Complex reconstructive and traumatic It is important when separate extensor carpi radialis longus from extensor digitorum communis. this may occur. Leave the common flexor and pronator origin and medial collateral ligament (link). nerve perforates the lateral intermuscular septum. in conjunction with one or more of the previously described approaches. joint capsule, where the anterior margin of the medial collateral ligament is is required for osteosynthesis of the radial head perform a lateral epicondyle chevron osteotomy. A chevron osteotomy side, or padded  up side down "L" bar) is used to support the extremity over the chest. Osteosynthesis of anterior shear fractures of the capitellum Reflect anconeus longitudinal skin incision. Clinical orthopaedics and related table). Data Trace Publishing Company compression or kinking. medial collateral ligament. If required, proximal dissection with elevation of the extensor carpi radialis encountered. coronoid process. proximal arm. (click for image lateral elbow).            - laterally, the radial nerve is identified as it passes between the triceps and brachialis; repaired.     - Caputo Technique: An antomical appraisal. interosseous nerve, which usually is surrounded by fat. shaft of the proximal radius require exposure, division of the annular ligament,                    - note that dissection proximal to the arcade of Struthers may injure the brachial artery;            - triceps can then be mobilized to either side to allow exposure to the medial and lateral sides of the distal humerus; - Modified Pediatric Approach: - Discussion:                    - remaining triceps insertion is elevated medially or laterally; capitellar or lateral condyle fractures. the extensor carpi radialis longus, the extensor carpi radialis brevis is attached to the medial epicondyle. Through single posterior incision and various intermuscular approaches you can obtain circumferential exposure of the elbow, including the collateral ligament complexes, anterior joint capsule, and coronoid process.            - indicated for condylar fractures; Muscular interval - between flexor carpi ulnaris and flexor carpi radialis or easily. (over padded up side down "U" bar on side of If this does not allow adequate The lateral ulnar collateral ligament is not violated oriented fibers of the supinator are encountered, along with the posterior Begin the dissection proximally by dividing the investing various intermuscular approaches you can obtain circumferential exposure of the research; (370), January 2000, pp 19-33; Surgical Approaches to the Elbow; exposure, then transpose ulnar nerve anteriorly, by excising the medial necrosis and infection.            - posterior approach may be indicated for irreducible supracondylar frx (see open reduction) or for displaced lateral condyle frx; See general anatomical considerations HOWEVER, this increases the complexity of the procedure and has its own complications. Distally, the exposure is Place either a screw or transosseous sutures into the coronoid fragment or radialis, and pronator teres 2 cm from their origin on the medial epicondyle and Split the fascia longitudinally and placing sling around nerve, not for traction but as reminder of location. nerve. left attached to the subcutaneous border of the ulna for later repair. the flexor carpi ulnaris, which maintains elbow stability. proximally along the medial humeral supracondylar ridge and distally, by     - considered to be the most versatile approach to the elbow; If the neck and The forearm is pronated to translate                    - see: anatomy of the cubital tunnel; Patterson, Stuart D; Bain, Gregory I; Mehta, Janak A. reconstruct the deficient medial collateral ligament. along with the adjacent brachialis.            - triceps tendon is transected 1 cm from its insertion (so that an adequate cuff of tendon is left for closure);


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