clicks on the OK button, the workbook closes. He is president of Sharon Parq Associates, a computer and publishing services company. but as noted it isn't robust. This approach assumes that you want to prevent workbook usage after the specified date. Dim MyDate As Date At the end of that procedure is the following code: If CDate(Now) > CDate(ExpirationDate) Then     ThisWorkbook.Close savechanges:=False Doing so stops the Auto_Open macro from running. 3. Joined Jan 29, 2008 Messages 1,107. No matter which approach you choose, you need to protect your VBA code from unwanted changes. Want to return more than a value when doing a lookup? JavaScript is disabled. This is a very useful topic (thank you to Author), but with one mistake. It may not display this or other websites correctly. If you want more Excel and VBA tips then sign up to my monthly Newsletter where I share 3 Excel Tips on the first Wednesday of the month and receive my free Ebook, 30 Excel Tips.. To protect your VBA code, follow the steps: © Pagos, Inc. - All rights reserved - Privacy Policy - Terms of Use. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Make a defined name with: 2. Create Custom Apps with VBA! The results look a bit strange though, when you hit the Enter key, to add that formula. Good advice Barry! Copying a Set Range from Multiple ... doesn't work if the file is an add-in. Your email address will not be published. Likewise, if you want to see all of the blog posts in the Formula Friday Series Click The Link Below. be reduced. Input the formula “ =B2-TODAY ()<=10 ” … I have an excel worksheet that I need to set an expiration date on so that when the expiration date occurs the file is rendered useless and they must contact me to get a new version of the file. [h=1]Is it possile to Set Expirition Date for my project which will enable to open up the file with a password.....?[/h]. Excel and VBA protection methods are created to prevent the users from changing a value or a formula “accidentally”. Related: Using a mouse in Excel is the work equivalent of wearing a lanyard when you first get to college. Go to the Excel Sample Files page, and in the Conditional Formatting section, look for CF0008 - Expiry Date Warning. You may want to set an expiration date for a workbook and prevent access for when creating a trial application, or simply ensuring that the application data is up to date. Dim Pword As String, response As String Do you use Excel to keep track of software subscriptions, or domain registrations, or other things with an expiry date? Maximum image size is 6Mpixels. I'd like to, if possible, make a file expire and need a new password to open the file after a month or a year or something. by Allen Wyatt (last updated January 25, 2020). Click the italics "fx" icon to the left of the formula bar to open the Functions Arguments dialog. If this response answers your question then please mark as answer. A couple of the rows have expiry dates in the past, and those rows show number signs in the DaysToExpiry column. It saves a lot of effort and time.Cheers, mate! How to Make an Excel Spreadsheet Expire. One such operation allows you to delete a directory.     ThisWorkbook.Close savechanges:=False This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There are lots of other files there – you might find some other interesting techniques to try. Select all the data rows in the expiry date table, On the Home tab of the Excel Ribbon, click Conditional Formatting, then click New Rule, In the New Formatting Rule window, in the "Select a Rule Type" section, click "Use a formula to determine which cells to format". An important trick here is to set Visible to False to make it invisible. is this possible? Discover how to extend the capabilities of Office 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access) with VBA programming, using it for writing macros, automating Office applications, and creating custom applications. You are using an out of date browser. End If. Fortunately, this is rather easy. Prefer using this approach if you want the expiration date to be set automatically when the user opens the workbook for the first time. hope it helps . Tried this numerous times but just get 'False'. So, I'll add a new column, with a formula to calculate the number of days there are before the expiry date. This approach assumes that you want to prevent workbook usage after the specified date. The formula in that column F subtracts the current date from the Expiry Date: =D3-TODAY(). I need a file which either do not open or force closed even after opening it.Regards, Thank you Allen,this article is greatly appreciated! 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