The Lord will bear the burden. The Lord will bear the burden. This is the real antidote to cowardly fear.2. Every now and again she cast her eyes towards heaven, and fixed them upon Jupiter: her name was Patience. 3. Do not play with worldly maxims. 16, 17). Then east thy burden upon Him, O my soul, and He will sustain thee. ‘I can go no farther, Lord,’ I said. How a burden retards the traveller's progress. To "walk before God " implies a constant consciousness of His presence and an enjoyment of His friendship. Perhaps it is prolonged labour in a wageless and most exhausting sphere. If we have triumphant faith, fearfulness is abolished. He will continue his way unmoved. There are some burdens which pass away, even while they are being recounted. Prayer.5. EXPECT FROM GOD PROPORTIONED STRENGTH. "Father, I am no more worthy to be called Thy son, make..." "Bring forth the best robe." A desire to walk before Almighty God (ver. 3. Will you, then, cast your burden on the gay world and hope to lose sight of it there? Then I grew very tired. Now, our text is for them.2. Thus far the fable. "In Thy light shall we see light. He will increase our vitality, He will make our powers more alive, more wakeful, more exuberant, And I find in the word the further gracious meaning of "support." A man whose heart is morally sound is bold as a lion, invincible as the light of day.2. It is what the psalmist says, "thy burden." The depression is born of uncertainty. "fish bread" will search for verses that contains fish AND bread in minimum 1 bible version. I. H. Jowett, M. There is in it a suggestion of the ministry of a nurse. What is this burden except the lack of assurance? Psalm 56The deprecable and the desirableHomilist.I. We long to be better, wiser, purer than we are, to be safe from storm and clear of anxiety, to be strong and well, in body, mind, and spirit; that we are not what we would be, either towards our God or towards our poor, dear brethren in this world, where all alike have sorrow and demand help, is, in short, the burden of this mortal life. Such flight is usually fruitless. As this is the beginning of the blessed life, so it is the secret of it all along. Then he could look at it and analyze it. "Cast thy burden," etc.1. By cultivating a devotional frame of mind.III. How a burden retards the traveller's progress. The psalms of David, which were penned thousands of years ago have as much relevance in todays, anti-God, Christ-rejecting sinful world, as they did in the time of David's trouble. On the one hand, he will not be dismayed by a frown or a threat; nor, on the other hand, will he be enticed by some bewitching fascination. What is the amount of the burden that you have? A good portion of it belonged to tomorrow. 2. "He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved." Now, this is one of the burdens which evaporate in the telling. Moses felt this, and so do many now. A burden presses one down. A man whose heart is morally sound is bold as a lion, invincible as the light of day.2. Click the "Sermons" button for access to hundreds more messages and PowerPoint Presentations! Fuller. E. Beaumont.What wonderful condescension there is in this. Friendship is an uncertain thing; it is often too frail to bear rude handling, A man to be a real helper ought to be wise and good, a true and faithful guide, calm, strong, learned, prudent. "He will sustain thee." But men turn to other expedients. Perhaps the burden is an unwelcome and unpleasant duty. Prayer.5. He will be to us the great mother-God. This is the real antidote to cowardly fear.2. The lack of assurance breeds the restless offspring of anxiety, fretfulness and care. Use the controls, below, just like you would a VCR. 5. In confident faith.2. )Life's burden and its reliefHomilist.I. 3. 4. Our faith awakes. We have no resources but to cast them on God. Now, our text is for them.2. THE PROMISE. In confident faith.2. Later Johann Sebastian Bach saw such beauty in the hymn that he used it as the basis for a cantata, and Mendelssohn included it in his oratorio Saint Paul. "He shall sustain thee." Desire of His assistance and relief.3. The soul moves in fear, because it does not feel the presence of God. It may be: —1. Thus far the fable. Do not take part for a moment in the temple worship of an alien god. Just so the child of sorrow may go to his heavenly Father and say, "My burden is great, and it seems I must sink under it.


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