Make a contribution to Vox today. The suit highlights the opaque, controversial business of bottled water. The nonprofit Food & Water Watch reports that it can cost up to $8.26 per gallon to bottle water, as opposed to pennies paid for tap water. }���O�p>�n��?ܯp������������ۗ����x��7�o��[¥-���җ����fB�㪦a� No one is really looking over the shoulders of the bottled water companies.”. “Consumers can be confident in the accuracy of the labels on every bottle of Poland Spring, and that Poland Spring Brand natural spring water is just what it says it is — 100 percent natural spring water.”. Poland Spring is a brand of bottled water, produced in Poland, Maine, named after the original natural spring in the town of Poland, Maine it was drawn from.Today it is a subsidiary of Nestlé and sold in the United States. Food & Water Watch reports that in 2016, 4 billion pounds of plastic was used for bottled water in the US — bottles that have no place to go now that China isn’t accepting the rest of the world’s plastic anymore. The TDS test result of Great Value spring water was 82 ppm. Poland Spring® Spring Water Poland Spring® Distilled Water Poland Spring® ... EPA MCL - Maximum Contaminant Level: The highest level of a substance allowed by law in drinking water (bottled or tap water). The MCLs shown are the federal MCLs ... Public Health … “Nor is there any historical evidence for six of Defendant’s alleged springs, and two are former springs that no longer exist. “There is no photographic proof that even one such spring — much less eight — exists on or near Defendant’s sites in Maine,” the suit says. endobj <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Support free explanatory journalism. If you have already made a contribution to Vox, thank you. Some companies even target immigrants and low-income communities in their marketing. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. “The worst is the false claims made by some ‘specialty’ bottled waters that claim magical benefits from adding oxygen, or magically rearranging crystals, or various other water voodoo.”. newsletter, A post shared by Poland Spring Water (@polandspringwtr), two hours away, where it paid just $200 annually for access, target immigrants and low-income communities, China isn’t accepting the rest of the world’s plastic anymore, Why we get defensive about our holiday recipes. According to the International Bottled Water Association, the US spends about $18 billion on bottled water every year. According to a recent lawsuit against the company, “not one drop.”, Two years ago, a class-action lawsuit filed against Nestlé Waters, which owns Poland Spring, claimed that the company was deceiving customers by selling them “ordinary groundwater” that Poland Spring “collects from wells it drilled,” and marketing it as “100% natural spring water.” The suit called Poland Spring’s water “a colossal fraud perpetrated against American consumers.”. “If consumers knew … they would not buy, or would not pay premium prices for, Poland Spring Water products.”. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. endobj “Nothing in the Court’s recent decision undermines our confidence in our overall legal position. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. '�vY��[n��fZRj=��p`��^/+��v��ό��~��.�����wi5�o��f�N�{�=�P�6ˀ�V�V,��J�_����ei���;�=9��l��ܘ�V5��@���5��&7�4� ʊ�_h��ͮ:�p�����я����#����'[email protected]����v&6����Ϭ���'�����g� �y!���6q^�q/���FM �aY�#�s�6�;��ۈRF��} Currently on its website, Poland Spring identifies eight bodies of water as “our springs.” It notes that “although we no longer use the original Poland Spring source, it continues to flow into the historic spring house, which is open to visitors at the Poland Spring Museum as a reminder of how our bottled spring water company got its start.”. Arrowhead Springwater: San Bernadino, CA (primary source) 7.93 129 2. In a statement to Vox, a Nestlé Waters spokesperson called the lawsuit “meritless” and said the company would continue to fight it. Sign up for our newsletter here. In 2003, according to the Washington Post, it paid $10 million to charity after it was hit with a similar class-action lawsuit regarding Poland Spring and false advertising. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. The federal government has had to monitor and protect the quality of American’s drinking water since 1974, testing and treating for at least 90 contaminants in public water. Spring water doesn’t have to be collected and bottled on location, though; it can be pumped, or siphoned through underground holes. Poland Spring: pH 7.2 Poland Spring water comes from a natural mountain spring. Joe Biden can have a consequential presidency even with a Republican Senate. The water is thoroughly screened for contaminants, but many of the natural minerals can still be found in the water. It found that the company’s water sources “meet all FDA regulations defining spring water.”, As one scientist told the Washington Post last year, “Most of Nestlé’s waters are pumped from the ground, but the bigger issue that the regulatory definition of what really counts as spring water is really weak. Why does Hillbilly Elegy feel so inauthentic and performative? Three critics from rural places discuss Ron Howard’s Netflix adaptation of J.D. Nestlé has made headlines for donating bottled water to the residents of Flint, but it’s also faced criticism for having a bottling facility two hours away, where it paid just $200 annually for access.). Our work is well-sourced, research-driven, and in-depth. Per the lawsuit, the brand sells about 1 billion gallons of water to 13 million Americans every year. Toilet paper is disappearing from shelves — again. TDS level 50 – 170 ppm, means the water is carbon filtered, mountain spring or aquifers water. Great Value Spring Water Tests – TDS and pH. According to the pH Value table, the Great Value spring … With the rise of wellness- and health-conscious consumers, the bottled water industry has seen an annual 8 percent increase over the past few years. 3 0 obj %PDF-1.5 According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, tap water is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the FDA is responsible for monitoring its labeling, while states have to regulate their bottled water companies — and one in five do not. (The EPA has, however, notoriously failed places like Flint, Michigan. … By faking the existence of springs, Defendant is defrauding its consumers.”, Instead, the lawsuit says the company collects water from areas in Maine like Hollis and Fryeburg, which it claims are near a “former human waste dump, refuse pit, landfill, ash pile, salt mound, farm where pesticides were previously used, fish hatchery or toxic petroleum dump site.”. Vance’s bestseller. This suit, however, illustrates how some water companies are able to potentially fudge the definition of “spring water,” and highlights how murky the industry can be. �#�^]������������on۫��B��}�E7="�� �i�&ٮ]��v��,�0�74ߞ��tM䋿b�Y�����o�Wo�������m�i�9��և�.


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