Following points must be kept in mind while selecting the foreign DNA: 1. They show cleavage only at specific sites and therefore they produce the DNA fragments of a defined length. The methods commonly used for DNA sequencing are: i. Enzymatic method or Sanger’s Dideoxy method. The concept behind molecular farming involves the growing and harvesting of plants with novel traits (i.e., transgenic plants) for producing biomolecules rather than food, feed and fibre. To avoid these problems, a number of advanced strategies have been developed for the removal of marker genes and for the production of marker-free transgenic plants. Disclaimer Copyright, Share Your Knowledge Finally foreign DNA modified with adaptors is integrated into the vector DNA to form the recombinant DNA molecule. Sample is then divided into four test tubes, each treated with a specific chemical reagent which degrades only at specific nucleotide base like G or C or ‘A and G’ or ‘C and T’. has partially degraded DNA the technique of PCR can be applied for amplification of DNA from sample. PCR is an important technique in molecular biology and it was discovered by Kary Mullis in 1985 (Fig. Department of Biotechnology (DBT) makes funds for the promotion of transgenic research in India. Hierbij wordt kunstmatig een fragment vreemd of synthetisch DNA gecombineerd met een bestaand DNA-molecuul. Transfer and expression of beneficial genes into microorganisms has opened a new era for exploiting the microbial bioprocesses for attainment of better commercial outputs. The selection of a suitable target DNA is the very first step of rec DNA technology. It uses RNA as a template for synthesizing a new DNA strand called as cDNA a e complementary DNA). Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. This DNA print is then hybridized with a radioactively labeled RNA/DNA probe. The dideoxynucleotide triphosphates (ddNTPs like ddCTP, ddGTP, ddATP, ddTTP) are incorporated in the growing chain and they terminate the chain synthesis because they are unable to form a phosphodiester bond with next deoxy-nucleotide triphosphate. The idea behind HGP is to map and sequence all the genes found in human genome. 6. Tools for Recombinant DNA Technology 3. Here, the role of marker genes is marked. Genetic engineering helps to improve organisms for obtaining higher product yields and product tolerance. (d) Now the temperature is maintained at 72°C for 30 seconds which facilitates the functioning of Taq polymerase thus synthesizing the complementary strand of DNA. These colonies on the master plate are replica-plated onto a nitrocellulose or nylon membrane by placing it gently over the master plate. Those microorganisms which are modified through the use of genetic engineering techniques to fulfil specific needs are called as GEMs They are utilized for performing functions which would not be possible through the use of their natural counterparts. In case of plants, such probes are not present, therefore, usually RFLPs (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism) or simple sequence repeats like (CT) or (AC)n etc. If needed, such genes may also be transferred and expressed into another organism. A schematic representation of southern blotting technique is given in the fig. 9. are modified genetically to produce potent pesticides. recDNA technology has an immense scope in Research and Experimental studies. Finally the membrane is washed to remove all other molecules, leaving behind only the denatured DNA bound to it, in the form of DNA print of the colonies. Such cuts are termed as staggered cuts and this results into the generation of protruding ends i.e., one strand of the double helix extends a few bases beyond the other strand. Name the types of nitrogenous bases present in the RNA. Lambda exonuclease is used to modify 5′ ends of DNA as it removes the nucleotides from 5′ terminus of a linear DNA molecule. The genetically engineered bacteria have found enormous utility in every field. Many restriction endonucleases cleave both strands of DNA simply at the same point within the recognition sequence. Gel electrophoresis employs a buffer system, a medium which is a gel and a source of direct current (Fig. ii. The development of transgenic plant is possible by using recDNA technology, gene delivery strategies and the tissue culture techniques.


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