The mattress roll kept, well, rolling into my furniture, as there’s little floor space in my apartment for such an undertaking. Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar, Coop Home Goods Original and Eden Pillow Review. Unlike most online mattress offerings, you can try it out before you buy it at one of the company’s galleries or at a West Elm retail store. To learn more, please read our full disclosure page here. If you have been eyeing the all-foam Leesa mattress but are most comfortable with the traditional feel of innersprings, you may want to check out their high-end luxury Leesa Hybrid. The Leesa Hybrid has a soft and breathable cover consisting of Lycra spandex blended with polyester. Overall, you will sleep closer to the top of this bed rather than in it, and it will give you a gently floating, cloud-like experience. This bed’s aerated top layer of foam, breathable cover, and innersprings work together to promote airflow and regulate temperature, keeping the bed cool, so you should not have problems with overheating. But after you use them, and they can no longer be wrapped up into a compact sausage roll, that’s another. The fabric is a subtle gray that’s somehow pretty, unlike mattresses that look like off-white squares. The second layer is a low-density polyfoam also 2 inches thick. The 11-inch-thick Leesa Hybrid has five layers: the cooling foam top layer, contouring memory foam, and a 6" pocket coil system … Maybe all memory foam mattresses are unruly when moving, but to me it seemed as though this bed was extra floppy. Sleeping closer to the top with more of your body’s surface area exposed to the air will also help to keep you cool. It was fast to expand to its full, rectangular size after I finally cut open the last layer of plastic bag. The Bear Hybrid has a cool sleeping temperature. The Leesa Hybrid has two comfort layers: at the top is an aerated low-density polyfoam followed by memory foam. It is an excellent option for average- and heavier- weight sleepers across all the sleeping positions. Through our testing, we found the Leesa Legend to work well for back sleepers.Looking at all weight categories of sleepers, this hybrid mattress should relieve pressure for lightweight and average weight sleepers. Plus investing in better sleep is also an investment in your waking hours and overall health. I was shocked when I looked up the Leesa Hybrid’s weight just prior to its arrival at my door; a queen size comes in at a whopping 115 pounds—the other mattresses we’ve tested hover between 60-70 pounds. You can tell thought went into it, because the fabric cover is aesthetically and tactilely pleasing, it was so soft to the touch and so smooth. Our in-depth review of Leesa Hybrid will give you a score of this bed based on an evaluation of comfort, edge to edge support, bounce, motion isolation, and more. Similar to most foam mattresses, the Leesa Mattress has an initial off-gassing odor. The Leesa Mattress has a solid slab of high-density polyfoam 6 inches thick. Lying down on the side should feel the same as lying in the center. Leesa delivers to Uk, Germany, and Canada. The lightweight sleepers generally found the Leesa Legend a bit firm, but they still appreciated the balanced cradling and support. The warranty becomes void when the owner moves the mattress outside of Canada, the United Kingdom, or the US. However, these sounds are not enough to disturb you from getting a continuous comfortable sleep. For the most part, I’m a stomach and side sleeper. (Off-gassing is just the process every new mattress goes through as it airs out and releases chemicals from manufacturing process that were constrained by the packaging.) We receive free products to review and participate in affiliate programs. The Bear Hybrid has some off-gassing odor after unpacking from the box. The Bear Hybrid mattress has a total height of 14 inches. The Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review 2020: Should You Buy? The Bear Hybrid has been in the market only for two years, so there is not enough data to get a conclusive result. Similar to the average weight sleepers, this group favored the Leesa Mattress. The comfort layer of the two models is comparable, as both are made up of a combination of polyfoam and memory foam. The coil support system reinforces the upper portion of the bed, particularly at the sides.


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