This takes place after the War and the He-Man crossover that is bound to happen. Perfuma E será que o amor acabou de vez ou ainda há uma chance para as duas?Uma história de ação, mistério e amor no mundo das notícias e das redes sociais. This created a heated exchange where Entrapta realized that people were mad at her for joining the Horde and her perceived lack of empathy. This section is in need of major improvement. Entrapta accidentally sets off some kind of zombie apocalypse using the data disk that infects first one's tech, Perfuma is blackmailed into murder and also Adora is infected. Join Finn and their band on an adventure about growing up, finding yourself, and young love. Status They become very good friends. He revealed that he no longer needed She-Ra to activate the Heart of Etheria; building upon Hordak's research and his personal knowledge of the First Ones he said that he could access the Heart on his own. Together, they journey across the United States in the footsteps of a famous traveller, leaving behind the mundane life of exams and part-time jobs. Inside the rebel base, Adora leads a planning session on how to stop the chipped Princesses. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Perfuma is a transgender lesbian character from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Scorpia: Oh! She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is an American animated web television series developed by Noelle Stevenson and produced by DreamWorks Animation Television, tells the tale of the teenager Adora's rebellion against the evil Hordak and his Horde. MaliceInTheAbyss Hobbyist General Artist. Perfuma: She is the quickest to warm up to Scorpia, she is moved that Scorpia wants to learn to be good friend, and offers to help Scorpia learn about friendship. No NSFW. The pair experienced some discord at Glimmer's coronation when Mermista got the job of flower arrangement. Debut Perfuma has tan skin and slim-fit body structure, freckles on her cheeks, brown eyes, and wavy, waist-length, blonde hair. Media Information In a relationship He is hoping to get Peekablue to use his farsight to help the Rebellion. The series follows Adora, an orphan raised by the Horde, who are the invading focus on the planet Etheria. At the end of the episode, she becomes friends with Huntara giving her cacti flower tiara and Huntara admits that she was wrong about her. Unfortunately for Adora, her estranged childhood friend has the same idea. Stats After finding the magical Sword of Protection and becoming She-Ra, Princess of Power, Adora joins the rebellion to help free Etheria from the Horde's rule. In "Roll With It" the pair work together to take over a Horde target, Perfuma backed up Mermista's water attack with a plant golem attack. 7. Likes Character Scorpia repeatability apologises to Perfuma while being wrapped in her vines, which Perfuma accepts as her then blooms a flower for Scorpia on the vines. Despite Frosta's best efforts to enforce that Scorpia is their prisoner, Perfuma still treats the situation as a sleepover. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Latest Appearance Scorpia bound the two Princesses while Prime explained that he had to come and see Etheria for himself. Reply. It wanted her to protect it, to stop the Horde. :0 Reply. Scorfuma is the femslash ship between Scorpia and Perfuma from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom. duuuuude, talent! Perfuma did not get the job of flower arranger for Glimmer's coronation, causing her great emotional distress. Huntara was skeptical of Perfuma's ability to perform while in the Crimson Waste. Perfuma and Entrapta have had little contact since then as Entrapta was working with the Horde. Years later, as she grow up in a world of magic dubbed the 'Powerless Princess', Adora is forced to confront her own short comings as a mother.When her daughter reaches a breaking point and runs away from home on a desperate search for power, Adora embarks on a quest to find her--realizing too late that her own daughter's actions might mean the end of Etheria as they know it. catradora adora catra she ra shera spop she ra season five entrapdak scorpia x perfuma entrapta hordak scorpia perfuma shera. This got her attention and she attacked her friends. Adora and Korra training to take the lacrosse team to the championship, as Asami and Catra work on their music careers. While making their escape, Entrapta is locked behind a furnace door causing the others to believe she had died. Following Double Trouble's instruction, they rushed the stage and Sea Hawk, Perfuma and Double Trouble escaped using an elevator that descended from above, leaving Scorpia and Mermista behind. No one said the restoration of magic to the universe would be easy, but the last thing the quartet is ready to face is more questions, Hufflepuff added She-Ra, Kitty, Sparkles, Archer, Zen, Watergirl, Arsonist, Techy, and Actor to New Chat, Hufflepuff named the chat EHS Homo Support group. March 1st As Adora and Bow work together on a plan to save Glimmer from … The Horde Frosta and Perfuma lay waste to legions of Horde robots around themselves with blasts of ice and vegetation but later collapsed under the Heart's power. But they worked in harmony when ferreting out the spy, Double Trouble. When the Heart of Etheria was activated across Etheria, as they ambushed the Horde army, the Princesses all surged with newfound power. Despite being strongly against violence, she is more than willing to fight for what is right even if it means risking her life. Sexual Identity She seemed distressed at not knowing if Shadow Weaver was or was not a prisoner. Perfuma doesn't want to be in charge anymore. Occupation Scorpia is my favorite with the one who is tall, beefy, red skin and horns (too bad she have no name ><). Please help improve this article by editing it. Dislikes She wept as they left the Fright Zone, thinking Entrapta was dead. Flair posts! Pride and Princesses (Another Bedtime Story, as told by Sea Hawk), Alternate Universe - Pride and Prejudice Fusion, She was a Sk8r girl she said see ya l8r girl. Scorpia: Cuz for me, you're the one who gives me power. Perfuma walked in calling out to Scorpia, forgetting what stealth means. She often has flowers in the back of her hair. When Scorpia sings onstage, Perfuma tosses a flower to her, causing Scorpia to blush and place the flower in her hair. During "Princess Prom", Scorpia styled her hair slicked back and wore a black dress. Let me know your Zodiac Sign! Morning meditation, Peace She was the first to join the new Princess Alliance. However, she is willing to befriend Catra, even offering to help her with her abandonment issues and negativity by meditating with her. However, she still disliked Shadow Weaver and can't stand her manipulative nature. Netossa revealed everyone's weaknesses in an effort to do that. The ship also plays into, what fans believe to be, Perfuma's trend of being drawn to strong women such as She-Ra and Huntara. Adora made a plan to sneak into Scorpia's home. Please post Scorpia X Perfuma and any r/Scorfuma community-related content. First Ones Sigil Scorfuma is the femslash ship between Scorpia and Perfuma from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom. Status of Relationship Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Catra got separated from the group and Mermista attacked her. 5. r/sheranetflix. Mermista gave everyone secret aliases Scorpia is Lynda D'Ream, Perfuma is Tara. The people love her, even if deep down she knows it’s just She-Ra they love. Perfuma's astrological sign is Pisces, also known as "the two fishes". Perfuma helped interrogate suspects when Mermista launched her investigation into who was the Horde sympathizer spying on the heroes. Uncle Sea Hawk is back! She instantly forgave Scorpia for stinging her unconscious and even made her a salad. Perfuma: W-What?! When Entrapta contacted the rebels and Perfuma responded, warning them of Prime's blockade and told her that many, many friends had been chipped. Perfuma destroyed bots along with the others and helped capture a Horde bot for Bow to study. The Heart-Blossom


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