The striping consists of 5 rows of grape striped candy, wrapped up in 5 rows of brown paper bag, followed by 5 rows of orange striped candy, wrapped up in 5 rows of brown paper bag, followed by 5 rows of sour green apple candy, wrapped up in 5 rows of brown paper bag. Thank you.”  Willy Wonka. The “Bounce Blanket,” designed by Tin Can Knits, features a delightful combination of stripes and lace that is sure to become a modern heirloom. The sisters have two zippered pockets on the outside and two open top pockets on the inside. We are introducing four new self-striping colorways for our Etsy shop update on Friday, Oct. 28, 2016. Aunties Two Patterns – Sisters Bags. An interesting color combination resulted from each of us sisters selecting three of our favorite colors and combining them into one colorway. We will also be updating several older colorways. Strike that, reverse it. The red, white and blue waves patriotically on this 8-stripe self-striper that will be available on a pre-order basis in our Etsy shop on May 12th. Shape is a skewed rectangle: 76” long by 30” wide on the ends and 13” wide in the center. “Ain’t Misbehavin'” has been dyed on our Big Sky Base, and the stripes are 6 rows of pitch black, 6 rows of party pink, 6 rows of blazing orange, and 12 rows of twilight storm (gray with purple and lilac undertones). You can choose among the following 4 yarn bases for our striped gradient sock sets: Here are more photos of the four initial colorways: We are excited to publish a new knitting pattern, called “Cute Cable Baby Socks”. We have specially dyed a beautiful set of yarn in a rainbow gradient of colors to create this gorgeous baby blanket! Dyed on our Big Sky Base, the striping sequence consists of 6 rows each of pumpkin orange, Violet’s party purple, autumn green leaves, Pig-Pen dust gray, and Snoopy black. Perfect for all the essentials. “Sisters” has been dyed on our Big Sky Base, and it consists of 5 rows each of dark magenta, periwinkle, pink, dark teal, purple, and navy blue. The striping sequence is 30 rows in a 3-2-1 sequence of various colors, as follows:  3 rows of black, 2 rows of white, 1 row of light blue, 3 rows of royal blue, 2 rows of purple, 1 row of yellow, 3 rows of red, 2 rows of ballerina pink, 1 row of white, 3 rows of gold, 2 rows of magenta, 1 row of coral, 3 rows of Christmas tree green, 2 rows of light green, and 1 row of bright pink. Dyed on our Big Sky Base, one half-skein will consist of 2 rows of each color of the Olympic rings (blue, red, green, black and yellow) surrounded by 4 rows of speckles, and the other half-skein will be the inverse (4 rows of each color of the Olympic rings surrounded by 2 rows of speckles). Wait a minute! Throw on some contrasting heels and toes with our new black and white “Zebra” Sister Sidekick mini skeins (see below). Lovely. Yarn: Substitute any sport weight yarn that makes a nice loose fabric when worked to gauge. “We have so much time and so little to see. Go Team USA! The stripes consists of five rows each of blue, purple, yellow, orange, pink, and black. If so, you will need to snap up this pink beauty. It’s time to kick back and stroll into work casual style. The stripes consists of 6 rows each of sapphire blue, light blue, white, pale turquoise, and silver gray. We will also be adding these new variegated colorways to our shop:  Kaleidoscope (left) and Stormy Skies (right). Welcome to Two Sisters and a Quilt Here you will find patterns to make bright and exciting children's quilts, wall quilts and some larger quilts too. Based on the classic 1964 song by John Lennon (but credited to Lennon-McCartney), this colorway was dyed on our Beartooth Base (sport weight). Shape is a skewed rectangle: 76” long by 30” wide on the ends and 13” wide in the center. “Glamping” (where stunning nature meets modern luxury) has been dyed on our Big Sky Base. Mixing the black and gray stripes with the primary color stripes reminded us of stained glass. Ribbon Candy Subscribe to Two Sisters Yarn Company by Email, Follow Two Sisters Yarn Company on Tracie and Jodi love receiving yarn, patterns, and knitting accessories, and they share the items on their podcast in their “Party In My Mailbox” segment. Hurry on over to our Etsy shop to purchase this unique kit! The muted lush colors of this yarn are simply gorgeous, if we must say so ourselves! We are now offering these four exciting colorways: Our striped gradient sock sets come in two perfectly matched half-skeins. The striping sequence is 5 rows each of dark blue, lime green, slate gray, brown, light blue, and tan. Please snoop around and see our fresh and exciting new quilt patterns...and don't forget to browse around our newest fabrics for Moda. This self-striper is available on both our Big Sky Base (fingering weight) and our Beartooth Base (sport weight). This yarn was dyed on our Big Sky Base, and the colored stripe names are based on a road trip we took from Billings, Montana to Denver, Colorado over Memorial Day weekend — Billings to Sheridan (green), Sheridan to Casper (mint green), Casper to Cheyenne (pink), Cheyenne to Fort Collins (red), and Fort Collins to Denver (purple). Dyed on our Big Sky Base, the striping sequence consists of six rows each of black, dark maroon, light gray, blue and green. “Brown Plaid Shirt” is perfect for that laid-back plaid shirt guy in your life. Welcome to Two Sewing Sisters! Unique selection of quilt backing, fabric bundles, wool applique, quilt kits and more. We hope you enjoy following along with our dressmaking and sewing. Two Girls Patterns. “I Feel Fine” is another addition to our Beatles collection. Each skein will come with a “Sister Sidekick” heel/toe mini skein in star-spangled blue. The stripes consist of 6 rows each of dark gray, tan, hot pink, gold, and raspberry. Check them out! This spunky colorway is based on the 1980’s sitcom, “Punky Brewster”.


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