Her Boost spell (boots defense & agility) will save you time after time later in the game when everyone seems to have crappy defense. I think Claude is even better than Zynk, but his movement span is also 4!! However if you don't choose him, you can return when you have the Sky Orb to get him and the others you turned down. When you return to Polca and get the raft, Luke will leave the town with you and then ask to join. He acts as first the caravan driver, and later a member of the force. As a result, most of the Shining series development team dropped out and had to be replaced with new staff for the production of Shining Force II. When not in combat, the player can explore towns and other locales, talk with people, and set the members and equipment of the army. And having a flying magic-user is extremely valuable. All the information you could need to know about each character, on their own individual pages. But he decides he no longer wishes to work for them and starts fighting alongside your warriors (although he is controlled by the computer for the duration of this battle). When the party breaks out, Slade helps Bowie retrieve the Jewel of Light and accompanies his party back to Granseal, which has been invaded by Galam forces. You can pass him by here, but he'll meet up with you at the Devil's Head Statue and join there. For the beginning of the game he's good to have around. Additionally, producer/co-programmer Hiroyuki Takahasi remarked in a 2009 interview that "We were in a really precarious position at that point because we knew that if we couldn't produce another hit we would have no future." When you have the Achilles Sword, take it to Rohde and he'll tag along with the Force. Since experience points are carried over from level to level (eg, you have 80 exp, gain 40 exp and go up a level… you’re then 1 level higher and have 20 exp – in Shining Force 1, the experience was reset to 0 when you gained a level), you should find levelling-up to be easier than in the original Shining Force. He's strong! There are also two different ways of promoting many characters. (Heals multiple characters at once.). The Gizmo subsequently possesses the king of the neighboring kingdom of Galam. He arrives at a point in the game when there are already better characters available. Each turn, a character can move and perform one action: either attack, cast a spell, or use an item. He has a nice arsenal of spells, including the strength boosting spell. Name. If there aren’t two then take another from a different class. It's very important to make him an active member in battles so that his grows strong - and he does grow quite strong, indeed! Category:Characters | Shining Wiki | Fandom. Upon their defeat, the Gizmo that appears to be the leader flees. Sarah. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Fan translators have since uncovered (and Shining Force II co-director/programmer Yasuhiro Taguchi has confirmed) that the Devil Kings are in fact Darksol, Lucifer, and Zeon. Just want to know where to find someone? The following day, King Granseal falls sick when he is attacked by an unknown creature. Where can I buy [insert name of Shining game here]? I also usually plan my battles ahead and keep to a few basic strategies, outlined on my tips page. She's a Priest and therefore uses healing spells, with one exception - Blast. Including weapon & spell information, stat growth details, pictures, animations & screenshots. If you talk to him there, he'll offer to join. In this cave you'll also find a way back to Parmecia. Bowie is the character you play as and leaderof the Shining Force. All the monsters you'll meet in battle, including icons, stats and values in gold. You'll meet Gyan the Gladiator in Moun, after Frayja has helped you get in and you have fought off the monsters. He's feeling terribly guilty about something he's done. How can I link to your Shining Force II website? [8], Additionally, the game Shining Wisdom is a sequel of sorts to Shining Force II. All the information you could need to know about each character, on their own individual pages. Including weapon & spell information, stat growth details, pictures, animations & screenshots. Kiwi. That's terrible. He can even be promoted to summoner. It turns out that she's one of Sir Astral's old pupils and is training to be a fighting machine rather than becoming a priest, because the Evil Red Baron murdered her fiancé. Shining Force 2: Cireza Edition. She's the first archer to join the force so her abilities are useful for a while. When his master dies Kazin decides to join your group to avenge the Hawel's death. In a shrine south of Granseal Castle, a thief named Slade unwittingly breaks the power of a magic seal by stealing the jewels of Light and Darkness; this unseals the demon king Zeon trapped therein. Dungeon Crawler. His strength is okay, but like most bird men in Shining Force titles his defense is terrible. Gerhalt kicks major ass! She has an excellent arsenal of spells! He'll be knocked unconscious and when you complete battle 26, he'll join out of gratitude for your saving his life. I follow an old man to a room where he says there is a tunnel to Grans Island. Sorcerers kick so much ass!! When promoted he looks more like a cool swordsman. Domingo is my second most favorite character in Shining Force! It turns out that a small town on the north-west coast of Parmecia is the only thing blocking the Devil Army from invading the mainland, and Frayja was the one who had to make the choice to lock it's gate, and it's people inside to prevent a massive loss of life. These abilities range from what type of weapons they can use to what kind of spells they can learn. Bowie and his friends are captured by the Galam military: while in their dungeon, they meet the thief, Slade. However he's a not a very strong character and not worth keeping for long. Peter is definitely the strongest character in the game - plus he flies! Zynk is a Robot from the past, one of the inventions of the Ancients.


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