ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. While walking in my neighborhood, I came across a parked car with a particularly interesting bumper sticker. Being able to gauge the reactions of others to us—and sometimes regulate our behavior accordingly—can be the difference between keeping a job and losing a job, for instance. Sign In, You are currently signed in as Blumer's three tenets of symbolic interaction theory can help illuminate the social forces at play in this exchange. This is followed by an introduction to the concept of sociological imagination. If you don't drive a big truck you're not really considered cool I guess. Symbolic Interactionism on the Road. However they would not allow people outside the group to join, and will tend to keep to them selves. [CDATA[*/ A sense of personal power? He argued that the seemingly personal decision was highly influenced by social forces external to the individual itself. Other individual behaviors that take on social meanings are a simple trip to the grocery store and when one goes to a restaurant. We interact with the homeless population of India every time we step onto the streets and they beg us for money. George Herbert Mead argued that language allowed humans to become self-conscious beings. It is possible that his interpretation of Asian people might shift overall because social interaction is a learning experience that has the power to alter how we understand others and the world around us. Your comment has not yet been posted. One can also learn things about the person by the way they drive. Getting back to driving, being able to anticipate the actions and reactions of other drivers makes us safer on the road. The foremost social institution each of us come into contact with our families. When the famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput died recently, I received the news via Instagram. I admit, when I saw the bumper sticker, I found it hard to understand why they placed it on their car. Thus, according to Cooley, a person’s sense of self is developed on the basis of others’ reactions to their presentation. This article discusses three major theoretical traditions associated with the classical founders of sociology. One must look past drinking coffee as a simple refreshment and understand its symbolic value in our culture. As a middle-class Indian woman, I am constantly reminded of my gender in all social interactions. Does it reflect our rebellious side?