Kill all the Followers of Ares inside: 5: Loot the amulet from the last Follower you killed: 4. Assassinate From a Distance. Go up to a vantage point and just kill them with your bow and arrow! There are six members there that are spread out around the shrine enough that they can be picked off pretty easily. Find and Acquire the naked archer's amulet. The enemies in here will respawn every 2 … THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN UPDATED -'s Creed Odyssey, Location of 30 Followers of Ares. Kill the Leader of Messara: 4: Return to the quest giver: 2. Civil Unrest. You are able to recruit him at this stage. He offers gems as a reward. Talk to the naked archer. a lot of the ruined temples (looks like a fort icon that's cracked horizontally down the middle) are followers of area, but some are bandits or cultists. Fun fact, this is the cave the traitor to Leonidas used to lead the Persians around the Spartans. 3. Don't bother getting into a fight with the Herald and the Leader's guards. To expose this cultist, you must kill the leader of Messara, ... After uncovering his identity, you can find Harpalos with his Followers of Ares on the island of Keos in the Cave of Ares. Easy and quick to complete.Thank you all for watching, please subscribe, like comment or share.For more Assassin's Creed Odyssey content, please look at these:Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Followers of Ares x 60 - Location and gameplay - UPDATED's Creed Odyssey - Locations for Spartan Hoplites, Brutes and Leaders's Creed Odyssey - Daughters of Armetis Locations of 30, EASY's Creed Odyssey - Athenian Strategoi \u0026 Marksman Locations's Creed Odyssey - Locations for Bandit camps - Blades of Justice quest's Creed Odyssey Sun Hats, 15 found - 11 Locations shown - Epic, Rare and common #acodyssey #assassinscreedodyssey Head to the areas he says and quell the unrest. 1. 2. The cave is nearby, so head inside and kill all the Followers of Ares for the amulet. Find and Kill the Followers of Ares in Messara 0/10. Kill the wolves and release the archer. In Little Egypt, a man tells that the guards and merchants are at each other’s throats. Near the Sanctuary Of Delphi there is a cave called The Cave Of Kratos. Mainly found in caves all around Greece. look for any that say "kill clan leader" as an objective, those will always be followers of ares. same "kill clan leader" objective on a cave means ares, too. After that, you’ll still need to find more baddies somewhere else. level 1. THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN UPDATED - Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Location of 30 Followers of Ares. However, you will find most of the Followers of Ares you need to kill at the Los Minoan Shrine not far from the mission starting point. 3. Hints: Followers of Ares have been terrorizing the people in Messara; They have been spotted in caves around Zeus's Playground; You have to visit two caves: Cave of Rhea and Gerontospilios. Anyways, in this cave you will find the Followers of Ares. Harpalos: The clue to reveal him can be found on the body of a Follower of Ares inside the "Cave of Kratos".


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