LA7 (4.2%) BATTE RETE 4 (4%), MEDIASET EXTRA OTTAVO CANALE (1.8%) FA QUASI IL DOPPIO DI TV8 (0.9%) E DI NOVE (1%)", "Medici: Masters of Florence - Episodes Guide and Summaries", "Christian Duguay, Francesco Montanari Board 'Medici' Season 3 (EXCLUSIVE)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The war with Milan is going badly and Florence's economy is in ruins. Clarice confronts Lorenzo's mistress and then Lorenzo. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Now his motto is ‘do whatever it takes to achieve good’ that is ‘good’ by his own standards, not anyone else’s. 7. The Pope seeks sanctuary with the Medici when Rome is attacked. 1469. At his mother 's request, Lorenzo offers 'side-tracked' Giuliano the post of governor of Volterra, but he declines, saying rightly Francesco was the first choice anyway, and admits he prefers Florentine society, notably his affair with Simonetta Vespucci, co-model for adoring Boticelli, but that project is canceled when her husband smells an adulterous rat. Cardinal Raffaele (2 episodes, 2019) Douglas Dean. Medici: The Magnificent season 2 cast. He told Variety: “When we first tackled this, we weren’t really sure where to begin the saga of the Medici. 9. Both Pazzi and Lorenzo attempt to win broad support for their candidate to be the new Gonfaloniere of Florence. Rosa (2 episodes, 2016) Andrea Tidona. She had six brothers and one younger sister. Ugo murdered Giovanni because he ordered him to take Rosa away and she and her child ultimately died in the home to which he had taken her. Sixtus asks Lorenzo to visit him in Rome and ask for forgiveness for hanging Bishop Salviati. Upon witnessing the deprivation over the Florentine public under excommunication, Clarice warns Lorenzo. Both of their characters will be dead by the time Lorenzo comes into power, but fans are hopeful that they could appear through flashbacks. The second season, titled Medici: The Magnificent, takes place 20 years later and tells the story of Cosimo's grandson Lorenzo de' Medici (known as the Magnificent). The new 9-year-old Duke of Milan and the regent, his mother, arrive to reaffirm Milan's alliance. When does Stranger Things season 2 come out? Following years of stable power established by the late Cosimo, the. A few years after the murder of Giuliano de' Medici, Lorenzo is shown more tactful and ruthless in dealing with the newly emerged political challenges spearheaded by Pope Sixtus and his ambitious nephew, Girolamo Riario. The death of the pope brings strategic challenges as lorenzo negotiates with the Duke of milan and welcomes his new bride, Clarice, to Florence. Ugo reveals that Rosa was carrying Lorenzo's child and Giovanni had her shipped off to a home for unmarried mothers where she and the baby died. Menu. Twenty years earlier, Cosimo's friend Albizzi tells him that his family lost a valuable ship at sea and Giovanni uses the information to have Albizzi's father declared bankrupt and thrown off the Signoria. At the Pope's urging, Cosimo persuades the Signoria to show mercy and exile Albizzi instead of executing him. [1], "Les Médicis, Maîtres de Florence : carton d'audience pour la série de SFR Play", "MARTEDI 18 OTTOBRE 2016. Savonarola, che aveva raccolto la confessione di Tommaso, denuncia la sua uccisione e accusa apertamente Lorenzo, che però continua a negare. Maddelena is pregnant with Cosimo's child and Contessina decides that Cosimo will acknowledge and raise the bastard. EXCLUSIVE: Reign’s Toby Regbo is to star in the third and final season of Italian drama Medici. With season 2 set to move the story forward by two decades, it isn’t yet clear whether Dustin Hoffman and Richard Madden will return. Through flashbacks, viewers learned how Giovanni schemed his way into power and pressured his sons into joining the family business. Rate. Giulio finds it hard to adjust to his new family. Riario wants to take the city of Florence by himself to destroy the Medici family. I MEDICI SBANCANO CON IL 29.9%, LIONE-JUVENTUS RISPONDE CON IL 20.3%", "MARTEDI 25 OTTOBRE 2016. Sono passati 7 anni e Lorenzo spera di chiudere i conti con il Papa ottenendo la firma di un trattato di pace tra i vari regnanti italiani. It is thought that new actors will be cast to play Lorenzo and his family, but Spotnitz has admitted that there are “very big shoes to fill”. Contessina turns down an offer to flee Florence with her old lover, whom she was forced to abandon when she was betrothed to Cosimo. The Pazzi foment insurrection in nearby Città di Castello. Lorenzo's alliance of friendship with Francesco Pazzi pays dividends, however this causes much conflict between Francesco and his uncle. Lorenzo buys the Sforza army and threatens to invade Florence. Personal Details Cosimo is welcomed back to Florence and pays off the mercenaries who are terrorising the town because they haven't been paid. Star Sign. A pochi mesi dalla congiura in cui ha perso suo fratello e ha rischiato lui stesso la vita, Lorenzo è tormentato dal desiderio di vendetta. “But ultimately [we] decided to begin Season one with Giovanni and his son Cosimo. Vikings Season 3: Heavy Is the Head ... Medici Ippolita Sforza (2018-2019) Judy Abbie (2019 ... 2 nominations. When he appears in Naples seeking to forge an alliance, she endeavors to help him. Spouse (s): Alfonso II of Naples. Riario wants to take the city of Florence by himself to destroy the Medici family. The mineral. Giunto a Napoli con Bernardi, Lorenzo ha difficoltà a convincere il re Ferrante d’Aragona ad abbandonare l’alleanza con il Papa. Rate. January TV Calendar: Series Return and Premiere Dates. Ippolita Maria Sforza is the wife of Alfonso , Prince of Naples. Rate. 8. The first series of Medici was titled Medici: Masters of Florence and season two is titled Medici: The Magnificent as it follows the story of Lorenzo de’ Medici [known as Lorenzo The Magnificent]. Meanwhile, Lorenzo releases Sixtus' nephew, Cardinal Raffaele, in exchange for his Uncle Carlo from Rome. Cosimo has a local olive merchant elected to the Signoria to fill Albizzi's vacant seat, but the merchant is murdered and Pazzi is elected while Cosimo is absent. Contessina storms the Signoria on horseback and persuades them to exile Cosimo to prevent war. “For a time we decided to begin with Lorenzo ‘the Magnificent’ because in many ways his life represents the pinnacle of Medici achievement: the High Renaissance, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Botticelli. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. 7.5 (283) 0. Go to. Rate. Ginevra Cavalcanti (2 episodes, 2016) Giusy Buscemi. Clarice attempts to lobby for her husband's candidate by again approaching her husband's ex mistress. Venice's envoy is upset after his daughter Novella is thrown-out of home by Francesco Pazzi, and this threatens Lorenzo's attempts to broker an alliance between Milan, Florence, and Venice to secure trade routes and interfere with the Pope's plans. Rumours of Cosimo's hand in Albizzi's murder result in the Pope transferring the church's banking to Pazzi. © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Frank Spotnitz, the show’s co-creator, explained: “Season one is really about Cosimo’s journey. 10. Carlo is attacked, and barely escapes as he makes his return to Florence. Express. Lorenzo claims Marco framed him to cover up his own involvement in Giovanni's murder, which Marco denies and Cosimo allows him to leave. Yet, after the events in season 2, especially the violent death of his brother Giuliano at the hand of the Pazzi, Lorenzo is a changed man.


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