Moving forward I would like to be your personal contact; and I will continue to follow your order until everything is resolved. West Elm offers modern furniture and home decor featuring inspiring designs and colors. West Elm Shipping Service. I’m getting closer! I’m starting to get really annoyed. I asked “What happened to 3 weeks?” She said she walked over and talked to them and told them the story and they just approved it on the spot. I realize that I didn’t get that lady’s phone number to call her directly if there was an issue. I’ve contacted many people at West Elm via both email and phone. I am so sorry to see that one of them has broken. She said that she can’t authorize a refund and that that group is really busy so any request for a refund can take up to 3 weeks. I’ve reached out again to the manager of the delivery quality team and told her this needs to be resolved within the next 24 hours. I immediately called West Elm to find out what we’re supposed to do. I’m fed up with this at this point. You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. I purchased 2 couches from West Elm in January. There’s nothing there. Write a private message as West Elm verified representative. Shop our online selections or visit our stores in the United Kingdom. I waited two weeks and then checked Twitter to see if West Elm had decent Twitter customer service (cause I’ve had better luck with that sometimes). Borderfree will then ship your order to its final international destination. I’m very disheartened to see our delivery quality department hasn’t been in touch recently. We don’t want it replaced. If there's something you can't find, get in touch with us via phone or email. I recently had a similar experience with west elm. Order number is *********. We have two small kids but we have a rule of no standing or playing on the couch. To change or cancel your order, contact Customer Service at 1.888.922.4119. You will be automatically registered on our site. This delay was my fault, I didn’t see that they called and didn’t check my voicemail right away. hint: no, no we’re not). I sat on hold for 30 minutes. Not impressed at all with their customer service, and reading these comments I'm not looking forward to my chances of getting this resolved. Trying to copy a random sequence of letters over the phone never goes well so I repeated it back to him multiple times to make sure I got it right. Once you've made your purchase, west will ship your item(s) to the Borderfree shipping hub in the United States. In this case, if you have placed an order before at West Elm. I told them I’d hold. I will keep a close eye on it to ensure you are updated as soon as possible. There’s a bunch of information you’ll need besides their phone number like a return authorization number, your order number, etc.”, I said “That’s fine, just give me all of the information I need to make the phone call you’re about to make.”. Reason of review: Even though on their website it says they provide telephone customer service until 12pm EST. There are 5 active Student coupon codes for West Elm verified today. I guess I will be refusing delivery wasting time and money. My wife says she has heard it creak a couple of times but didn’t think anything of it. As these were direct ship sofas we would not be able to return the non damaged sofa. She gave me a few numbers to write down and the phone number. Our top deal will save you 30% off at West Elm UK. *Note: Standard shipping and processing charges are applied for each delivery address on an order. They started leaking feathers all over the place, the cushions didn’t hold their shape and the arms seemed a little flimsy. I emailed the photos and never heard anything back. You’re telling me this whole time they were in the same building???? I’m baffled as to why the order couldn’t be cancelled. I found a voicemail after a while and noticed that it was them wanting to schedule to come inspect the couch so they can fix it. And then it transfers straight to her voicemail. I guess if West Elm won’t take them both back we’ll just return the broken one, then we’ll sell the other and be a little reluctant to buy furniture from West Elm in the future. Which I would have to pay to ship back to them. Orders may be cancelled up to 24 hours after the order was placed for a refund or exchange. I apologize for my delayed response as I was out of the office on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns I may address for you. Password. Close. Oh well. If you’ve never shopped at West Elm before, you will be able to use the First Order Discount. Thanks West Elm for your reply. That’s crazy right?” She agreed. I’ve tried to be nice and cordial with everyone but it’s gotten to the point where that apparently doesn’t work as an approach with this company. They couldn't provide any good reason for this, apparently I could only refuse the delivery when they were calling me, 1 month from now or who knows when. Please let me know if you have any more questions or concerns. In addition, I was able to cancel an order that was revealed to be out of stock (after I ordered) and had a delivery time several months away. I purchased 2 couches from West Elm in January. It is now being held up by a stack of books and we can’t really use it. Click to cancel this action. We do need to have our delivery quality team inspect some pictures of the sofa first. Are they really going to come? In what sense has this been resolved that you closed out the ticket? This broken couch has been in my living room for over 3 months at this point. I would have to return a return the item. And military families on average have higher household incomes and more children going to school, making them another prime demographic for purchasing, which also an important reason for they can pick up more with the help of West Elm Discount Codes. I told her that 3 weeks was too long and if that’s the answer then I’m going to just cut my losses, toss the couches and move on. I call the generic phone number I had been using and asked for her by name. However I received a notice later that items were going to ship so I called again to clarify and make sure items were cancelled. Fees: Flat Rate fees, Ship to Store fees, and/or parcel carrier delivery and processing charges are shown under Shipping Rates, and will be applied in the Checkout Payment + Review page.


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