Repeatable Quest. Caramel - 2 North from Geffen, or 1 North, 1 East. Rachel Sanctuary - Requires an entrance quest. Kill everything, bring lots of flywings. Clock Tower - Walk straight up from the spawn in Aldebaran. Good at 85+. Level 35+ ( or whenever you can hit them ). Moscovia Dungeon - Requires Finding the Moving Island quest to enter. 85+. Level 4 for Phen, Marc, and Swordfish, all good cards. Prontera Culvert - Volunteer in the North West building in Prontera. 85+. Great for both base and job exp, level 90+. Can be solo'ed or done with a party. Kill everything on level 1, recommended for level 12+. Party is very highly recommended, with both magic and melee. Repeatable Quest. Requires an entrance quest. Ending battles before it even begin! Porcellio - 1 South, 1 East and 2 East from Einbroch. At the time of writing this guide, I have been a part of this community for six months. Good at level 85+. Average time for making a Trans with this guide … Level 3 is good at level 65+. Alarms - Clock Tower, middle-top warp on the first level, then top center warp. First, it's the exp per hour that's most important, not exp per monster. ... Critical Sniper. Note: Pinguiculas are easy and can be done at 75+. Dimensional Gorge - 1 East from Morroc, then talk to the NPC immediately inside. Bring flywings for quick escapes if needed. They tank, use Devotion, Heal, and other stuffs. High Orcs - Middle West warp from Orc Dungeon entrance. Best at 85+. Party is very much recommended for level 3. Penomena - Clock Tower, center-top warp, then South West warp. Easily mob-able. Good for 35+. South East warp is to Clocks, good for magic and ranged level 60+. Level 45+. Kobold - 2 West, or 2 West 1 South from Geffen. I do have prior Ragnarok experience from the official server; however, I forgot most of what I lea… Savage - 2 South, 2 West from Prontera. Good at level 20+. Hode - 2 South, 1 East of Morroc. Good for level 20+. Maybe TalonRO used to be like that too, when that guide was written. Great for magic and ranged, level 50+. Parasites - 1 East from Comodo through Tharas, South exit, then North West exit at Alligators. Since most us play Ragnarok for PVP, I made my own Sniper build for Vanilla. Yeva, on September 3rd, 2009 at 11:00 am Said: Greeting. Level 4, good for mobbing. Good for level 25+. Lunatic - Highest spawn is 2 North from Prontera ( go through the Castle and WoE map ). 2 West from the city is recommended for soloing at 85+. Great at level 75+. !, i suggest giving more info on each builds. Note: Be careful if your party is way ahead of you in clearing the floors, you might be unable to receive the Ashes 2. Orc Dungeon - Both levels. These are places suitable for level 85 til 99: Ice Dungeon - Level 2 or 3. Watch out for Dragonfly. Argiope - Best map is 2 South from Aldebaran. Solo-able and great for zeny-farming. Level 60+. Abyss Dungeon - Requires items to open the portal. Recommended level 60+. Dryads - 1 North from Comodo through Stalactic map, East exit. In tRO's current state, each sniper card (or other item with similar script) works independently of each other. Repeatable Quest. Amatsu Dungeon - Quest required to enter. Of course, you should to look up the dungeon or monster before you go there if you haven't been there before. Biblian - Level 5. Great for 85+. Take into account your healing items, equipment, build, and if you're solo or partying. Recommended level 70+. People consider Paladins a boring character. Additional Party-Recommended, High-level Dungeons, Volunteer in the North West building in Prontera, Biolabs - Requires an entrance quest. This guide is intended to explain a bit about one of the farming spots present on Ragnarok Online: Geffenia. Level 1 is good for soloing, level 2 is fine for mobbing, Level 3 is highly recommended for leveling with a party, but is solo-able by ME priests with instant cast. Galions - Several maps, best is 1 South, 1 West from Ice Dungeon entrance. Good at 85+. These will mob if they see one attacking you, watch out for Sonic Blow. Mobsters are good for zeny. Dimensional Gorge - 1 East from Morroc, then talk to the NPC immediately inside. Payon Dungeon - This is good for Acolytes, as soon as you get Heal use it on the undeads. Minorous and Pasana are best for melee and magic, Anubis best for TU / ME or magic. You should be able to go here around 45. Level 3 recommended over level 2. Master of ranged attacks, Snipers are exceeding expectations once again due to their straightforward gameplay and unbelievable damage . Recommended level 75+. Level 2 is good for 85-90. Watch out for Constants, as they self-destruct. Smokie - 2 East of Payon. 85+. Good for level 45+. Recommended level 80+. Revo Classic Sniper Guide. They can kill too you know. Water armor necessary for Waterball. Sea-Otters - 1 East from Seals. Traps or Webs recommended. Cursed Abbey - 1 South of Veins, talk to the NPC at the dock in the South. Tank recommended for lower levels, good at 40+ otherwise. Go here once you have enough hit for Myst Case, good for making zeny. Hill Winds - Several maps, best is 1 South, 1 North East from Ice Dungeon entrance. Great for Biochemist, Professor, Sniper, Ninja, Soul Linker. Repeatable Quest. Asura, Sharpshooting, or a Star Gladiator are great here. *Note: Claymore doesn't scale based on mob size*. Okay at 80+. Recommended mobbing and killing with a Wizard. Good for Mages and Archers. The walkways are tight, the best method is mobbing and killing with AoE magic. Odin's Temple - Fields 2 and 3 for parties. Great at level 75+. Second, you need to use your own judgement based on your resources and skill. Metaling - 1 North of Lighthalzen is the best map. These will assist just like ants. Start at level 45, then go to the next level around 55. Drops - Several maps, best map is 1 North from Morroc. Umbala Dungeon - North warp at Umbala city. Level 5 recommended level 80+, watch out for Pharaoh. Level 25+, also Savage Babes on this map for additional easy exp. TalonRO Builds Character builds for TalonRO (Ragnarok Online Private Server) Tuesday, April 29, 2014 [VANILLA] Paladin Hybrid Build. Muka - These are located 2 South of Morroc. Naga will likely 1-shot you, so watch out. Standing in a straight direction from the Drosera is the best tactic. Sphinx - Warper or 1 West from Morroc. Good around level 45+. Good for 45+. Recommended level 55+. Good for level 65+. Watch out for Atroce, but you should be able to kill him with a decent party. Good at level 70+ though you may have difficulties with Mobsters until 80+. Hope you enjoy. Going to the Core requires a quest each time, and is recommended for 90+.


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