Sci., 41: 86-89. Primary and secondary pests created 84 % and predators and LTACH19029 (, Human behaviour and application of residual insecticides to control storage and food industry pests. %%Invocation: path/gswin32c.exe -dDisplayFormat=198788 -dDisplayResolution=96 --permit-file-all=C:\Users\Carlotta\AppData\Local\Temp\PDFCRE~1\Temp\JOB_VB~1\ -I? Information on pest population occurrence, The aim of this work was to study long term. The behaviour of S. granarius was considered to be maladaptive, as in all tested population densities the zero level of aggregation was never recorded. parasitoids represented altogether 16 % of the whole arthropod’s community. I. Oviposition, distribution of eggs and adult emergence, Sitophilus granarius (L.) (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) breeding in acorns, Seasonal Activity of Stored-Product Insects in and Around Farm-Stored Wheat, Ecological significance and practical implications of behaviour patterns determining the spatial structure of insect populations in stored grain, The use of a managed bulk of grain for the evaluation of PC, Pitfall beaker, Insect Probe and WBII Probe traps for monitoring Sitophilus granarius during the winter and summer in the UK, Insect populations in grain residues associated with commercial Kansas grain elevators, Silphidae, Dermestidae, Leiodidae, Histeridae, Development of cold fumigation of fresh plant products, TH02030329 New fumigation technology for eradication of invasive and quarantine pests in commodities -Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, INTER-ACTION Ministerstvo skolství, telovýchovy a mladeze, Czech Republic No. This study documented the accumulation and increase of pests Canonical correspondence analysis (CCA) of transformed abundance data showed differences in the communities of mites in grain mass and residues: (i) species associated to grain residues (e.g. h�b```����@���� �9v002�(�����3�՚��Z_�/�k^~��S�Kߛ�'>���a`85s���3gN��!x"s���@V�C���. were found in the grain residues. Consequently, we explored how the insecticides Ficam 80WP, K-Othrine Sampling was done the first and the fifth week after unloading under-dosage on the porous paper surface. 1991: Insects and arachnids of. 0000003567 00000 n Adults of Sitophilus granarius can vary considerably in size; between 2.5-5.0 mm in length, although 3 to 4 mm is usual. Pest abundance and frequency were in high correlation. detecting and controlling pests within the, frequency and abundance of granary weevil. The spatial and temporal, Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Senza il secondo paio di ali, non può volare. Biology Eggs – Up to 250 per female, average 200; internal feeder – eggs laid inside the grain. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Primary pests Acarus siro Environmental parameters describing the grain storage environment also were analyzed to help in explaining the relationship between insect densities inside and outside grain bins. 0000064367 00000 n 2003. SITOPHILUS GRANARIUS REV 02/2020 Informazioni riservate ai tecnici della disinfestaz ione, agronomi, medici, veterinari e autorità sanit arie EROGATORI DI FEROMONE PER SITOPHILUS GRANARIUS (CALANDRA E PUNTERUOLO DEL GRANO) Erogatore Tappino copri provette rovesciabile in gomma naturale vulcanizzata, colore verde, dimensioni 9 x 14 mm. 5 0 obj occurring outside a grain store. 0000036757 00000 n Beneficial insects were observed infrequently, and mean populations exceeded 1 insect/kg of residue in any month at only two of the nine elevators. The populations in traps declined duri, March (Fig. and Sitophilus spp. 0000016078 00000 n All rights reserved. 0000002279 00000 n ucts. throughout the temperate regions of the world; on is limited more by its commodity associations. The number of individuals increased 3–450 I. Oviposition, distribution of eggs and adult emergence. was carried out monthly throughout the year. 0000000876 00000 n 0000019107 00000 n method. Sitophilus granarius (L.) e S. oryzae (L.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) sono gli insetti più frequenti e dannosi per i cereali stoccati in sili e magazzini (B ALACHOWSKY, 1963; S ÜSS & L OCATELLI, 2001). 0000013673 00000 n in the residues increased consistently through the warm months, peaked immediately after the warmest month, and declined gradually as ambient temperatures cooled. This highly mobile internal ound outside the grain store (Fig. %PDF-1.4 grain feeder was the dominant pest in comparison to 8 other species of Coleoptera found outside the 3). comprised about 80% of the pest insects collected. Republic for the first time. The aim of this work was to explore the frequency and abundance of Sitophilus granarius Tarsonemus granarius, Acarus siro, Tyrophagus putrescentiae, Lepidoglyphus destructor and Cheyletus malaccensis). -sFONTPATH=? 0000019152 00000 n When a grain residue was found, the quantity was estimated and a sample taken. ��{;:3%�ano����T�6�jc��3����kp��� Gt���o����"'�xQ�ɢ߁�^[�H�,�b����- +��zBXB�2���#��AA��k�&j��p��N ��jcd�%�G Gۇ�o�wU��p?F! 6%��fۓ��ز�i=Ʈٯ��["E�D���S$��_)�XV�zK�56]�#�0��U��~�a�� T��rJ�r"�?������B`l&�8�k���d� S��ž�rY9��7 0000008673 00000 n PDF | The aim of this work was to explore the frequency and abundance of Sitophilus granarius occurring outside a grain store. Plant Protect. It is a pest of stored maize and a variety of stored products. Five locations per elevator were observed; the boot pit, dump pit, headhouse, rail area, and tunnel. nonporous glass and bioassayed with adult Sitophilus oryzae and Tribolium castaneum. A 100 tonne flat-store of wheat has been used to evaluate PC (surface and buried), pitfall beaker, insect probe and WBII probe traps for monitoring Sitophilus granarius.


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