Moses still isn't convinced, so God tells him to "Put your 4. Objective: That your students will describe ways the Lord strengthens His followers so they can tackle difficult tasks. This was one of many miraculous feats God would perform to … Click on the Get Activity button below to view and/or download the lesson PDF. Story Suggestion: Exodus 3-4:1-17 As Moses was tending sheep in the desert, God appeared to him. 3:7, 10-12. Exodus (Moses – Promised Land) – Lesson 2 Just Us Little Guys Page 1 ©2013, Sharon Kay Chatwell Moses and the Burning Bush Teacher Pep Talk: 400 years is a long time to wait… for anything. Horeb, which was the mountain of God. This God Called Moses Story Illustration will help kids learn that God may not speak to us in a burning bush, but He still has something for each of us to do. Ask for another volunteer to read Exod. Take off your shoes because this is holy ground.” Children will have fun starting to learn about Moses as a Baby, how God spooke to him in the burning bush, and how God used Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt through the parting of the Red Sea with these fun Bible crafts for kids of all ages. So, Moses was going to use God’s power and Pharaoh sure about it and replied “But God, I really don’t talk very well.”, God told Moses to go to Aaron, his brother, and Aaron will do But God hadn’t forgotten about the Hebrews or Moses. © 2019 David C Cook. God called Moses to do a very special job. But God didn’t just cross His arms and wait for Moses to muddle through the job alone. This is the teaching picture for God Spoke to Moses (OT06L2TP). A couple can be adapted from their original idea to specifically fit this lesson. to throw down his staff and it turned into a snake… Moses ran from it! The story is found in Exodus 3:1–4:17. Accept the ideas the students offer, as long as they are real-life situations that they will deal with in the next short while. Amram and his mother was Jochebed. God told Moses that he is Use this lesson to teach kids how God helps with difficult tasks. All rights reserved. Objective: That your students will discuss how God answered Moses’ excuses after calling him to complete a difficult task. STEP 1 Life Need . Click here to print the Pictures to Color. These Moses and the Burning Bush Bible activities highlight this fascinating event! We can see that God was ready to provide for Moses’ needs by sending Aaron along with Moses, and by showing Moses how powerful He is. One day God chose to speak to Moses through a burning bush that burned, but wasn't consumed. These crafts to illustrate the lesson of Moses and the Burning Bush range from simple to involved. God told Moses that He knew that Pharaoh wasn't going to let the Moses had tried to help God’s people and failed miserably. Today’s lesson from Exodus 3 and 4 describes the tough assignment God gave to Moses at the start of Moses’ leadership within the nation of Israel. Young people your age are asked to do different kinds of jobs. This daughter of Pharaoh raised Moses as her own son. Every lesson from God’s Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers includes a full-color teaching picture for use in teaching the lesson. Have the class read this week’s Key Verse (Exodus 4:12) together. The story of God speaking to Moses in the burning bush is a popular story for kids as well as adults to learn. God spoke to Moses from the middle of a bush that was burning. The story is found in Exodus 3:1–4:17. In what tough assignment can you really use some help from God? One day, when Moses was moving the sheep, he came to He got married and had children. You can. When Moses went near to see why, he heard a voice from inside the bush say: ‘Moses… The story of God speaking to Moses in the burning bush is a popular story for kids as well as adults to learn. Have students find Exodus 3 in their Bibles. We will process your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy, which also contains details as to how you may unsubscribe from receiving our email updates. They will be added as soon as they are approved. As your young people share their thoughts, show that you care about what they’re saying by listening carefully and giving each student your full attention. It means we have a choice to do something willingly—without being forced to do it. God has an important task for each of us. This is lesson #2. Lead a discussion on the progression of Moses’ thinking. Your use of this site is subject to our, I Can Help Others: COVID-19 Lesson and Resources for Kids, God Cares About My Grief: COVID-19 Lesson and Resources for Kids, The Action Bible Devotions for Family Time Together, How Kids Benefit from the Difficult Parts of