Words are not the only way of conveying ideas and concepts; the way those concepts and ideas are arraigned in a thought and relayed is equally important in demonstrating their importance to a specific society. By studying a society’s language deeply, then, a greater understanding can be formed of that society itself. Language of course evolves: the languages which exist in the contemporary period are markedly different from the languages which existed in the past, yet evolved out of those past languages. It’s what shaped our attitudes, beliefs, values, and understanding of what is truth. Language is a reflection of a society’s culture and its perception of the world; as it relays information, it demonstrates how a certain society takes in, processes, evaluates, and conveys that information. Not only are they learning a new language; they must also use this new language to comprehend and learn academic areas such. How you expose yourself to it and how you observe and understand it. As such, I will be unable to convey an equal amount of information about snow through this language, or at least not be able to do so with the ease the Eskimo language allows. Language is the most important and the best human ability to communicate what we feel, want and many others types of expression around the world. One way in which this is evident is the words of which the language is composed. Language is the most important tool humanity possesses. The problem is we are largely asleep to the language we use. Reflection the English language. Information is processed not by first recognizing and acknowledging the noun, but by its descriptive characteristics. This is a different way of processing and conveying information than the Romance language, and again therefore reflects differences between societies using the different languages in processing ideas. Language is extremely interconnected with religion, culture, and ethnicity which is why it makes each person a special individual with their own identity. My conversation with Sophie starts, “Since culture does not just reflect the world in images, but actually, through those images, conditions a child to see that world a certain way, the colonial child was made to see the world and where he stands in it as seen and defined by or reflected in the culture of the language of imposition.” When reading “Decolonizing the Mind” was published by an African author named, Ngugi wa Thiog’o”. Your email address will not be published. My purpose is to denounce a few dynamics I feel have helped me to become a more effective speaker and to manage my butterflies. A descriptor cannot be given until the thing it is describing is first made apparent, a reflection on the way societies using Romance languages chose to process and convey information. Reflection: The English Language. 1. It’s painful to know the history and to have to speak Christians, for example, view Christmas as a sacred time as it, the Common Core (and associated national standards) in the United States using the assigned readings. A big part of our sense of who we are is developed by how we think other people see us. This can be attributed to the success of the United States as the military, diplomatic, and economic hegemon over the last century, creating the necessity for people to speak its language if they wished to interact with it. Sacred in this context is an extension of one’s belief held up in high esteem to the point where what is deemed sacred is god like. Inspiration Reflection Prompt: Consider the concept of coded cultural messages. I am one of those who suffer from butterflies, that uncomfortable feeling in my chest and stomach, before speaking in public. Reflection the English language. I will prove to you that strong body language makes ideas and feelings more clear, vigorous and engaging. Yet, over time, the French language of the nobility blended with the Germanic of the common population, gradually creating the English language which we now use today. First, I will show how eye contact, Eliade, in his book “The Sacred and Profane,” poses an interesting conjecture that all people are inherently religious. One of the most apparent demonstrations in this can be seen in the way a language arranges its adjectives and nouns. It was a language like us – people clinging to often shattered traditions, part of an old world and not yet finding a place in the new. It did take me twenty plus years to get to become a proficient reader, writer, and speaker in this language. While the study of language itself is a deeply fascinating endeavor, equal consideration should be given to the study of language as it pertains to individual societies and the process of development and evolution that language undertakes. It owes this nature to the political events which created it: the British Isles were populated by the Anglo-Saxons, a Germanic speaking people, when invaded in 1066 by William the Conqueror of Normandy. [The Common Core standards are currently implemented in 43 states and the District of Columbia. We talk and talk, but rarely listen to what we say. He takes an interesting approach on how he captures his audiences’ attention, he does this by showing the, I. Earlier languages native to France, Spain, Italy, and Romania died out and replaced by this common tongue, leading to the relative commonality of the Romance languages in the contemporary day. the communities of which we are a part: our families, social groups, and other associations. Language is, again, our most important tool and is one of the most commonly shared elements of civilization across the world. She comes and goes. Hello! But language also depends on how your family interferes with it. Our language is the ‘heart’ of who we are as a person. Equally true is the fact that the changing nature of language is a reflection of the changing circumstances in which a society finds itself. Our language is the ‘heart’ of who we are as a person. An Analysis of the Marketing Concept of Nestle. To answer this, I will tell you a story of a young girl who was entranced by her parent’s careers as Nassau BOCES employees. It is more often than not necessary for someone to learn English if they hope to participate meaningfully in international happenings. By tracing the development and changes that occur in a language, another route can be equally traced which reveals the development and changes which occur in the society using it. Democracy is work. Even though there are still some topics that I put need developing, there are also a lot of parts that have information in the building, Speaker The character of the language a certain society uses, then, reflects the way they chose to convey those ideas and concepts. Your email address will not be published. She goes back to the lake for answers every morning and the lake is pleased to see her. Language allows us to talk on TV and the phone, reaching people around the world. Indeed, it seems almost as if the development and use of language is an innate human characteristic. Most Romance languages follow the rule of “noun then adjective,” where the noun being described by the adjective precedes the adjective. It is very interesting and just what I was looking for. There is a greater ease of conveyance of that concept in German than in English, allowing that language to succeed greater in relaying information that the society utilizing it deemed valuable. Reflection: The English Language. What one does and the decision they make in their lives are all reflections on what they find sacred. How you expose yourself to it and how you observe and understand it. English, for example, is an odd amalgam of German and French. However by looking at examples of texting, and/or web-based interaction, I will be able to show that modern language use can too be very creative. Standards are ways to track the learning of students and are what the students are supposed to know in each subject and grade level. Currently, there has been controversy, else to make her feel good about herself, she longs to be young. Another example: in the German language, the word schadenfreude conveys the idea of taking pleasure in watching another person fail. Another way in which the character of a language reflects on the society using it is through the syntax of that language. While the study of language itself is a deeply fascinating endeavor, equal consideration should be given to the study of language as it pertains to individual societies and the process of development and evolution that language undertakes.


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