3) Remove the transformer altogether, Or buy an SM57 already modded: Agreed that it’s an awesome mic… I remember seeing a few threads and maybe an article where people had recorded entire songs with 57s (more for demonstration purposes I think), and they sounded really good. List Price: $124.00 Your music deserves all the loud it can get. PS : I know it’s not good to copy but for guys on a budget you can try the YPA m601. The Shure SM58 is a unidirectional (cardioid) dynamic vocal microphone designed for professonal vocal use in sound rein-forcement and studio recording. Some vocalists have such a powerful voice that easily overpower your condensor mics. The trick is to navigate the sea of advertising and find the best bang for your buck. i must concur. If it’s too bass heavy, back it off an inch or two. The i5 was about $30 cheaper at the time – it was on sale – though they generally run pretty close in price. Also, their frequency response only goes to about 15k, so they won’t capture the “air” and detail of the really high end. You cant really go wrong with them! I can answer my own question now. Transformerless can be cool too, bearing it mind that it alters the sound quite dramatically. Perfect condition! one of my favorites moments in the studio:). Comparing the frequency response of the two mics I don’t see any difference. This natural presence boost brings out clarity in vocals, snap in snare drums, and bite in guitar amps. This is also something worth checking out. Mar 19, 2012 | Product Review, Tips | 35 comments. There is also a track on page 3 that was recorded with all 57’s. So you can turn it up without distortion drowning out the show. You can go here to read the answer about the 57 & 58 being twins from the folks that know, Shure…, http://www.shurenotes.com/issue30/article.htm. Starting out when building my studio, it was always a thing of just trying to make it as cheap as possible without compromising quality. But gear is what we use to capture and mix audio and some if is necessary. http://www.recordingmag.com/resources/resourceDetail/330.html. Use of this website signifies your agreement to our Terms of Use. Even though a condenser is the most appropriate mic to record acoustic guitars, the sm57 could be used for that? Could not be happier with this mic on my guitar cab, though I’m sure I would say the same if I’d gotten a 57. Simply enter your email below and we'll send it right away: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window). Graham, its so funny that we start out buying all these mics and doing all this shopping only to realize down the road that once we get familiar with our gear and our work, we can make radio ready great records using 57s, proper mic placement, and a good pre. Then you figure out its supposed to be “some of it’s necessary” and it blows your mind. And lest you think the 57 is only good on snare, if you pick up a few more of these bad boys you can use them as tom mics. Its not a big difference or anything but depending on your amps, guitars, preamps and stuff, you DO GET A DIFFERENT SOUND! All work great, I really like them vocals. 2) Swap out the transformer: It’s almost impossible to not get a great guitar tone with this mic. Same here….just grab one about a week ago…awesome mic! And i also got a Studio Projects B1 for 100 dollars, and i believe the quality is better than that of MXL with the same price. Even with a minimal drum mic setup, an SM57 close miked on the snare can pick up the fatness and punch that you want in a snare sound without much fuss (or money spent). I use them on guitars, top and bottom snare, and toms in my studio. Now you seem to know a whole lot about home studio equipment, do you, or anyone else, know of any cheap (starting from like 100$) usb audio interface that could be suited for using with this mic? You likely have heard of the Shure SM-57 microphone (if you don’t already own one). They did AKG 414’s as overheads, then a 57 on the snare, kick (which surprisingly sounded awesome! Your email address will not be published. I’ve tried it and really does make the SM57 even better (IMHO). Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Discover the 6 Steps for Creating a Radio-Worthy Song From Scratch. A RELIABLE WORKHORSE ON THE STAGE AND IN THE STUDIO. One of the things that define the Shure SM57 as the quintessential workhorse microphone is its signature frequency response and presence boost. The vocal sounded just like I wanted without a ton of filtering. DO NOT Create a Song Without This Guide... DO NOT Create Another Song Until You Read This Guide.. Yep. Required fields are marked *. (yes I know, I’m a french Graham copycat ha ha). Hi I ran in to your site researching the sm57. Well, I read comments about how the Sm57 and 58 are the same mic. A cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source while minimizing unwanted background noise. They are NOT exactly the same. Plus as a very midrange focused mic it really brings out some of the best characteristics of the electric guitar. http://www.zenproaudio.com/search.aspx?find=sm57+mod, http://cdn.shure.com/specification_sheet/upload/81/us_pro_sm57_specsheet.pdf, http://cdn.shure.com/specification_sheet/upload/82/us_pro_sm58_specsheet.pdf, Esittely: Shure SM57 dynaaminen mikrofoni | Konesoitto. When I bought my second mic, though, I went with an Audix i5. Thelegendary Shure SM57 microphone is exceptional for musical instrument pickup and vocals. Thanks! I don’t even believe that gear is the solution to your recording or mixing woes. i was very familiar with her distinctive voice but could find it. They’ll work in a pinch, but definitely aren’t ideal in my opinion. All the rest is the same. The drums sounded fantastic to say the least. sm57 Cardioid dynamic instrument microphone offers clean reproduction of amplified and acoustic instruments. I’m a huge Soundgarden fan and I know for quite some time lead singer Chris Cornell would use SM57s both on stage and in the studio in order to contain his monstrous voice. The capsule of an end-address microphone is mounted at one end of the microphone. I don’t like to push gear if I don’t think it’s a helpful suggestion. I suggest you read the specs of each mic found in the shure website. The third reason why you should own an SM57 is to have an optional vocal mic that can handle crazy loud singers. I was surprised to say the least. Heck, I don’t even believe that gear is the solution to your recording or mixing woes. I have seen a lot of people use them on hihats before (in addition to other overheads)… whether or not they’re transformerless would also make a difference in their performance in these applications. The 57 (and its electrical twin, SM58) is undoubtedly a much-loved mic. Super punchy and still very deep), and lastly as a mono room mic. I could get one as a replacement part maybe and exchange the grilles as I need them. As far as mods, the impedance “gizmo” that GoDawg linked to is rad. Only thing I know would be the shure x2u that us specially made for this mic, but it’s a little expensive new, can’t find it used and yes it comes bundled with the sm57 at a fairly good price but I’m looking to get the mic used and a used interface saving my money for a new guitar or some hot pickups and some more harmonicas. It has an extremely effective cardioid pickup pattern which isolates the main sound source while minimizing background noise. Straight to tape, I think Sennheiser 421s sound better on toms, but they cost almost 4x as much, and with a little EQ, 57s sound pretty awesome. . If anybidt by chance stumble upon this thread, what you are looking for is the focusrite saffire 6. One thing worth mentioning is that getting rid of the transformer drops the output pretty significantly, so you’ll need more gain from your preamp. Mostly use them for snare and guitar cab but sometimes vocals as well. They’re very high-mid forward, which can make cymbals sound harsh. It also has that dynamic presence that sounds so sweet to my ears. I’m not trying to be rude, I just love these things, where you hear a phrase incorrectly and then your brain tricks you into hearing those incorrect sounds each time you hear it. ROCK! It was the easiest song to mix. It seems troublesome to run it through an audio interface, at least the cheaper ones I’ve looked at. And it’s gard to know what inteface could drive this mic and which won’t. Hey! http://www.mercenary.com/smmiwitatr.html Would be interesting to know, if the grille of the SM57 fits onto an SM58. Shure SM57 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone The SM-57 is a unidirectional (“cardioid”) dynamic mic that has been used in some respect on 75% of the recordings in your collection — from snare drum to vocals to guitar cabs to, well, everything. not a twin but a good mic by itself for the price. You need to turn gain up until you start to hear hissing to get any volume to speak of. Seems like every studio should have a $100 condenser and a $100 dynamic to start. It is “The Swiss Army Knife” of recording in my opinion: always handy and you never know when your going to need it! Lol @ “some if is necessary”.


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