I then found what looked to be white threads all over my skin. My husband thought it was a parasite! it leaves my white towels looking very grimmy after a few uses. Embarrassingly once when I was showering one came from my crotch area too. Reducing the amount of sebum production and cell turnover would lead to unhealthy, dry, brittle hair. Any advice on how to treat this problem. They are hard like grains of sand. it has been when I put the cream on I get little black, whitish & greenish stuff coming out all over my skin. This all started a few months ago after bombing from a flea infestation. Treated and went away. Not really. even when i use exfoliating skin towel, it all comes back the next day. My scalp has 100s of them. Nothing about lice is as easy as just scratching your head and them falling out. Recently I have been pulling off my skin what feels like grains of salt and are either light colored almost white and black specks. My head is driving me nuts with things crawling. I was prescribed mebendezol for threadworm and triamolone acetonide topical. If I scratch my head, the itching sensation is INTENSE, and I try never to scratch my scalp. does anyone else get this? They turn brown when they are close to hatching. Daughter and I had lice 2 mos ago. its just dead skin, but i dont know why its all black. When I shake my/daughter's hair black specks still come out I think they are lice droppings. My Dr. found nothing, but he hardly looked behind my ears or at back of my head where I know lice live. You can not "squish" them. So I go upstairs and wash them away with a flannel, whilst at the same time combing my hair over the wash basin where more come out, sometimes long straight things. The adult bug is medium brown in color and about 1/8th of an inch long. Two years ago it started with my husband complaining of crawling skin , I thought it was allergies ! But by no means is this over! I don't scratch them I rub thru my clothing and I have no sores. You don't want to get rid of this. when i shower and rub my skin really hard, blackish playdough like crap comes off. This is sebum and dead skin cells. In the end we were both right! Unfortunately I don't really know what you have. For the 1st hour after my shower my head feels fine, then it starts to itch and I find little black dots all around my neck and chest area. 'm curioius to find out why all of a sudden my hair fell out and I had a itchy scalp along with two bumps ... months. They cling to individual hairs and are very stubborn. They don't just "come out" when brushing your hair or scratching. If I do give in, and scrape a few dozen of them off, I can get them out form under my fingernails (gross, I know), and they look like grains of sugar or sand. I think they're back because when I shake and tousel hair over white paper, tiny little black specks and some larger peices come out. Hi, Here goes, I started out with black specks coming out of my skin, hands, chest arms,followed by circular lesions that are very painful. also, i end up scrubbing my face really hard and it gets really dry.


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