So if you are just using cacao powder, I’d recommend letting it firm up in the freezer. This creates little tabs that make removing the cheesecakes easier to pop out once set. Choose what you want to hear about: Hi, I'm Nikki, a mother and business owner, and in my "spare" time I love experimenting with raw, vegan and whole foods recipes that are easy to make and taste delicious. If you'd like to show your appreciation by making a contribution via PayPal, that would be truly awesome! Vegan & dairy-free with a paleo & gluten-free option! Read more ». Does it need the cacao butter? Sorry for the confusion! Place the chocolate chips into a medium sized heat safe bowl. These beauties are vegan and easily made gluten-free, refined sugar free AND paleo! I made this and let it set overnight because it still looked like pudding after 6 hours. And if I were to use it, what ingredients listed would I need to leave out? I am interested in how you are happy to substitute olive oil in for coconut oil…it seems all raw desserts need coconut oil and this is what puts me off. Awesome! These look amazing, and are unlike any other recipe I’ve tried. This raw vegan chocolate cheesecake is melt-in-the-mouth, lick-the-plate, go-back-for-more good. One thing, when I made the filling, it seemed super runny, so I added some coconut flour to thicken it up – maybe I didn’t need to and it would have set thicker if I had just left it? Can I freeze them eith the topping and where can I find the cups?? My filling turned out to be super liquid! Best DIY restaurant meal kits and recipe boxes, Make it a cheesecake party with our best ever cheesecakes recipe collection, Dairy-free coconut, mango and turmeric fool, Whole roasted pineapple in spiced caramel. It doesn’t cut very well straight from the freezer, so I recommend leaving it to thaw in the fridge for several hours before trying to divvy it up. It’s also a 1/4 of a 1/4 of a 1/4 teaspoon, so you could take a 1/4 teaspoon of salt, split it into quarters, and then take one of those quarters, and split it into quarters, to give you 1/64 of a teaspoon of salt. Seriously delish! Check out this tutorial! I would really love to see a recipe for a dessert that was not so dense but still yummy! If I could find a substitute as you suggest, it would be great! 3 TBS cocoa powder So if you’re after a low fat recipe, run away screaming now. Thank you for this recipe. Hopefully that will help anyone else making this in future :). Next time I’m want to try a more neutral oil or maybe I need a better quality coconut oil. Plus they are so stinkin’ cute that they’re perfect to serve at an elegant brunch or afternoon tea! Would this recipe work if I used regular vegan cream cheese for the filling (Go Veggie) ? That’s tough. Thanks! I will look harder for raw cashews next time since my husband and I prefer the original flavor. Need help? The crust would probably work well with pepitas (raw, shelled pumpkin seeds). Hello. and are so thick and firm it’s like custard! Thanks for the delicious sounding recipe! It’s really hard when products vary so much around the world, but I’ve specified as much detail as I can in the tips under the recipe, including the brand – which is mostly irrelevant unless you live near me (in Australia) – and the fat content, which I think might be the most important factor in getting it to set. Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! I do know that some blenders may struggle a little with so much hard work, so the only way to find out is to try it, and stop if your blender base gets too warm or seems to be struggling. I love that this recipe uses raw nuts and doesn’t have to be baked. Thank you so much for sharing! Additionally, you’ll want to use the whole can of full fat coconut milk! Pour the filling mixture on top of the chilled Oreo base and chill for at least 3 hours. Hi Cate, The lemon adds the classic tanginess of cheesecake. Edited to add: I made it in a 9” round cake pan vs small ramekins and it was perfect! My daughter and I both have to eat grain free for medical reasons and I am allergic to eggs and dairy. Hey! Thanks!! But if you give it a try let us know how it goes! Thick, custard-like vegan chocolate cheesecakes with a date-walnut cocoa crust. Anyway I thought I’m going to put it back in the stand mixer and put a tea towel to cover it, half the butter ended up on the tea towel and it had separated in the bowl. You could use any liquid sweetener you prefer – like maple syrup, coconut nectar or yacon syrup. Thanks for sharing, Stassia! Can I use cashew butter instead of soaked cashews. This Baked Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake will make your mouth water! Does the full fat coconut milk have a strong coconutty taste? I did add some vanilla and chocolate extract to the filling. Store covered in the refrigerator for up to 5 days, or freeze for up to three months. I absolutely love it! Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes: Add a layer of crust to a small bowl or ramekin and pour a layer of filling on to top make mini cheesecakes. This turned out so nice and creamy and good! And they are so elegant! I’m so glad it’s become one of your favourites! xoxo. Thank you for supporting JoyFoodSunshine! Thanks so much! It takes barely five minutes to whip this mixture up in the food processor, and you’ve got yourself one awesome nut-free cheesecake crust. These cheesecakes are super easy to make and so decadent! ¼ tsp salt Such as this recipe. Lemon juice Ever since I made my first baked vegan cheesecake, I have been alllll about them! Then you just chuck the filling ingredients in the blender, and in another five minutes, you’ve got yourself the perfect nut-free chocolate cheesecake filling. Maple syrup oops! Can I freEze them with the topping? As for the dates, honestly I don’t know. If you can’t have dairy (and cheesecake starts a hurricane in your belly, like me), this is the PERFECT alternative. Blend on low until combined, then blend on high until it reaches 42°C. Omg, so delicious!! Hey. Of course this can be quite a challenge with all the allergies. Dawn @ Florida Coastal Cooking and Wellness says. Press the mixture into the prepared springform pan, making sure it's flat and even around the edges. Think ill have to use the food processor next time but I’m not sure that will do the job either. 1/64 tsp. To make the crust , just pulse together dates , walnuts and a pinch of salt , and press it into a 18cm / 7 inch springform baking tin using your fingertips. (pitted // if dry, soak in warm water for 10 minutes then drain), (soaked in water 4-6 hours, then drained OR pour boiling hot water over the cashews, soak for 1 hour, then drain and blend as instructed), (sub light coconut milk or another non-dairy milk for a less creamy result), (chopped and melted over a double boiler or in microwave in 30 second increments). After using my tamper and giving it a few more minutes, the filling came out creamy and much darker than before. No, it honestly doesn’t’! The people eating it hadn’t tasted this recipe before so they didn’t know what it should taste like–they loved it and several asked for the recipe!! I did not soak my cashews at all, but if you do not have a high-powered blender like a Vitamix, then you MUST soak your cashews overnight in a bowl of water, drain, rinse and proceed. Forgot to also ask. I accidentally hit the button too fast. The cacao butter buttons are definitely fine – you just melt it all down anyway. Do you want to be notified when there's a new comment or reply? I can’t wait to make these! Any suggestions on what quantity I should use for these substitutions? This is an outrageously simple and delicious recipe. So yes ACV works! Looking at the list of the ingredients, I have no doubt these cheesecakes are super delicious. Hi Jeanne! I’m allergic to nuts, any ideas for a substitution for the cashews in the filling? I think you guys are going to LOVE these cheesecakes. I am just 35 days into a dairy free & meat free regimen so I have been on the internet daily, looking for great recipes. I made it in a springform, it came out easily after 5 hours in the fridge. It will be a regular dessert I think! Was also very good (and addictive) right after blending! Hi there! I’m definitely making this on Valentines Day, but would it freeze the same if I just made one big cheesecake instead of minis? We are fine with coconut but are peanut, tree nut, egg, dairy and soy free. Not sure where I went wrong. Choose what you want to hear about: Don't subscribeAllReplies to my comments. Mine turned out a bit too sour and I don’t like the combination of chocolate and sour taste. It was DIVINE! Can these be made without lemon/citrus juice? I also wish it was a little more cheesy tasting. This is so easy and amazing! So only go as far as you need to until the ingredients are well combined and the dates are chopped finely, but no more. Delicious birthday celebration cake! Thanks for sharing, Anita! Or forget the pie completely… just eat the chocolate cheesecake … Making for a friend with an allergy. This is not exactly the cheapest dessert you’ll ever make, but the great news is that because it’s so rich, you can make it go further by cutting very thin slices, and people will still be totally satisfied. Could you perhaps tell me how many grams or ml you need of each ingredient?


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