I can rewrite like I did several other pages but it would be easier if I had the original file. I worked all night and half of the morning too but most of the site is back up. I’ll get to work on that border tomorrow. So with the abscess on one side of my face interfering with my ability to chew and the broken crown on the other side … I will be sticking to liquids today. Previous I mentioned last week I have my routine here at Big Canoe … at least for now. More of the green stripe binding being used here on Deborah's top -- I just love quilting tops from her, they're always so cute. That just leaves 2 in the stack that needs attention -- much better than 9. When I needed a sewing chair for Big Canoe, that was the first one I went looking for but it was unavailable. Since I had lime green thread on the longarm from the Happy Block top I quilted last night -- I decided to put another one on and use the same thread. The one that is thrown across the arm of the loveseat in the photo is a Pineapple Blossom quilt, from a free pattern found on Bonnie Hunter’s site. This is the 4th one I've done but the pile is getting larger with all the quilts I did a couple weeks ago not smaller. Over the years I’ve sewn in a number of chairs starting with a basic dining room chair and several different office chairs but my favorite is this chair I ordered from Amazon. You may print and use these quilt instructions to make quilts for yourself, for donation, or for sale. Keith is fine with me cooking our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow after I get the temporary crown. You may link to any of the pages with the instruction sheets but you cannot copy or post the PDF files on any website. This top was pieced by LizA and is quilted with a pantograph -, I pieced batting, loaded, and quilted this HeartStrings top pieced by, You can see it drawn out in her free download --. The Quilts' Night Out has been compiled as a tribute to American quilt makers. I think I need one of those animal hair brushes to see if I can clean them off. Previous | ugh. You can see more information at this post. If you’ve tried to save the file and it still won’t open, you can email me at the address below and I will send you the file by email. 2 got bindings made and machine stitched - these are ready for me to hand stitch now. Did ANYONE save the files below to their computer and would you be willing to email them to me? Yes, it’s the same one that chipped last month and my dentist said we’d wait to replace it next month, that it would be fine…. I finished the Granny Squares top today so I’m all ready to start my HeartStrings sew along tomorrow. On June 2, 2007 November 12, 2020 By Mary 13 Comments This site is intended to provide brief instructions for my quilts and they assume you have a basic knowledge of quilting. I cut all my strips and started sewing my Sharon inspired HeartStrings blocks. I do view class segments when I’m looking for something specific in quilting, crochet, or knitting so it can be a good resource but I have yet to watch a class from start to finish and I’ve done only a project or two from any of them. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I was looking for classes today to use the 6 credits I have that will expire at the end of the year and I found this Twisted Irish Chain class. 3 were trimmed, binding was cut, and they're set aside for me to take to the sew-in tomorrow. I usually don't border my string quilts but I think I want this larger without having to make it 2 rows wider. I ordered another office chair that had all the same features EXCEPT it’s cloth and not leather … not the best choice with all the strings but it will work for now. I’m looking through old photos and discarding a bunch – I take a lot of photos to share on the blog that don’t need to be kept – and I came across some old quilt photos. Had to get up to walk Chesty (yes in the middle of the night!) Most of my documents are in PDF format but for some of the tutorial pages I type directly onto the page and I don't have a copy of the verbage I used to describe the photos. This was the first time this summer I wrote down a *to do* list and I checked off everything (and more) with a couple hours to spare. Random. I'm saving the main pages with the same file names so those links will work if you've bookmarked them but if you bookmarked the link to the PDF files, you'll have to update them because they have new link addresses. Since I won’t be entertaining or feeding a crowd, I thought I’d invite my HeartStrings group to sew along with me virtually. I like these quick projects. I really recommend this method for making them. Funny but sometimes when the challenges pile up, I become even more grateful for my blessings. And I’m thrilled because I’ve finally found the perfect pattern for the Caron Cotton cake yarn. I left it there for Chris and I wonder if he still has it. Of all the quilts I have here to bind, I didn't necessarily set out to bind 3 Happy Block quilts in a row but that seems to be how it worked out. Because my quilts are scrappy and made from stash, fabric yardage calculations for most of my quilt instructions are not  available and when included, they are estimates only – click here for more information. The first one that was on my lap is a Log Cabin quilt from the book Best of Black Mountain Quilts. It’s been a challenging week but I’m grateful for my family and many other blessings in my life. I'm also going to combine the blog and the website into one. I’ve made at least 3 other blankets with this yarn and I’ve liked them all OK but I’m LOVING this yarn with the Shell Stitch Blanket. Rae looked through my hat yarn when she was here and picked out a couple skeins she liked so I’ll start on a hat for her next. I managed to wipe out my entire site when updating Wordpress so I'm in the process of rebuilding it since unfortuantely the backup I downloaded didn't work either. I’ve made a ton of blankets over the last couple years (37 of them!) List I paid $105 for mine. She suggested I google the page and then click on "cached" which is beside the linked address and it worked -- they're all there so I can even go back in and check the ones I reloaded last night to make sure I didn't leave anything important out. Block A - brown frames -… Today, I had planned to get the border on the Granny Squares quilt but ended up in the ER this afternoon … again! BUT just because I don’t actually watch the entire class or do the projects, it doesn’t mean I’m not learning or gaining ideas to incorporate in my own projects. It’s a free pattern found on Ravelry – ZigZags Hat. So after setting my my site, I decided I would redesign the. We’re going to have a sew along Thanksgiving weekend. This site is intended to provide brief instructions for my quilts and they assume you have a basic knowledge of quilting. Home/Join | These are a “planned” version using 8 fabrics versus our scrappy HeartStrings quilts and it’s always fun to see how they turn out. I sort my strings by color in the bins to the right but as you can see from the bin in front and the strings on the floor I haven't sorted recently -- that's where all the bits and pieces get tossed while I'm sewing. At one point I had two different projects on different skeins trying to decide between them and I frogged a couple false starts too. First, a pineapple top pieced by Mom. I expect the antibiotics to kick in soon and hope to see a definite improvement in the next day or two. Thanks to everyone who checked their files for me - you can bet I'll be more carefull about keeping copies of ALL the pages. I know some people get confused when I mention machine stitching binding but just to be clear, I machine stitch all my bindings to the front of the quilt and then fold it to the back and finish it with hand stitching. I’m going to stop and watch some football with Keith but I might just sew a little more tonight when he goes to bed. Mary, thank you for sharing your love of quilting. When they were selling fabric (under the names Craftsy and BluPrint) an annual membership got you free shipping which made it very worthwhile for me. I recently saw a question about the best chair for sewing in one of the groups I occasionally follow and thought I’d share my favorite chair. And so this morning, I decided to use my “kit” fabric to make the Granny Squares quilt. And that’s probably more than you want to know about my crochet blankets! After antibiotic shots in both hips … and a script for more, I was sent home. I’ve got a fair amount of it at home and I’m thinking most of it will probably end up being used with this pattern. This yarn comes in variegated colorways too but for this pattern I like the single color ones … I’ve done a pink blanket and a yellow blanket and I have blue yarn waiting. But most of the people attending worked on assembling, You can see some other photos from our day, I'd intended to finish up the last 16 string blocks I need for. and found some yarn/pattern combinations that I really like too. I now have two other patterns I’m anxious to try with other yarns, but they weren’t right for this one. I have two of them that I bought for my sewing room in Tampa. The ones I need are: Obviously, those are the two pages that aren't up on the site now too but I hope to get them done soon esp.


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