This aired live on Pride Sunday and features an interview with local, queer artist Christine Furnas, a discussion on local, creative, queer spaces, and a review of the Stonewall at 50 event at Mia! However, we will be back in January 2020 with more great things to come. The sound art experience she is presenting to the public with SOTA, titled Terraforming, uses NASA audio recordings from space to explore the feeling of existential loneliness. Kehinde Wiley’s Times Square Monument: That’s No Robert E. Lee - NY Times How does this benefit the community? Participation Elements in Exhibitions // Jess Hirsch To learn more about Christi, visit her website! If you haven't yet, go back and listen to our episode "Des Moines Art Center and Alison Hiltner" to get acquainted with Alison even better! Removing the statue of Black Lives Matter activist Jen Reid was a mistake Desert X ANTIQUES ROADSHOW returns to all-new episodes on Monday, March 27 at 8/7c on PBS. We then discuss local mental health and art resources–who are they and what services do they provide to the community? MRAC Emergency Relief Fund Jasa talks about her review of this year’s Northern Spark. Marc Quinn: 'Our Blood came from a sense of outrage' | British GQ Wait, never heard of it? Yes, graffiti is art. You can search WorldCat to find a copy near you. Google Arts and Culture It is overflowing with arty goodness. The Dark Crystal – Movie, Jim Henson, 1982 Tickets are free, but you gotta grab em’ now! Well, listen on in because it’s a favorite art pilgrimage, listed on Artsy along with sites like the Getty. Biennials & Art Fairs // Christopher Corey Allen, Hello SOTA listeners! Jasa did her best to give a little insight to the experience and pump Sarah up to give it a try! References: In the late 1980’s, after eleven years of public policy work for the California Arts Council, where Purifoy initiated programs such as Artists in Social Institutions, bringing art into the state prison system, Purifoy moved his practice to the Mojave desert. Ganymedes and Zeus from the Queer Culture Collection at Penn State He initiated programs such as Artists in Social Institutions, bringing art into the state prison system. Teréz Iacovino's Website, Salutations, SOTAns! It’s a multifaceted conversation where be both bring personal experiences to the table. New York Times – “Large-Scale Art Protest Outside OxyContin Maker Ends in Arrest”, We are very delighted to present this episode! Next, we talk about just why is it so hard to get a job in art?? Crystal Bridges Museum, State of the Arts Exhibition Aired: 02/20/17 Rating: TV-G The full episode is no longer available for online streaming. Equality through education and giving, Reatha Clark King “What Tumblr’s Porn Ban Really Means” – The Atlantic Rhizome St. Sebastian wikipedia link Noah Purifoy (1917-2004) lived and worked most of his life in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, California. Teréz Iacovino's Website, Women in Museum Collections // Donny Gettinger, Greetings SOTAns! "Baltimore Museum of Art Will Only Collect Works by Women in 2020" - ArtNews 16 trailblazing black Minnesotans you should know more about–CCA-e8mtj6 Regen Golden’s Website, Neurodiversity in Museums // Kelly O’Brien, In the news, we discuss how the artists of the Whitney Biennial leveraged their very presence in protest of Warren Kanders (of Defence company Safariland) continuing to sit on the Board of the Institution. One that focused on the great works from the Greek and Roman empires all the way through impressionism in Paris? However, an uplifting trend is that there have been a multitude of artist relief grants that are coming from foundations, institutions, non-profits, etc. We hope you enjoy! We discussed how Museums can better equip themselves to appeal to a neurodiverse audience, and what the benefits are for institutions who make small changes to be more inclusive. Decolonising Art History: Statue of Black Lives Matter Protestor Jen Reid removed Also, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest announcements as well. Candlewood Arts Festival The Walker - visit online to explore themes and artworks in their Living Collections Catalogue and contemporary issues on the Walker Reader. MCBA Jerome Exhibition and Thanksgiving Art List Join us! ARTFACTS.NET “Watts Riot” is a smoldering work of art, made from materials scavenged from the momentous 1965 uprising in South Los Angeles. Many adventures were had. Jasa continues to cover the “beyond” by delving into the exhibition Dear 1968,… by artist Sadie Barnette, which was presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. We are excited about the launch of this podcast and we are overjoyed to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you., Guess what, SOTAns? For images and more info, visit Alison's website, Hello SOTAns, We have some fun things for you this week! References: Sarah addresses an opening she attended of Humanize My Hoodie and also speaks further about other awareness and activist exhibitions around the Twin Cities. TEESPRING We've lined up some great content to keep you entertained and informed all the way through the rest of the year. This week in the news, we discuss the government shut down and how it affects workers in the arts. Isn't it SOTA crazy that we're (thankfully) nearing the end of 2020? Let us know your thoughts on higher education in the arts! “Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland Will Become Free as Part of Inclusivity Initiative” – Art News –– Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) this link to download Quicktime video file. Also, subscribe!


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