She carefully weighs out of oxalic acid H2C2O4 , a diprotic acid that can be purchased inexpensively in high purity, and dissolves it in 250.mL, Determine how many mL of solution A (acetic acid-indicator solution) must be added to solution B (sodium acetate-indicator solution) to obtain a buffer solution that is equimolar in acetate and acetic acid. Kf of water is 1.86°C/m. a.CH3CH3 b.CH3NH2 c.CH3OH d.CH3F. I.......1.11......0......0 D. Which of the following is the strongest acid? Wonderful and awesome. The time (in seconds) afte... *Response times vary by subject and question complexity. 2-methyl-2-hex... A: "Grignard reagents" are mainly utilized for the preparation of alcohols. Ltd. Download books and chapters from book store. a.CH4 b.CH3CH3 c.CH2=CH2 d.HCCH. Which one of FCH 2 COOH, ClCH 2 COOH, BrCH 2 COOH and ICH 2 COOH is the strongest acid? Number of moles of HBr and NaOH can be calculated as follows: Q: Answer the following questions regarding this chemical reaction: FCH2COOH is the strongest acid out of all. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Ka = (H^+)(FAc^-)/(HFAc) BRCH2CO2H ICH2CO2H O CICH2CO2H O FCH2CO2H. ClCH 2 CO 2 H. C.) BrCH 2 CO 2 H. D.) ICH 2 CO 2 H. Expert Answer 100% (2 ratings) Previous question Next question Get more help from Chegg. Your IP: Solution for Which of the following is the strongest acid? Which one of the following is the strongest acid? Hope it ll help you. Which of the following is the strongest acid? Add acetic, A. 2.) 30 litres of salt solution contains 5% salt. pKa: Calculate the pH of t... A: (a) The pH of a 0.060M weak monoprotic acid HA is 3.44. ICH2CO2H so pKa=2.49 B.) Can you explain this answer? The products are: An organic compound contains 69.77% carbon, 11.63% hydrogen and rest oxygen. O FCH2CO2H, Experts are waiting 24/7 to provide step-by-step solutions in as fast as 30 minutes!*. Which one of the following is the strongest acid? Which of the following is easiest to deprotonate? In aqueous solution, lactic acid partially dissociates according to the following reaction: HCH3H5O3 ⇔ CH3H5O3- + H+ Use the Ka. You can study other … What is the equilibrium constant, Ka, for this acid? COOH is stronger as compared to chloro, bromo and iodo acetic acids. This equation is an example of. Visit my site for more, I like the way on how you put up your blogs. M is molar... Q: Identify the conjugate base of HPO42- in the reaction        Substitute the E line into Ka expression and solve for Ka, then convert to pKa. C. Which of the following is the strongest acid?           HCO3- (aq)+ HPO42-  (aq)   &l... A:  HCO3-(aq)+ HPO42-(aq)   <-->   H2CO3(aq) + PO43- (aq). You have 100 mL of a solution of benzoic acid in water; the amount of benzoic acid in the solution is estimated to be about 0.30 g. The distribution coefficient of benzoic acid in diethyl ether and water is approximately 10. C. Which of the following is the strongest acid? Write structural formulae and names of the four possible aldol condensation products from propanal and butanal. Report Error Empirical formula mass=5 x 12+10x 1+16= 60+10+16=86, n = molecular formula mass /empirical formula mass, 232, Block C-3, Janakpuri, New Delhi, … Which one of the following is the strongest acid? What was the element used in traditional thermometers which is highly toxic in nature? a.CH3OH b.CH3CHO c.CH3COCH3 d.CH3COOH. A.) Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. FCH2CO2H B.) A) FCH2CO2H B) ClCH2CO2H C) BrCH2CO2H Ans: A. Hope to read more post from you in the future. A 0.010 M solution of a weak monoprotic acid is 3.0% dissociated. ANS: D . ka= 3.26*10^-3 C.....-0.055....0.055...0.055 In each case, indicate which aldehyde served as nucleophile and which as electrophile. Calculate the value of the pKa of FCH2CO2H. b), Lactic acid is a weak acid with the formula , HCH3H5O3, the Ka for lactic acid is 1.38 x 10-4. Delhi - 110058. are solved by group of students and teacher of NEET, which is also the largest student community of NEET. Copyright © 2019 | All Rights Reserved. Have a pleasant day and keep on smiling. FCH 2 CO 2 H. (a) ICH2CO2H (b) BrCH2CO2H (c) ClCH2CO2H (d) FCH2CO2H (e) ICH2CH2CO2H by joeyeehu... Chemistry The answer is (d). Br Calculate the Ka, Vinegar is a 5.0% solution by weight of acetic acid in water. Happy blogging!, Vapor Pressure of a Solution of a Non-Volatile Solute. Discuss. The Questions and Answers of ..... is the strongest acid:a)Nitric acid b)Malic acidc)Formic acidd)Lactic acidCorrect answer is option 'A'. Note: The acid is 5% dissociated, therefore, every 100 mols dissociates to give 5 of each ion and leaves 95 undissociated molecules. hope it helps you pls choose me as brainliest. Q: The rate constant for this first‑order reaction is 0.0240 s−1 at 400 ∘C. This is because the lone pair of nitrogen is least available due to its conjugation with the benzene ring. Median response time is 34 minutes and may be longer for new subjects. .........HFAc ==> H^+ + FAc^- Goodluck. Which one of the following has the largest acid equilibrium constant, Ka? Case iii) Aldol condensation in between of one molecule of propanal and butanal in which propanal acts as a nucleophile and butanal acts as an electrophile. 9. According to Arrhenius, which of the following groups contain: i)only acids ii)only bases a. NaOH, H2CO3, KCl b. MgCl2, H2SO4, HCl c. HNO3, HCl, H3PO4 d. Mg(OH)2, AgBr, HF e. KOH, NH4OH, Ba(OH)2 10. formulae and names of the four possible aldol condensation, products from propanal and butanal. Mg, ether combustion of 35.0mg  of the compound produces 33.5mg of co2 and 41.... A: Since all the C in CO2 and H in H2O is coming from the compound only. a.CH3OH b.CH3CHO c.CH3COCH3 d.CH3COOH. Which species is a conjugate acid of OH- ? Case i) Aldol condensation in two molecules of butanal, in which one acts as a nucleophile and the other as an electrophile. ?? tnx, A chemistry student needs to standardize a fresh solution of sodium hydroxide.


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