Define distributive, procedural and interactional justice and note how they are related. it is best to be consistent in the manner in which employees are disciplined for violating company policy for situations like cell phone usage. equity is not culture specific; all cultures utilize this method to achieve fairness. Opening Case: Motivation in Action: The Case of Trader Joe’s, Analyzing Trader Joe’s success using Herzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation would suggest that. Expectancy theory suggests that three factors should be examined. According to ERG theory, if an individual is frustrated in the growth opportunities of his job. Research indicates that what is perceived as fair and unfair is culturally defined. The theory suggests that once a need is satisfied, it no longer motivates behavior and the next higher order need becomes the driving force for behavior. The professor is praising the student for an outstanding PowerPoint presentation. Finally, the manager must ensure that employees have some choice between rewards. b. Identifying those individuals whose BMI (body mass index) suggest they are candidates for medical problems down the road is an important first step. You are also aware that faculty members recently found out salaries of all instructors when the payroll office erroneously sent an email with that information. For example, a company can make public statements about its high quality products. Again, answers will vary. those who perceive inequity encourage their fellow coworkers to work less hard. Which of the following is true about motivation? high levels of justice create higher levels of employee commitment to the organization. Monica likely feels low _________________ justice. in industrialized nations, satisfaction with esteem needs was a more powerful motivator than satisfaction of physiological or security needs. 5, Management - Organizational Behavior Ch. Management - Organizational Behavior Ch. The best way to manage Jacqueline is to continue to provide her with situations in which she can create and achieve goals and then provide her the feedback that recognizes the successes achieved. The article notes all of the following points EXCEPT. Social needs are those of belonging to a group or being loved. Expectancy theory is a need-based theory. Good luck on your journey! Research on motivation suggests the following: Satisfaction with social needs is a powerful motivator in industrialized countries. Distributive justice is the degree to which the outcomes received from the organization are perceived to be fair. If these conditions are not found in the job, the worker is somewhat neutral; however, when the conditions are created by a manager, for example, they can motivate an employee to high performance levels. Maintain current perceptions of the referent’s inputs. Again, pay would be an example of how to satisfy these needs as the paycheck would enable the employee to purchase items to keep him free from danger (a car instead of walking on a busy highway). subjects were less likely to cut kickback payments if there was a threat of punishment. content factors, like the collaborative atmosphere each employee creates are the only reason for the firm’s success. the intention of achieving a goal, leading to goal-directed behavior. All of the following are criticisms of Herzberg’s theory of motivation EXCEPT. Finally, you could change your comparison person (the referent) or leave the situation completely. At one university instituting this program, goal achievers have their monthly insurance premiums reduced by an established formula for every month that goal is achieved. Research on motivation suggests the following a. Based on expectancy theory, which of the following statements suggest how he should allocate his limited study time? Stage 4: Intervene. The collaborative work environment at Trader Joe’s satisfies which of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Motivation, the intention of achieving a goal, helps a person try hard to accomplish a certain task. Discipline is not the most effective way for changing behavior in the long term. Overweight individuals, particularly those who are established as being clinically obese, represent real medical concerns both now and in the future. Describe some key aspects of the culture and which of the three needs might be most prevalent among residents of the country. Extinction is increasing the frequency of desirable behaviors. Esteem needs are those where one desires respect from others and wants to feel important. Extrinsic rewards can undermine intrinsic motivation … Daniel Pink, author of “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.” _______________arranges needs in a hierarchy. Herzberg has been strongly criticized for his research finding that salary is a hygiene factor. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Alderfer’s ERG theory are need-based theories of motivation. Managers must be cognizant of the consequences of actions such as these. When organizational behavior modification is used to examine employee absenteeism, which step looks at why employees are absent?


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