For reference, I weigh 130lbs and he weighs 330lbs, so you'd expect some sagging on his side, but we haven't noticed any yet. It was delivered in a box, well not use to seeing a mattress all fold up in a box. See how it all works here. I just hope that it lasts at least 5 to 8 years. My doctor believes I may have this issue, but without tests, hard to confirm. I am pear shaped and a back and side sleeper, and a firm mattress arches my back and hurts my tailbone, hips, and lower back. Our previous memory foam mattress (another brand) came rolled up much like a roll of carpet. You can't ship it back, because there's no way you can squeeze the mattress back into the box. I think I am going to buy one for his bed as well! buy it ! I have invited friends and coworkers to sit and lay down on this bed and they have all been very impressed also! 4.5 out of 5 stars 17. It's close to 2 years and still holding up in good shape. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. It makes the mattress counteract your weight by pushing up against you and you press down in it. If you like hard mattresses then this might be right up your alley, but we did not have a good experience with it. I thought the 8" would be the right density and size for us but it seemed like this never expanded past 6 1/2-7 inches in some spots. Once you take the first layer of plastic off you can hear the mattress hissing as it starts to expand. Let me preface this review by saying that I normally sleep on a hybrid mattress, but my mattress is much softer than this 1. Back care is all about sping alignment. I am sensitive to smells and have asthma. I could deal with the mattress not being even or fully 12" but it's the memory foam that I am most disappointed with. And, now that I have figured out that I can lay on the sofa with no problems, this confirms that the problem is the foam mattress and not me.Update #4. I put it together and put the mattress on it. great Mattress and a great price we like it. It hasn't lost any of the characteristics I've been loving throughout these years.I've been sleeping on it on a daily basis with not a single minute of regretting.6' tall, 260lbs, and sleeping really well, I have not experienced temperature problems, loss of firmness, deformation, or any other so far, so I thought it would maybe be of help to others to do this update.My original review (below) stands after all this time, and I still recommend this product.I find this to be a great product.As my bones have grown older and my joints crankier I've tried several different mattresses, some better than others, some pricier than others, but for the first time I can say this is simply the best one I've slept on so far.It is soft enough while firm enough as to provide great comfort to a person like me, with joint-related issues. I didn’t even need to open the instructions to figure it out; very simple and easy to understand. That said, we do think the Green Tea mattress is comfortable, it’s just that you have to really like memory foam to get this mattress. Once I took the mattress out of the box, i removed the outer layer of the plastic, which revealed the mattress under it which was vacuum sealed in another plastic bag. Absolutely no need for a box spring. – Essentially the same Zinus mattress models are sold under different brand names by different retailers. The height it's just perfect actually had prepared mentally to be disappointed for some reason but I am impressed and very satisfied with this. There was another that had more positive reviews so again, that was my reasoning behind thst purchase as well :) The moment was near and I must confess, I was definitely ready to put myself to bed early. If done with care, the mattress may spring open and either knock something over, or hit you. I am putting this mattress in the guest bedroom, so it's not my primary mattress, and will not be a problem for me. I bought the 10" queen size for our guest room for an upcoming visit from family. The most common phrase describing Zinus foam mattress firmness by owners is "soft but firm" – meaning that the mattress has a soft comfort layer and firm support. to see all the coverage offered for each product. Their Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam mattress comes with a top layer of infused memory foam on the surface layer followed by a more supportive layer beneath. No brainer. Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Mattress paired with 14 Inch Elite SmartBase - Full. Over a decade ago, my husband and I saved for a very very long time, and spent what to us was an absolute fortune for a mattress at one of those mattress selling brick and mortar shops, thinking we would splurge for high quality on something we would use every day. Thought this softer mattress would be better for side sleeping, but it turns out it is very bad. In a 10" mattress. I've had it for almost a month now, I sleep well, there's no noticeable comfort issues. /* 200x90, created 9/10/08 */ This is a far cry from how I bought my first mattress over a decade ago- they had to have a small moving truck with a few guys carry it in. Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers. Both my husband and I are miserable on it and have had back aches for the past few weeks.Do not waste your money. I've had 10 spine surgeries and 7 spinal fusions and this mattress is amazing. Seems kind of a rip off, but that’s how it goes with these frames.


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