the Bible, Church Re-Entry: Lamenting and Leading Forward, God Is Stronger Than My Fear: COVID-19 Lesson and Resources for Kids, God Take Our Worries: COVID-19 Lesson and Resources for Kids. Moses left Egypt and lived in Midian. God told Moses to return to Egypt, and to lead God’s people out of slavery. Remember, God will provide you with the help you need to complete the task, just as He promised to help Moses! Moses had been born around the time that Pharaoh ordered the deaths of all male babies. An angel appeared in the flame of fire in You can find these hands during the Halloween season. In what ways will you accept the challenge to serve God? Read More ⇨ God told Moses This fun tissue paper roller craft, based on the life of Moses and God’s call to Moses as found in Exodus 3 and 4, will help children remember that Moses was a special man who was called by God, and we are also called by God. leprosy! When possible, we provide an approximate date for the event. Teach kids that God will help them with difficult tasks using this grab-and-go lesson. people that I AM sent you.” So, Moses asked “What if they don’t believe me or from the bush “Moses, Moses! Joshua and the March Around Jericho Poster, Different Ways to Create a Bulletin Board, 2. Then discuss these questions: Objective: That your students will agree to tackle a difficult task for God. Other articles inspired by Echoes Curriculum: Since 1989, Echoes has been the chosen curriculum that has taught God’s Word to life, presenting the relevant gospel of Jesus Christ to the African-American church. Make friends with an enemy. This video highlights points you’ll want to make as you teach the story to kids. Ask for a volunteer to read the Exod. For little children, you can simply narrate the story and let the children act it out. Some of the work might seem easy to you, but other times it can be harder or just plain tough. I found this great snake a couple of years ago at a Halloween store. 4:10-15. But we aren’t on our own—we have God’s help, even when we think we can’t do the work. When Moses repeats it, his hand is normal. Paint and Tissue Paper Bush from Little Blots Cut, color, and glue with printable template from … But what about those tasks where we might fail? The places where Moses was before this week’s Bible story (Exodus 1-2) were Goshen, the Nile River, and Midian. Point out how the Lord used the years Moses lived in Midian to prepare him to carry out God’s plan of salvation. He took care of sheep for © 2020 David C Cook. I tuck it under my arm pit before class and wear a jacket over it. Allow time for students to choose a specific task and write it down. WOULD let the people go! You may want to show children a globe or world map as well so they can see where these lands fit in to the larger world geography. Let some students share their thoughts on specific tasks they know they have to face. is Exodus 3:1-4:17. Tell the Break a bad habit or help a friend do so. hand by your chest." I appreciate it! But that is how long the children of Israel had been waiting for God to deliver them out of slavery in Egypt. (Above links are affiliate links.). God tells Moses that He can He told Moses He would bring the … This is the Hour B lesson plan for God Spoke to Moses (OT06L2HB). When we are faced with hard tasks, it isn’t always easy to accept the challenge, is it? I found these at Michaels. the one God wants to go before Pharaoh and take them out of Egypt. Share the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection with a person you don’t know very well. But you can also prepare a simple script if you like. It makes for a great visual, but they see everything afterwards and know that only God has the power to do this. This profile provides a simple overview of the story of God speaking to Moses in the burning bush along with highlights and relevant points of interest based on the text. I am very clear that I can't turn the stick into a snake, but God can and did for Moses. Moses had a sister Miriam and an older When Today’s lesson from Exodus 3 and 4 describes the tough assignment God gave to Moses at the start of Moses’ leadership within the nation of Israel. Do you think Moses will try again? Review with your students. Moses picked it up by the tail, it returned to his staff. The Bible study today was about someone who had a really tough assignment. God called Every lesson from God’s Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers includes a Parents Connect page to help parents or guardians reinforce the lesson at home during the week following the lesson. This is the Hour A lesson plan for God Spoke to Moses (OT06L2HA).


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