God, I want to be a person who stands firm and trusts You wholeheartedly. —and God’s strength is available to us! I pray that as my family wakes up, as they go through their day, and even as they rest at night, that Your light and Your love will be so clearly present in their hearts, minds, and to others. When we pray for things out loud, we change our internal dialogue and posture. And yet, when we come before God, we often present Him with a list of things we want—like a grocery list. I am so tired from worrying about all of these things. But we don’t. And tomorrow I’m going to face more of the same things and probably new challenges as well. Thank You! So here are some prayers for strength: Dear Lord, Your Word says that when we wait on You, You will renew our strength (Isaiah 40:31). It’s our hope and prayer these impact you and deepens your trust. Let go of how you think you should pray and just pray like you. So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. Whether we’re praying for our family’s salvation, their encouragement, or their current circumstances, we can pray for our family daily! Amen. It’s pretty awesome to be able to regularly talk with the Creator of the universe. Fill me with hope that endures. Give me guidance and grace to walk in Your light today. Do you ever feel like you don’t have what it takes? This prayers for courage and guidance will open your heart to trust in the Lord and in His word, leading to Him guiding you in … Here are a few of our favorites: , and one of those dangerous prayers is from the time. you? It can be tempting to sometimes treat prayer like a wishlist or another thing to check off your to-do list. But guess what? We just need to ask Him for it. (an appeal to God): Make your requests known. But You say we don’t get what we deserve—we get the mercy and grace of a loving, heavenly Father because of Christ! David wrote many of the Psalms as prayers, so it’s a good place to start. Loving Lord, You are my confidence and my blessed assurance. Prayer is meant to be a personal conversation with God—like you would have with friends, family, or a mentor. In the book of Matthew, Jesus told us there is power when we pray in groups, and there’s purpose when we make declarations out loud. Help me to live in each moment, knowing You are there. If we want to fight it well, we should come at it from all angles. In Jesus’ name, amen. When I’m in despair, remind me that Jesus rose from the grave, bringing hope and defeating death. I’m not going to hold them anymore. Though outwardly, I sometimes feel spent and tired, inwardly, I know You are renewing me day by day. God created you to communicate in a unique way. You can break every chain. Pastor Craig Groeschel wrote the book Dangerous Prayers, and one of those dangerous prayers is from the time David asked God to search his heart. Not only do we get to develop our relationship and intimacy with God, but we also get to share our needs with Him. I’ve never lived this day before. I pray that we support each other even more as we grow and go through life. In Jesus’ name, amen. Why is it so important that we talk to God daily? : Confess your sins and ask for His forgiveness. That’s the kind of connection we can have with God. You can break every chain. , and it’s hard to imagine ever feeling joy or peace again. Here are some cues to kick-start your prayers: 1. Sure, we can absolutely come to Him when we need something. He’ll give you the words when you’re not sure where to start. It doesn’t say to “carefully hand our stress to God.” Nope. Pray like you. In Psalm 18 verse 1 we read "I love you, God— you make me strong.God is bedrock under my feet, the castle in which I live, my rescuing knight" (The Message). Please let the amazing power of hope in You shine through my circumstances and let me feel the love of Jesus right now. You can’t get that anywhere else. We may feel that we just don’t have what it takes to face our challenges at work, in family, at school, or in our relationships. I cast them on You, knowing You are fully capable of catching them. You know each of our hearts, our strengths, our weaknesses, our doubts, and our fears. I cast them on You, knowing You are fully capable of catching them. Though outwardly, I sometimes feel spent and tired, inwardly, I know You are renewing me day by day.


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