It is mid summer here right now. different species than either sweet cherries (P. avium) or sour cherries (P. cerasus). on a list of. We planted three shrubs a year or two ago and are hoping for fruits soon so we can try them out ourselves. She had never seen fruit on it in the past but seemed to recall that it was some kind of cherry so that has confirmed the identification. Let me try to respond to you in a more friendly manner, now that I remember that I posted here. old wood, planting in well-drained soil in the fall or spring. Odd that I've eaten them --- I just don't remember! About five years ago, I planted them out of sentiment for the plant. more northern areas where traditional cherries can't be grown. She had owned it for 50 years and was a very keen gardener. I just came out to Boise, Id and have been helping my mother with this elaberat garden she has gotten with the house she bought and discoverd these cherries. About 5 ft tall they flower each spring but I have yet to see any berries. The fruit is best eaten fres… I was just super-glad to have the plant around me. Any one have a suggestion? A funny thing, memory. Jam, Wine, Baked Goods, Sauces & more – The Nanking Cherry substitutes well in just about any sour cherry recipe. but what are some things that they can be used for. Eventually tracked down this website and it has allowed me to identify the bush as a Nanking Cherry. I ordered 6 plants from gurneys I planted 3 plants in one hole and 3 in another. under a mist. I posted pictures here: The ripe fruit have a very pleasant sweet/sour balance with just the slightest hint of an astringent aftertaste. ripening, treat the base with rooting hormone, then keep the cuttings this world? I now live in a unique microenvironment near a fair-sized river, where the temp of the river influences my growing seasons. lunchtime series. Where'd you get them? Add whole pitted Nanking cherries to sauces, either sweet or savory, like a barbeque sauce. Using the Remove the pits and dry Nanking cherries to preserve the fruit. seed. Click on the The Nanking Cherry showed up and well-drained soil. year. feet apart. The fruit themselves were somewhat astringent to begin with (before they'd turned completely red), which may account for some reports of "middling" flavour. Any one have a suggestion? If you've tried them and have tasty plants, I'd love to Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa) shrub) that tastes like a sweet cherry, but in the meantime I bought a couple of seedlings to get us started. cherry? While I wouldn't rate them at the same level as a good cherry, they are very tasty when eaten fresh from the tree. then stratify for three months. Use Nanking cherries to flavor vinegar or pickle unripe fruits. The small cherry variety is highly perishable and need to be consumed within a day or two. Ours have yet to bear, so I can't give you any cooking tips, but I'd think you'd be able to use them in any recipe that calls for cherries. I don't have enough personal experience yet to give you any real answers, Jeff, but here are a few thoughts. If you don't mind the plants not breeding true, seeds are easiest (and Stratification was my only question. Pollinating Nanking Cherries with a Sand Cherry bush. I contacted the old lady (91yo) from whom we bought the property. Does the Nanking Cherry taste like a former flavor predominates among unnamed varieties in the U.S.) In the fall, I am two weeks or more later in freezing temps. They were the first plant to meet the northwind, in a wind-break 6 tree-rows deep, helping to gradually send the wind over and above the house. In stark contrast, the Nanking Cherry is the most common I'm stumped! these species, just as sweet cherries won't pollinate sour cherries and will grow a long, drought-resistant taproot, absent in plants grown


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